Jerry Del Colliano

Jerry Del Colliano


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Professional Speaking

Jerry Del Colliano is a dynamic speaker and group facilitator on generational media topics such as new media, broadcasting, webcasting, podcasting, mobile content, video and social networking.

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Podcast Development

Build podcasting franchises by innovating new content styles that appeal the most to audiences.

Generate revenue by using ancillary means of monetizing the podcast and grow circulation through the use of social networking.

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Solutions Labs customized to solve problems or discover new opportunities based on Jerry's techniques while he was professor at the University of Southern California where he helped radio companies, music industry businesses and new media ventures develop creative, revenue producing ideas.  

You supply the goals.  Choose the participants. Leave with an Action Plan.

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Scottsdale 1-Day Seminar/January 2010

• The latest New & Traditional Media Forecast w/interactive discussion.

•The growing importance of Generational Media – How to think like Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the master of generational media.

Reinventing Terrestrial Radio in an age of digital competitors (includes on-air programming, ratings and getting your share of the new found People Meter audience increases, sales, marketing and management).

•The emergence of Podcasting as the next radio (We’ll work together to build local podcasting models to create a stream of revenue for stations, entrepreneurs and individuals).

Streaming Audio – the pitfalls of making it a duplication or imitation of terrestrial radio and the advantages to unorthodox delivery of heretofore unprogrammed content.Includes monetization of Internet streams that cooperate with the inevitable.New oppoertunities in “local” streaming and commerce

•How to Harness Millenials.This generation represents “the changemakers” influencing not only their peers but older audiences as well.We’ll learn how to understand their new trends even before they happen.

•Using Social Networking to build an audience and revenue stream.There’s more to social networking than Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter.We’ll track emerging trends and study the various new ways to gather and communicate with audiences of all generations.

Advertisers Who Become Their Own Media – an important early warning about why local, regional and national advertisers will begin bypassing traditional media outlets to do it themselves directly -- more effectively and efficiently.We’ll discuss and explore.

The Coming of Age of Mobile Content – why Apple apps are changing everything and how to use apps to start new revenue streams and enhance traditional businesses.

Texting – understand it and get in on the single most dynamic sociological change to affect both new and traditional media.

PLUS – Jerry’s advice on success, happiness and dealing with difficult people as you begin to take advantage of the new media boom just ahead

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Career Coaching

One-on-one counseling.

Search for available opportunities. How to effectively transition from the present to future.  Interviewing techniques that seal the deal.  

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Career Bio

  • Advisor to Broadcasting & New Media
  • Professor, University of Southern California
  • TV & Radio Broadcaster
  • Major Market Radio Program Director
  • Founder of Inside Radio


Temple University, Philadelphia

B.S. School of Communications (Radio-Television-Film)

University of Southern California

Professor of Music Industry

Thornton School of Music 

Work experience

Work experience

I am not an objective reporter and I am not a spokesperson or representative in any way for media industry companies, vendors or other parties that try to influence the media domain.   I am an observer using my background in radio, radio programming, television, publishing and my academic skills obtained from being a college professor in the areas of music, broadcasting, mobile content as well as new and generational media. My observations are subjective.

I don’t accept money in return for promotional consideration.  Advertising is available in Inside Music Media however there is absolutely no quid pro quo.  When I am asked to serve as a consultant or provide services to media companies that I write about, I disclose that association publicly.  I don’t accept trips, gifts or any other consideration.

I don’t own stock in the broadcast companies, record labels or new media companies that I write about.  If I did I would disclose it, but when the market declined I can tell you how happy I was to have this policy — I am among the few who never lost money in radio because I have not owned their stock while publishing Inside Music Media. Once I owned some Clear Channel stock when I was in between Inside Radio and Inside Music Media and I am proud to say I got out at $35 a share.   My 401K plan also does not include radio or record industry stocks.

I have written positively and negatively about the goings on in the radio, records and new media industries trying to use whatever sense of humor I may have and what teaching skills I can muster from my years teaching at USC.  In spite of the fact that I may be critical of some companies and media policies I always try to dislike the deed and not the person.  Sometimes this isn’t easy, but I try.  

I appreciate readers with varying points of view and get many topic ideas from readers who contact me by email, Facebook, Twitter or by phone.  And I am mindful of Lyndon Johnson's quote "If two men agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking".