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Style and Ideals

 Success = (Vision + Leadership + Passion)

  • Team: Hire excellent people, provide them tools, guidance, and respect, then let them succeed.  The greatest technical asset a company has is its technical team.
  • Strategy: Understand your business drivers; a broad and deep knowledge of technology and create a vision that is understood and accepted by all stake holders.
  • Execution:  Set and meet goals and milestones at all levels of the organization.
  • Desire: A passion to take on any challenge and excel at a successful completion.


Career-long record of innovation, defining and executing improvements in hardware, software and business processes with positive bottom-line results. Engineer simple-but-powerful, cost-effective solutions for academic organizations with challenging computing, communications, and information processing needs. Expert team motivator and project manager. Known for eliciting best-in-class work from talented programmers, technicians and systems staff. Lead by example, creating a culture of excellence and good humor. Adept at aligning technology strategies with big-picture goals, leveraging organizational knowledge and credibility to drive significant initiatives through dispersed and complex enterprises. Successful IT leadership informed by business acumen and technological understanding. Reliably delivered cost savings, efficiency improvements, cycle-time reductions, and profitability enhancements. Valued member of administrative leadership team. Ethical steward of highly confidential data and multimillion-dollar budgets.


Leadership & Management

“I can speak directly to his leadership and management skills. Joe is well known for his excellent project management skills.” Maureen Sheehan Massaro, Assoc. VP HR and Special Asst. to President

“Joe possesses excellent people and project management skills and has the rare gift (ability) to recognize talents in others and help each member of his team excel”  Ken Bladh, Provost

“Joe has a knack for motivating his department, and those whose work integrates with his department, so that challenges of time and resources are seen as opportunities for success rather than impediments.” John Paulsen, Director Physical Plant

Joe is organized, efficient and extremely competent. He has the ability to direct and guide his staff to the successful completion of projects. Additionally, he is able to attract and retain competent and loyal staff.Debbie Dewitt, Director of Budgets

Getting Things Done

“– tasks completed on time, within budget and most importantly ahead of the curve”  Gus Geil, Vice President Emertius for Business and Finance

“Joe is very solution-oriented. He is a master at ‘thinking outside the box’ when solving problems.”  Karen Hupp, Director of Administrative Computing

“While respecting the budget and operating culture, he is able to channel energy and resources to quietly accomplish his stated goals.”  “His tireless efforts and consistent adherence to the specific tasks have resulted in great success.”  Darrell Kitchen, Vice President for Business and Finance


“He truly created a team environment at Wittenberg IT department where everyone in the team felt right at home and was there to pick each other up as needed. I never had a Supervisor who is so down to earth and in my 20 years of professional experience I have met so few people who are as dedicated and hard working as Joe.”  Nalini Chava, Programmer/Analyst

“I have been impressed with Joe’s ability to energize and inspire staff to complete complex tasks within tight timeframes and to grow staff skills to meet the next challenge.”  Scott Powell, Network Manager

“As the Associate VP for Human Resources, I have first-hand knowledge of Joe’s strengths in interviewing, hiring, developing and recognizing a diverse team. Joe has a devoted and high performing team because he invests in them, regularly demonstrates his appreciation for their good work and they trust him.”  Maureen Sheehan Massaro, Assoc. VP HR and Special Asst. to President


“Joe’s experience over his tenure at Wittenberg has included liaison to the Board of Directors, faculty academic computing committees, administrative computing users, President’s cabinet and assisting strategic planning in all vice president areas”  Ken Bladh, Provost

“Before starting a project, he goes to great lengths to understand the user’s needs and has a keen ability to ask the right questions in order to determine the right solutions.”  Maureen Sheehan Massaro, Assoc. VP HR and Special Asst. to President

”Joe is a great communicator, leader and manager. I appreciate his honesty, motivation, dedication, and sense of humor.”  MaryJo Darr, Controller

“The “Deck Plan” became a “University Plan” that guided the Defining Moments Capital Campaign, as well as being a reliable source for informing our various partnerships that ultimately led to the formation of significant capital dollars.”  Darrell Kitchen, Vice President for Business and Finance

