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Career Overview

CEO, Schaul PR

In 2016, Jordan launched a boutique digital publicity & PR firm serving celebrities, notable c-suite executives, & public figures.

Client Roster: Twenty Clients (See IMDb), include Sofia Shinas, Actress (Known for The Crow), Robert Kovacik, News Anchor/Reporter (NBCLA/MSNBC), Actress-Sandra Dee Robinson (Known for General Hospital), Actress-Tracy Melchior (Known for The Bold & the Beautiful) & Jefery Levy (Independent Film Producer & Director), Barbara Moore Actress

Schaul PR develops & curates new media platforms (e.g. IMDb) & solicits press coverage for clients. They also contributes feature articles as a professional writing service & provide web presence & fan base relations management to help cultivates follower growth & influence. Schaul PR offers a full suite of digital branding tools from logo & website design to integrated social media & web content creation. |

Program Host, (Motion Picture/Radio)

Recent: In May of 2018, Jordan provided expert commentary for a Leepson Bound Entertainment Bound production.


Jordan is an animal behavioral consultant & has trained animals for films, including the feature "Frozen Ground", starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, & Vanessa Hudgens.  Jordan designed behavioral enrichment programs as Curator of Animals at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC).

"Behavioral enrichment, first & foremost, should be designed to enhance behavioral health & welfare of animals in human care. Because the AWCC served the entire state of Alaska, we considered appearances, which both financed animal care programs & shared the majestic beauty of the animal kingdom in ways that dignify sentient species & optimized opportunities to educate the public through cinematic productions
." -J. Schaul

 appeared in documentaries including a BBC documentary series with British actor Charley Boorman. He shared the plight of two orphaned Kodiak brown bears, which made appearances in the production." 

Jordan provides commentary for television/radio programs. Recent requests, include segments produced for MSNBC (Human-Wildlife Conflict) & productions for NAT GEO WILD (Dangerous Animals).  He also co-hosted two episodes & directed scenes for a public education series KAZOO (ABC affiliate-Cleveland, OH, w/ weatherman Mark Johnson)

Jordan produced & co-hosted Zoo Talkin' Radio & Bears on the Air w/ Dr. Grey StaffordSandra Dee Robinson & Conrad Schmitt
Dr. Schaul & professor/zoo historian Dr. Jeffrey Hyson were interviewed by MN Public Radio for a segment on the evolution of zoos & their contributions to wildlife conservation. 

Interim Executive Director

AMH’s signature cyber-health guide & referral service are key features of this global advocacy organization. The first of its kind, the nonprofit serves patient & provider demographics seeking to reduce use of prescribed psychoactive medications through complimentary & alternative behavioral health care.

Principal Behavioral Welfarist & Trainer 

Jordan consults companion animal owners, zoological facilities & other animal populations in human care.

His current focus is on the K-9 socialization, supporting the needs of patrons of dog parks. This included etiquette training for large, high energy dogs (pedigree & mixed breeds). He promotes safe & humane remote collar training under initial supervision


June 2015June 2016

Executive Director & Charter Board Member

Initially invited to join the organization as a charter board member, Jordan assumed responsibilities at the helm of ZooNation in 2015. He worked with the writers/ editors to help  promote & publicize the standards of excellence upheld by accredited conservation breeding facilities worldwide. This includes the wonderful campus (ex situ) & field based (in situ) conservation science, management, public education initiatives, & care & welfare programs developed & implemented at European & North American & other accrediting zoo association member zoos & aquariums.

Executive Consultant-In-Residence

Jordan served as the South Asian organization's first Westerner-in-Residence, & was based at both the Bear Rescue Center (Agra, India) & the International Headquarters (New Delhi, India), Jordan began consulting leadership team from Orange County, CA & while in Alaska.

