Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2008 - Present

Business Development Associate

ESP Consulting

Promote and propose full service telecom engineering and consulting services. Provide Strategy Planning, Product development, Project and Operations management services.

Nov 2006 - Apr 2009

Senior Program Manager


Brought in to coordinate a global multi-sites operation as a member of the Program Management team providing leadership and coaching for the definition, development and implementation in production (NPI) of on time and within budget cost reduction programs. Reinforced relationships between Nortel entities and contractors located in Europe, North America, and Asia dealing with multiple cultural challenges in program transfers and OEM, managing budgets up to $6M.Led cost reduction initiatives collaborating with designers, product line management, and production rendering: $5M in savings per year on GSM BTS and $31M in potential savings over 3 years on CDMA system

Oct 2004 - Jul 2006

Program Management Office Senior Manager

Enmax Envision

Member of the executive management team participated to strategy sessions and implemented business development plan. Inherited, completed, and delivered to Bell a $3.5M high-capacity network which was initially behind schedule by 3 months and at risk of losing contract. Directing 3 project managers lead and delivered fibre optic IT networks to 100 customers with about 200 installations per year. Revenue generated $10M.Restructured organization, process, and responsibilities, and instituted simple but strict financial controls, bringing the company from loss proposition to profitability on schedule. Charted effective business case with accurate cost estimation securing profit and boosting sales by 15%.Effectively negotiating and resolving issues, establishing and forging client relationships contributed to elevate customer satisfaction by 10%

Feb 2000 - Oct 2004

Program Management Director and VP Operations

Cell-Loc Location Technologies Inc

Brought on board, reporting to the Chief Operation Officer, to implement a Program Management Office and Best Practices. Supervised a team of six project managers and managed an annual budget of $25M USD. Responsible for the execution of the strategy plan, the development, and the implementation of Wireless Location networks and IT network infrastructure (HW, SW, products, system, applications, RUP - SDLC process). Upon key successful delivery to market promoted to VP Operations position responsible for procurement, manufacturing, deployment, operations, and customer support.Successfully contributed to bring technologies to operational and commercial business deploying large complex systems in Calgary and Saskatoon. Delivered the first commercial network in Calgary in nine months on time resulting in no penalty costs.Led RFI and RFP for deployment of a wireless location network, designed to track stolen cars, in Sao Paulo, Brazil winning a multi-million dollar agreement with the second bank and insurance company.

May 1997 - Mar 2000

Project Management Director


Brought my experience from Europe and was a leading proponent of developing and implementing best practices processes to empower the cross-functional Core Teams, and put into practice a Time to Market concept-process with early Marketing-Sales and Customer involvement. Responsible for leading, coordinating and mentoring project teams, and ensuring that project plans met customer and business expectations according the corporate strategy.

Sep 1990 - Apr 1997

Program Management office & Quality Director

Nortel Matra Communication

Directed programs responsible for the definition, development and production of telecom terminals in France, Germany and Asia for key operators and retail markets in Europe. Within a highly competitive environment, coordinated the strategic business plan (3-5 years) initiated by the Business Unit Manager in collaboration with Marketing, Technology and Production. Implemented Total Quality Process Management with a focus on Product Life Cycle Development and ISO9001-2 certification reducing return rates by 20%, improving time to market, and increasing customer satisfaction by 25%.

Sep 1983 - Sep 1990

R&D Senior Manager

Matra Communication

R&D Senior Manager responsible for developing telecom terminals for European markets that put the company as a leader in the retail market


1971 - 1975

B Sc Engineering

Ecole nationale d'Ingenieurs de Brest


B.Sc. Engineering in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, École Nationale d’Ingénieur de Brest, France

Program Management Professional, (PMP re-certification in progress); Project Management Institute

Business and Financial Management, Institut Français de Gestion; Paris, France

Project Management Certification, INSEP Institut National Supérieur d’Education Permanente; Paris, France

Project Management & Project Risk Management with ESI International

ISO 9000 Process and Quality Management, AFAQ Association Francaise Assurance Qualite; Paris France

Core skills, Strategic Management, Team Building and Leadership workshops

Learning and training: Safety, Information Technology, SDLC, RUP, Agile, Six Sigma & Lean


Provides solid innovative business solutions and execution resources to help entrepreneurial companies faced with challenging growth issues, to turn around underperforming operations, and to optimize business, bringing more efficiency and effectiveness and leading cultural behaviour change.Over 20 years of broad international experience developing and implementing Best Fit-Best Practices, Project Management Office, and delivering large-scale programs globally. Brings an exceptional combination of engineering and technical skills, combined with leadership, business, and financial acumen.Energetic leader and articulate communicator with a talent for developing strong cross-functional team collaboration at all levels of the organization with mutual goal of business and people growth. Being proactive and anticipating problems, mitigates risk and builds consensus-based resolutions to complex issues while demonstrating strong analysis and negotiation capabilities.Revitalizes business by monitoring performances, improving processes, decreasing costs, reducing development lead-times, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity. Takes ownership of business outcomes with an eye for detail in every engagement rendering significant return on investment.Make it Happen withLEADERSHIP, PEOPLE, PLAN, COMMUNICATION, COMMITMENT, EXECUTION, RESULTS==========================================“The most useful person in the world today is the man or woman who knows how to get along with other people. Human relations is the most important science in living” Stanley C. Allyn"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford“You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit” Harry S. Truman“There are going to be times when we can’t wait for somebody. Now, you’re either on the bus or off the bus” Ken Kesey


- Business Strategy Plan Coordination - Project-Operations management - Business processes-Best Fit/Best Practices - Team building, Coaching & Leadership - Organization & Resources Management - Change management & Communication - Financial & Budgeting & Cost Control - Procurement & Production - Customer & Supplier Relationship - Total Quality Management, Six Sigma & Lean - Performances Monitoring & improvement Industries: Telecom – Information Technology - Energy- EPC Construction


To provide solid innovative business solutions and execution resources to help emerging and entrepreneurial companies faced with challenging growth issues and to turn around underperforming operations leading cultural behaviour change

To revitalize business by decreasing costs, reducing development lead-times, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting productivity rendering significant return on investment.



Profitability & Productivity

Chain Supply Procurement Production

Budgeting- Cost Control- Business Case

 Customer Relationship Management

Leadership Cross-Functional Team Building

Risk Management & Mitigation

Tactical Operations & Performance

Business Processes Optimization

Best Practices, Standards, Tools

Change Management

Program Management

Strategy Planing