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Apr 2009Mar 2012

Diploma in Business Informatics

Nanyang Polytechnic

Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Information Technology

Diploma in Business Informatics

Obtained 10 Distinctions, 15 As, 8 B+s, 3 Bs, 3 Ps for 39 Business Informatics modules

Awarded with a Diploma with Merit


Member of Nanyang Polytechnic’s Student Union

Member of Nanyang Polytechnic’s Community Service Club

Jan 2005Dec 2008

Henderson Secondary School

Henderson Secondary School

General Certificate of Education “O” Level

Obtained an A2 in Combined Science (Physics and chemistry)

B3 for Principal of Accounts,

Mathematics, Humanities (History and Social Studies) and                                                                                          Mother Tongue Language (Tamil) and credit for English


Secretary of Henderson Secondary School’s Aesthetics Club

Participated in intra-school competitions

Work experience

Sep 2011Nov 2011

IBM (International Business Machines) Singapore Pte Ltd

Position: Assisting Internal Communications Operations

Position level: Intern

Industry: Computer Technology and IT Consultation

Monthly salary: $600

Experience: Internal Publicity, Web publishing and Comms Operations. I assisted my department by helping them in their daily tasks in terms of web publishing, internal publicity as well as communication operations. Mainly, I was assigned to gather and document corporate news as well as to update newsletters, and publish written articles to inform IBMers about corporate news.

  • Through my internship, I learnt and gained experience on how a dynamic organization such as IBM disseminates its company news to its employees through newsletters, emails, intranet website and even internal advertising as well.
  • Web publishing is the process of creating, uploading, and management of the content in the company’s website. During my internship, I engaged in web publishing tasks whereby I uploaded and published articles and stories regarding IBM using the W3 enterprise content management intranet website. 
  • I was engaged in communication operations in the aspect of communicating corporate news and activities to IBMers via newsletters, email teasers, publishing of articles at the website etc.


I have completed my Diploma in Business Informatics with Merit (GPA 3.82) at Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore. With the versatile knowledge of both the Business and IT worlds gained from my polytechnic education, I am seeking for job positions which are related to both business management field  (e.g. Assistant Accountant) and Information technology field (e.g. infocomm project manager) where I would be able to seamlessly utilize and develop my knowledge.


Through working at a reputable company during my internship, I was able to meet the satisfactory level of my Managers and my trainers. I have received compliments from the staff and the Manager for the excellent performance during my internship in both the companies. These internships allowed me to further develop and strengthen my technical skills. These years of leadership training and strong foundation in education will definitely be an asset to the future organization that I would be employed to.


Musically inclined:

Music has always been one of my prominent and enjoyable interest and hobby since young. Music has always been part of me. Since young, I have the passion of singing and playing Indian classical instruments such as Indian classical drums like Naal, Dholki etc. This musical talent was not taught by anyone, but nurtured naturally through listening and by the observation of those who play the instruments. Music has always been a great healer. Pertaining to this fact, music has always been my "mode of transportation" to reach the world of serenity and tranquility during both stressful as well as relaxation times. 

Reading books:

During my leisure time, I would like to read non-fiction books such essays, journals and documentaries written by various authors which interest me a lot. Reading books has been a way for me to relax my mind too. Reading also opens our minds to new possibilities. Most importantly, it is an important and effective tool in enhancing my communication skills as it develops both our written and oral talent in the language.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is vital. We know that by leading a healthy lifestyle, we can prevent many diseases in every stage of life. I would go for a jog once a week in order to be fit and healthy and at the same time to relief myself from the stress of our daily lifestyle. A short walk in the morning and in the evening also relaxes and rejuvenates my mind. From my personal perspective, in short, health is wealth.


Apr 2007Apr 2010

Dip.Business Informatics

Nanyang Polytechnic
Jan 2003Nov 2006

General Certificate of Education “O” Level

Cambridge University