“From my standpoint, one of his most important qualities is his ability to take that expertise and explain it to the end-user in such a way as to make it understandable and relevant. His ability to communicate technical concepts, as well as his ability to stand in the end-users shoes, has been crucial to the success of numerous projects.”  Donna Picklesimer, Director of Business Services

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Core Competencies

Chief Information Officer

Staff Management, HR / Team Leadership, Budget Planning, Effective Partnerships, Understandable Technical Briefings, Strategic and Operational Planning, Mentoring

Chief Technology Officer

Infrastructure Design, IT Security, VOIP, IT Strategy, Technology Evaluation, Project Management, System Installation / Integration

Compliance Officer

Policy Development, Consensus Building

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Chief Technology Officer

Our Lady of the Lake University

Responsible for creating a vision and strategic roadmap for information technology services at Our Lady of the Lake University.

Leads and directs strategic, tactical operations, and services for all aspects of telecommunications, infrastructure, security, and administrative and academic computing

Manages an annual $3M operating budget with an emphasis on the cost-effectiveness.

Develops within the Information Technology division a culture that supports the university’s customer service priority.

Develops university-wide policies and standards related to information systems resources and services.

Dramatically improved student, faculty, and staff's secure access to information by providing campus wide wireless access, a robust information portal tied to the administrative database, developed classroom technology for renovated classroom buildings, streamlined university processes and applications that utilize technology and data services.

Jan 1997Dec 2009

Director of Computing Services

Improved quality of education, culture and applicant pool, providing technology leadership to accomplish organizational goals. Led university from limited data connectivity and services to provider of sophisticated, user-friendly web presence and fully wired / wireless campus. Direct all aspects of IT strategy, implementation and maintenance. Develop strategic and operational technology plans for administrative, academic, network and web services. Liaise with Board of Directors and provide technology insights to ongoing and ad hoc committees. Ensure governmental and internal compliance. Orchestrate capital improvements up to $2M annually. $780K+ budget. 4 direct, 33 indirect reports.

  • Expanded computing center to meet high-growth needs, taking fulltime staff from 6 to 19 and securing donated equipment and expertise from Cisco to connect the center to internal phone system.
  • Improved student experience and exponentially increased staff efficiency by enabling easy sharing of information between students, alumni, faculty and parents
    • Designed secure web-based portal. 
    • Enabled users to connect personal computers to university network, designing infrastructure and ancillary programs with defined system parameters and virus protection
    • Supported large population of after-hours users by installing evening help desk in library.
  • Broadened email accessibility and functionality by implementing conversion from UNIX to Exchange 2007, including Blackberry Enterprise services
  • Streamlined application management and attracted more applicants by spearheading development of online application process.
  • Played active role in reaching funding goals for key technology improvements, collaborating with Advancement Office in fundraising activities
  • Built strong community relationships.
    • Helped the City of Springfield achieve its goal of free wireless access in Downtown area.
    • Volunteered as Board member and technical advisor of Rocking Horse Medical Center.
    • Served on technical committees for Springfield school district.

Manager of Systems Programming

Brought much needed leadership to the organization as new, essential technologies came online in rapid succession. Developed network and Central Systems project plans. Negotiated vendor contracts. Monitored systems for performance and capacity planning. Oversaw domain name and BOOTP configuration. Organized network and Central Systems management teams, facilitated team meetings, evaluated staff training needs and handled daily personnel issues for management teams. 7 direct reports.

  • Kept overhead low and gave students hands-on technology experience by maintaining 5 student tech positions on team.
  • Upgraded all systems for Central Servers, on-time and on-budget.
  • Designed and oversaw installation of fiber and copper network backbone.
  • Evaluated, purchased and installed the networking hardware and software, including routers, hubs, terminal servers and network monitoring and debugging tools. 
  • Made internet access available campus-wide and at off-campus housing.
  • Safeguarded network and data with security and disaster plans.




Wesleyan University