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Network Administrator and Software Developer with a history of working in the computer and network security industry. Skilled in Windows Network Administration, C#, Visual Basic and Python. Information Technology professional with a Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Computer Science from Birmingham City University.

Programming Languages

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • Javascript 
  • HTML
  • CSS


Jun 2015Feb 2017

Network Administrator

RM Education

Worked as part of the Network Administrators team to answer calls from IT Technicians and Teachers from over 130 schools across the Dudley borough, handling calls across a large variety of disciplines including Network Troubleshooting, Windows Server Management, Office 365 Tenancy Administration, and MIS Admin support.

  • Participated in large upgrades to schools' core networking infrastructure involving complete replacement and re-organisation of 4 cabinets across the site.
  • Developed a Windows application voluntarily during free hours to update the company software validation process to no longer require the physical mailing of software CDs to the RM office.
    The solution included automated creation and upload of ISO files made from software CDs. The project was shelved in the late stages due to issues with implementation in the school environment.
Nov 2014Jun 2015

Operations Director

Creative Logic West Midlands

Creative Logic was a freelance web design partnership between myself and a university friend; Alexander Davis. Our clients were the Birmingham City University Christian Union and Keresley Churches in Coventry. 

  • Designed and administered the company WordPress website.
  • Managed server hosting and domain management for our clients.
  • Coordinated efforts to attract new customers through social networking platforms.



Networking Fundamentals

Microsoft Technical Associate
Sep 2014Jun 2017

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science

Birmingham City University

2:1 Degree Achieved

Module deep-dive -

Individual Project – I developed a task management REST API written in JavaScript accessing a NoSQL database including a HTML front end with secure login system. This was initially intended to be a Xamarin Forms application that connected to a REST service but late in the project I decided to refocus on delivering the REST service in the most functional state possible.

Advanced Software Development – My introduction to C# coming from using exclusively my first language VB.NET. This also included more of a focus on Object Oriented Programming in a move away from Imperative coding practices. C# fundamentals such as string manipulation, data structure implementation and basic operators were taught using various coding exercises.

Software Design – Unified Modelling Language and Software Design Practices in the form of a log book. I learned to model the design of Classes to most effectively represent data with Class Diagrams, analysis of possible user interactions to frame the structure of a software solution with Use Cases, and how to design processes so that all interactions within the system are considered using State Diagrams.

Network Management –  Setup and Configure a multi-site network in Cisco Packet Tracer, making use of multiple communication protocols, various virtual networking devices, VLAN configurations, and management of IPv4 and v6 address allocation.

Mobile and Web Technology – Create native Swift applications for iOS using XCode that link with a JavaScript web service facilitating access to a NoSQL database. This was my first time using a Mac for any length of time and my first interaction with Swift. Over two years of these modules I have learned a considerable amount about the iOS app ecosystem and mobile development, while also gaining a solid understanding of Swift syntax and fundamental principles.

Information Assurance and Security – A course in data security theory including the principles of good encryption and data security including One-Time Pad, Diffie Hellman key exchange, SSL & GPG, and public key infrastructure.

Usability Engineering – This module taught me methods of exploring the usability of a system from the users’ perspective. We were taught methods of user testing, how to iterate on a core design idea based on user feedback, and how to make considerations for users with disabilities when designing a software system interface.

Extra-curricular Activities -

  • Hackathon and Computing Society Member
  • 3rd Place in the BullHacks Hackathon 2017

A Levels - Computing, Business Studies, General Studies

King Edward VI College, Stourbridge


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