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I specialize in helping people to solve their problems and questions, by providing legal and business expertise in Luxembourg and Portugal, to entrepreneurs, investors and companies. About me I don´t see myself as only as a Lawyer, but also as a Global Business Networker and an Intelectual Capital Entrepreneur. I am open to meeting people who want to expand their business connections in PORTUGAL, LUXEMBOURG, UK, SPAIN, GERMANY, FRANCE, IRELAND and all EUROPEAN UNION countries, NORWAY, SWITZERLAND, USA, CANADA, BRAZIL, INDIA, RUSSIA, CHINA, SINGAPORE, UAE, AUSTRALIA, ANGOLA, MOZAMBIQUE, CAPE VERDE, SAINT TOME AND PRÍNCEPE helping me to create a true business network around the world. I have professional interests in fiduciaries, international tax planning, real estate market, wealth management, investment oportunities, M&A, entrepreneurship, international finance markets, web 2.0, etc. In PORTUGAL, I have good and solid business network in LISBON, CASCAIS, ÉVORA and ALGARVE. I´m member of JCI - Junior Chamber International and Toastmasters International, ANJE (Portuguese Young Entrepreneurs Association), just to name few. I have more or less 10 years of legal experience in the legal field, since I have worked in public bodies, and some diplomas in business law and management (all of them by portuguese universities). If you think we might be able to benefit each other, please feel free to introduce yourself to me by telling me about yourself.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Independent Legal Counsel

Independent Legal Counsel

Currently I´m looking for my next career challenge and managing my own personal brand

Apr 2008May 2009

Account Manager/Legal Counsel

Vistra (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l.

Management and coordination of Luxembourg Companies related with their legal, economic, banking and administrative frameworks, providing them value added and tailored services.

Jul 2006Apr 2008


JRC & Assoc., Sociedade de Advogados (Law Firm)
Legal expertise and legal services in Portugal, to entrepreneurs, investors and companies in: Business, Contracts, Investments and Banking, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Law, Trade law, Intellectual Property, Labour Law, ADR, Immigration Law, Dept Recovery, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation. Assessoria, Consultoria Juridica e Contencioso, para Empreendedores, Investidores e Empresas em Direito Comercial, Civil, Direito Bancário, Insolvências, Imobiliário,Estrangeiros e Imigração, Notariado, Propriedadade Intelectual, Executivo e Cobrança de Dividas.
Jan 2005Sep 2006

Trainee Lawyer

Dr. Antonio Gaspar’s Law Office
Counsel in matters related with Criminal Law proceedings, Civil Law proceedings, Labour Law, among others, under the supervision of Ordem dos Advogados (the Portuguese Bar Association - 2nd Stage).
Nov 2004Nov 2005

Legal Advisor (Jurista)

Studies and elaboration of opinions about legal issues; elaboration, drafting and analysis of protocols, deeds, contracts and various agreements; legal consultation; adviser of the associates in matters of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law and Labour Law, as well the management of the Legal Bureau of the Association
Mar 2001Oct 2004

Court Assistant

DGAJ - Direcção Geral da Administracao da Justica
Administrative and auxiliary management in matters of Civil and Commercial Law proceedings.
Jul 1999Feb 2001

Front Office Legal Technician

IAPMEI - Inst. de Apoio ás Pequenas e Médias Empresas e ao Investimento (Government Agency for SME)
Legal and technical attendance in matters of founding a partnership, as well memorandum of association modifications, increase in the capital stock, share assignment, licensing, clarifications about the CFE procedures, necessary documentation to present, and the liaison with cabinets of the different intervening public entities to assure the right progression of the process and it’s technical information.
Apr 1998Oct 1998

Public Relations Assistant

Parque Expo 98, S.A.
Providing informations and assistance to spectatures (including VIPs) about a multimedia show called “Oceans and Utopias”, held during the Lisbon World Exposition that took place between 22 May and 30 September, 1998 and is now part and parcel of the country’s patrimony.
May 1997Jul 1998

Trainee Lawyer

José Luis Cardoso & Associados, RL (Law Firm)
Counsel in matters of issues related with Criminal Law proceedings, Civil Law proceedings, Labour Law, under the supervision of Ordem dos Advogados (Portuguese Bar Association)
Oct 1997Mar 1998


Evora Tourism Board
Responsible for implementation of a study called “Better Service to Tourist” which comprised the surveying of conditions for receiving tourists, in particular in terms of the historical and cultural heritage of the district. Organisation of professional training courses.



Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Universidade Catolica Portuguesa


Universidade de Lisboa

BA (Licenciatura - 5 years)

Universidade Moderna de Lisboa