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Jim Sides

Chattahoochee Country Club

General Manager

1 (252) 622 0521

Richard Spencer

Chattahoochee Country Club

Former General Manager (retired)

1 (706) 265 8329

Jameson Hadgu         

Bonefish Grill

 Culinary Kitchen Manager

1 (847) 208-1650

Vince Galati

Galati's Pizza and Pasta


1 (847) 815-9371

Tony Calitori

Cucina Bella's


1 (847) 815-9236


As a progressive, contemporary culinary professional, I would like to use my education and experience to benefit a like minded Bistro, restaurant, hotel, country club or fine dining establishment. I am very open minded and can work any aspect of the kitchen as well as prepare any course of a meal or dish.

As you will see, the establishments I have cooked for are upscale, fine dining as well as family owned with an eye on premium dishes and exacting quality. I also have all necessary certifications and licenses required to practice my trade.


Work experience

Apr 2013May 2015

Sous Chef

The Legends at Chateau Elan

Chateau Elan Resort and Winery, a very well known establishment in Georgia and know for its hospitality, food and golf. As the sous chef at The Legends at Chateau Elan I was responsible for many things including purchasing product, checking in product, menus, guest/member interaction, daily specials, organizing and cleanliness of the kitchen and storage rooms. This property is a very prestige club and very member oriented. We cater to only 200 members and go over and above for any requests. As the sous chef I am responsible for training new employees and also helping front of the house employees with set up of the restaurant and understanding menu items that are new or that have changed. We change our menu every month and are only open for dinner for two nights out of the week and breakfast and lunch for six days out of the week. As our breakfast and lunch menu changed yearly it was a pleasure changing the dinner menu monthly and being seasonal.

Nov 2010Feb 2013

Executive Sous Chef

Chattahoochee Country Club

The Chattahoochee Country Club a prestige club exclusive to over 700 private members. At Chattahoochee Country Club we have three different menus for three different rooms, we also have over 5 different banquet rooms for functions, with separate menus. We have held functions for over 500 people. 

As the Executive Sous Chef I am responsible for many parts of the operation including ordering, inventory, scheduling, supervising, training, cooking, expediting, prep work, production cooking, making standardized recipes, daily specials and menus. As the Executive Sous Chef the plate is always full, there is always something to be done and the day is never over. I manage on average 10 kitchen employees on a daily basis. I always strive to be organized and clean in every aspect of my career. At the club we have came up a long way and have introduced many new ideas and reinvented old ones. 

Serve as "second-in-command" of the kitchen. Assist the executive chef in supervising food production for all food outlets, banquet events and other functions at the club. Supervise food production personnel, assist with food production tasks as needed and assure that quality and cost standards are consistently attained. Assist the executive chef with monthly inventories, pricing, cost controls, requisitioning and issuing for food production. 

Consistently maintain standards of quality, cost, eye appeal and flavor of foods. Prepare reports, arranges schedules and costs menus and performs other administrative duties as assigned by the executive chef. Assists in food procurement, delivery, storage and issuing of food items. Expedites food orders during peak service hours. Supervise, train and evaluate kitchen personnel. Report all member and guest complaints to the chef and assists in resolving complaints. Consistently follows proper sanitation practices including those for personal hygiene. Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the executive chef. 

Jul 2009Aug 2010

Assistant Kitchen Manager

Bonefish Grill

The Bonefish Grill is an upscale dining chain specializing in seafood dishes, but offering a full and complete menu for discriminating diners as well as casual diners. As line Chef, I prepare the different sauces, both meat and seafood breadings, toppings, coatings and marinades for the evening's entrees. I will also fry, sautee and grill both appetizers and entreees as required. Preparation and support for fellow team chefs is an integral part of my daily duties.

As LC, I instruct cooks, call out food orders and finish dishes for serving. The Bonefish grill requires extreme attention be paid the presentation as well as quality of the dishes. Polite and accurate communication with servers, bartenders, bus staff and management are critical for success in this fast paced atmosphere.

Jan 2007Jul 2009

Sous Chef

Cucina Bella

Cucina Bellas is an upscale, modern restaurant offering a variety of dishes as well as food services. My duties included responsibility for inventory and receiving. I also would perform prep work for the appetizer station, work with saute, fryers, grill and broiler. On the weekends I designed and prepped the appetizer special and also helped with the input of entree specials. Some of the services offered were catering and parties. I enjoyed participating in these and felt this was an area of strength for me.


All Purpose employee

Green Garden Chinese

This job was with a small chinese restaurant which I helped in every way I could.  I was a very valued employee. Delivered food in a timely manner. Bussed and waited tables. Help make drinks at bar and check people out. Packed and organized orders. 


All Purpose Employee

Galatis Pizza and Pasta

Galati's was a great company to work for. This was my "first foot in the door" in the industry,  where I learned the most from my boss and where I grew to love the industry. I did everything and anything I could for this company. Mainly I was a delivery driver. Then I started to anwser phones and take orders and also deal with customer problems as a manager would. Also waited tables and was a barback. Later on I worked on the line as a cook. Another strong suit of mine; I helped with catering and hosting parties and weddings.



Applied Science

Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College offers 11 culinary related study options through the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Institute of Elgin. My first eight units emphasized cooking, baking and food preparation skills while the remaining three centered on restaurant/hospitality management. All are recognized by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute Accrediting Commission.

We were fortunate to work in state-of-the-art kitchen facilities in the new Culinary Arts Center. We also were tested on our managerial, cooking, and baking skills at Spartan Terrace, a student-run restaurant featuring fine dining in tasteful surroundings. We were also required to compete for honors at least twice a year in state and national culinary contests and annually in international competition through a partnership with the Hotelfauschule in Semmering, Austria as part of our curriculum.

During our second year, each of my culinary arts classes developed advanced food preparation skills and concentrated on all essentials of running a quality kitchen. During the restaurant management units, we could focus on the study of management, business and accounting. I feel fully prepared for a challenging position in a retail food store, as a cook, sous chef, chef, baker, bread and pastry specialist, or caterer.