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Daniel Hollinger, PhD

Dynamic lifelong educator, founding head of school and leader of successful IB and US curriculum schools in the USA, UAE, India and Bahrain

Positions, Projects and Accomplishments


Executive Director

Modern Knowledge Schools, Manama, Bahrain

Leading an American curriculum and IB school serving 2,700 students from PK through Grade 12

  • Leading a comprehensive school improvement process and preparing for a government inspection
  • Developing active learning, differentiation and assessment to improve teaching and learning
  • Providing leadership to improve student culture, engagement and behavior
  • Providing professional development and ensuring a robust professional development program
  • Developing the curriculum by introducing project-based learning and interdisciplinary units of study
  • Empowering and coaching division principals to provide strong leadership for their schools
  • Raising the standards for teachers and students and holding them accountable
  • Implementing a Technology Plan to enhance teaching and learning with educational technology
  • Retaining and recruiting qualified and talented teachers and leaders worldwide
  • Providing school-wide leadership for operational improvements

Head of School

New York Academy, Hyderabad, India

Provided leadership to establish and lead a new, progressive American school

  • Led faculty in developing an interdisciplinary, inquiry- and project-based curriculum
  • Recruited, supervised and evaluated faculty and staff members
  • Organized and provided professional development services
  • Managed marketing and admission, and developed admission policies and procedures
  • Developed the annual budget
  • Developed policies and procedures for faculty, staff, students and parents
  • Lead the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS) accreditation process

Head of School

Elite Private School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Provided academic leadership for a major expansion and transition to a new purpose-built facility

  • Recruited division leaders, heads of department and faculty members
  • Provided faculty leadership to develop and modernize the curriculum
  • Organized and provided professional development services
  • Sourced equipment and curriculum materials
  • Wrote new policies and procedures
  • Managed a difficult transition caused by construction and licensing delays, and financial challenges

School Startup Director

Amity Education Group, Dubai, UAE

Led the start-up team to establish a new state-of-the-art British school

  • Wrote the Academic Plan and secured government authorization for the school
  • Recruited the principal, and faculty and staff members
  • Led the development of the marketing plan, wrote content and oversaw implementation
  • Developed admission criteria, policies and procedures
  • Developed a UK curriculum for Foundation Stage through Key Stage Four
  • Sourced furniture, equipment, materials, supplies and professional services
  • Represented Amity in weekly progress meetings during construction of a 3,000 student state-of-the-art school
  • Opened Amity’s second preschool, recruited preschool manager and teachers, and supervised two preschool managers


Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Served as Male Campus Principal for grades six through twelve

  • Provided leadership to develop a standards-based curriculum based on Common Core Standards
  • Provided faculty leadership to transition from lecture-based teaching to project- and inquiry-based teaching and facilitated significant improvement in student learning
  • Led a transition from exam-based assessment to formative and summative assessment
  • Facilitated the development of a positive faculty culture and collaboration following a difficult period in the school’s history that led to low faculty morale and high faculty turnover
  • Served on the accreditation leadership team and obtained accreditation from the MSACS
  • Supervised, supported, coached and evaluated approximately 70 faculty and staff members, including department chairs, teachers and counselors

President and Principal Consultant

Hollinger International, Maryland, USA

School consultant and leadership coach serving private, public and charter schools

  • Designed comprehensive educational programs, including International Baccalaureate Programmes, management and staffing plans, business plans, and marketing, recruitment and admission plans for new private, international and charter schools
  • Conducted school evaluations, developed school improvement plans and provided ongoing consulting services to achieve school improvement goals
  • Conducted feasibility studies and developed business plans to start and expand schools
  • Inspected and evaluated schools for governmental and accrediting agencies

Founder and Head of School

Rock Creek and Coeus International Schools

Founded, developed and led two International Baccalaureate schools

  • Developed and offered dual-language immersion International Baccalaureate programmes in English and Arabic, French, Greek, Mandarin and Spanish, which achieved excellent academic, linguistic and social results for students from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds
  • Created a dynamic and engaging learning environment featuring a transdisciplinary curriculum, and inquiry-based, project-based and experiential learning
  • Structured schools so that high percentages of the student body were low-income students
  • Set up international exchange programs globally to promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Tailored curriculum and teaching to serve students with diverse learning styles
  • Designed and implemented strategic plans for organizational growth and development, including comprehensive marketing, branding, sales, financial, staffing and campus expansion strategies to compete successfully against significantly stronger schools
  • Developed distinctive school concept and brand, assessed the market and identified target markets
  • Conducted high-impact marketing campaigns
  • Created diverse school communities and a culture of respect for all students regardless of economic, cultural or linguistic backgrounds
  • Created and sustained a healthy faculty culture characterized by innovation, growth and teamwork
  • Designed, organized and provided professional development services
  • Designed an innovative “Faculty Support, Evaluation and Compensation System” that linked performance to compensation, resulting in significant performance improvement and revenue gains
  • Built partnerships with corporations, foundations, governments, NGOs, schools and universities in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America to enhance services and raise funds
  • Obtained authorization from the IB and accreditation from the MSACS, and received commendations for high quality programs from both organizations
  • Raised over $1M philanthropically from foundations, governments, corporations, NGOs and constituents, and over $1.4M in capital
  • Managed five campus acquisitions, zoning changes, architectural design and build-out, and delivered projects under deadlines and within budgets


FLOC Learning Center

Directed K-12 school for seriously emotionally disturbed and learning disabled students.



American University and Marymount University

Taught university courses.


Resource Teacher

US Virgin Islands Department of Education 

Assessed and taught students with special education needs, provided consultation for classroom teachers and developed IEPs


Principal and Teacher

Wood Corner School

Taught Amish and Mennonite children in grades one through eight in a one-room schoolhouse