Jillian Dakin

Jillian Dakin


In my spare time I enjoy reading historical fiction, particularly about King Henry VIII, or the Tudor family/era. I love history, and King Henry VIII is my favourite historical figure. 

I absolutely love playing soccer, and have been playing for almost 20 years now, and still thoroughly enjoy it. I try to be as active as possible by running, biking, swimming.

Philosophy of education

I want to be a teacher and educator first and foremost because I am passionate about working with children. I love being able to help students understand a difficult concept and being able to see their faces when everything finally comes together. I know the students I will be teaching are our future, and they deserve the best possible instruction, which I will be able to provide to them. 

I am an ardent advocate of second language development. I believe it is important to learn both official languages to be able to communicate effectively in anywhere in our Country . I want to instruct children in the French language and have them appreciate learning not only a second language but to also to be able to appreciate the French culture. Growing up in Ottawa, I gained an appreciation of the importance of being able to communicate in two languages, not only as a result of the bilingual nature of the region but also as host to tourists from both other parts of the Country and other countries.  As well, I was hired by a family who had recently immigrated from China to teach them French as a second language and to introduce them to cultures of both the English and French communities.

As a teacher, I will always try to ensure that my lessons are engaging for students by including interactive activities, such as manipulatives, videos, presentations, slideshows, group work, etc. I will constantly try to involve the students and make certain they are interested in learning. 

Professionalism is an important aspect in the classroom, and is something that both teachers and students must uphold. I believe that as a teacher, it is important to act professional at all times. I believe that students have more respect for a teacher whose demeanor is professional. Students do not need a teacher to be their friend, but rather they need to know that the person instructing them is knowledgeable in the subject matter.

During my own elementary education, I found the more I was able to actively participate in a class, the more I was able to take something away from the class. The classes where typically the teacher stood at the front of the classroom lecturing students were the classes I did not find enjoyable and would do poorly in. I found the classes that kept me engaged with group work or hands-on activities were the ones I enjoyed and excelled in. It was important for me to be able to use my imagination and create something to share. It was the teachers that used this method that I still remember with fondness today. 

During my practicum, I learned that I was able to use many interactive teaching methods when instructing the grade 4-math class. Having hands on activities for the students to participate in was something I strongly believe in. During one lesson in the geometry unit, I brought in pattern blocks and had students manipulate the blocks into varying geometric shapes. In another geometry class, I brought in geo-boards for the students to construct geometric patterns with. Having these dynamic activities engaged the students and allowed them to fully participate in my lessons. I will continually strive to find activities such as these because I believe that when students are fully engaged in a lesson and actively participating, they are better suited to learn and grasp the concepts.


Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2013 - Present


Tutor Bright

·Tutor children aged four to fifteen in a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to; French, English, Math, Science and History

Jul 2013 - Aug 2013

Location Coordinator

City of Toronto

·Planned, organized and implemented a variety of camp activities for approximately 50 children aged six to eight

·Ensured overall safety of children

·Supervised Five staff and conducted staff reviews

Feb 2013 - Mar 2013

Pre-Service Teacher

Metcalfe Public School

·Developed, employed and analyzed differentiated lessons in social studies and physical education

·Evaluated student skills using a variety of assessment tools

·Employed numerous classroom management skills

Sep 2012 - Nov 2012

Pre-service teacher

Forest Valley Elementary School

  • Planned, implemented, and analyzed differentiated math and French lessons for a grade four classroom
  • Assessed student skills using rubrics and checklists
  • Integrated visual and technological aids
  • Implemented classroom management, problem solving and decision making skills
Sep 2010 - Aug 2012

Heritage Specialist

City of Ottawa
  • Researched, developed, and implemented special events and programs for Pinhey’s Point Historic Site and Billings Estate National Historic Site
  • Facilitated programs at both historical sites
  • Supervised, trained, and evaluated staff regarding programming and delivery of tours
Sep 2009 - Apr 2012

Program Leader

City of Ottawa
  • Oversaw and ensured the safety of children aged four to eleven
  • Planned games, crafts and activities for children
  • Assisted children with homework 
Sep 2011 - Dec 2011

Advanced Arts Instructor

City of Ottawa
  • Planned and implemented diverse french lesson plans for a newly arrived immigrant family
  • Ensured high level of participation by creating interactive lesson plans
Sep 2011 - Dec 2011

Introductory Sport Specialist

City of Ottawa
  • Planned and implemented introductory basketball lessons to young women aged six to twelve
  • Created fun, interactive lessons for the participants geared toward a high level of enjoyment and fitness


Aug 2012 - Present

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing University
Sep 2013 - Present

Additional Qualification

University of Western Ontario

Additional Teacher Qualification

  • Primary/Junior Division 
Sep 2010 - May 2012

Bachelor of Arts

University of Ottawa

Course specializations: French grammar; French spoken language; French written language 

Sep 2005 - May 2012

Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in History

University of Ottawa

Course specializations: Canadian and Native Peoples History; Ancient Roman and Greek history; Celtic Studies



First Aid and CPR C

St. John Ambulance
Jul 2009 - Present

WHMIS and Occupational Health and Safety

City of Ottawa
Jul 2009 - Present

Abuse Awareness and Reporting

City of Ottawa
Jul 2009 - Present

Creative Discipline

City of Ottawa
Jul 2010 - Present

Accessibility Training

City of Ottawa