He helped developed some strategic advancement initiatives regarding rebranding marketing & organizational behavior, and PR. Jordan raised profile of specific programs for bear & elephant rescue, welfare and conservation management & education. He allocated more HR to conservation marketing (digital press) & fundraising. Jordan was awarded a grant from San Diego Zoo Global's Institute for Conservation Research to conduct pilot telemetric studies on a population of wild Indian sloth bears vulnerable to human-bear conflict.

Animal Curator/Director of Operations

Curator of Operations, Orange County Zoo Orange County Parks System (Reporting to Zoo Director)

Curator/Director of Conservation Programs

In this management capacity, Jordan advanced the Center's signature campus based welfare & field conservation programs including the Kodiak brown bear conservation education program (AWCC/ADF&G/EAZA/USFWS) & the International Wood Bison Recovery Program (AWCC/ADFG/EAZA/IUCN/USFWS/CITES)

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo | Cleveland Museum of Natural History | New England Aquarium | Columbus Zoo & Aquarium | Los Angeles Zoo


Zoo/Aquarium-Affiliated Animal Care, Research & Teaching Appointments

  • Rainforest Exhibit Animal Care Intern, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (1992-1993) 
  • Children's Farm Animal Care Attendant, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (1993-1994)  
  • Dive Team (Giant Ocean TankPenguin Exhibit) Intern, New England Aquarium (1995)
  • General Relief Animal Care Intern (CMZ) 
  • Volunteer Rehabilitation & Care Technician, Cleveland Museum of Natural History (1995-1996) 
  • General Relief Animal Keeper (CMZ) Provided care/welfare for all ambassador species (including behavioral training/ enrichment). Serviced needs of ex situ display, tractable outreach & education populations, off-exhibit breeding populations (sorta situ) & recovery populations (1996-1997)
  • Wilderness Trek Keeper (CMZ) Provided care for temperate, semitropical/tropical large/meso-carnivores species (terrestrial & aquatic). Provided care for populations of orphaned, injured /'rehabbed' & individuals born in human care at CMZ/NEA/CMNH. Care provided in compliance w/ USDA-APHIS, USFWS, USGS, EPA, FDA, USFWS, OSHA, the AZACMZ, NEA, COLS-ZOO, CMNH, LAZOO, etc. Provided care for ambassador animals in holding/display areas, except elephant population  
  • Animal Keeper (Volunteer), Los Angeles Zoo (2008)
  • Assistant to Curator of Conservation & Science, CMZ (1999-2000)
  • Instructor, Introductory Biology, JCU 
  • Instructor, Zoo Animal Management & Behavior, CMZ/Oklahoma State University Extension 
  • Assistant Director, Laboratory for Wildlife & Environmental Health - College of Veterinary Medicine, OSU
  • 2nd Year Laboratory Instructor, Veterinary Parasitology (OSU)
  • 4th Year Rotation Instructor, Zoo Animal Preventive Health Rotation, OSU/Columbus Zoo & Aquarium


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Veterinary Science (Wildlife Disease Ecology/Conservation Medicine)

Dual Degree Candidate, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), The Ohio State University (Supported by Graduate Teaching & Research Associateships & Federal Grants) | Suspended DVM Study: Transferred to WUHS)

Graduate Advisors: Cliff Monahan, DVM, PhD | Teresa Morishita, DVM, MPVM, MS, PhD Dipl. ACPV  The Ohio State University (OSU) / 
Graduate Advisory Committee:  Albert Lewandowski, DVM (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/OSU) | Chris Bonar, VMD Dipl. ACZM (Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/OSU) (Dallas Zoo) | Stan Gehrt, PhD  (OSU) | Mo Saif, DVM, MS, PhD Dipl. ACVM, Dipl. ACPV (OSU-OARDC)

Matriculated PhD Student,  Miami University (Oxford, Ohio),  Department of Zoology (College of Arts & Science (Ecology & Physiology Concentrations)) Graduate Advisors: Mercy Ebbert, PhD | Dennis Claussen, PhD

Previous Academic/Research Appointments

Assistant Affiliate ProfessorDepartment of Health Sciences
(University of Alaska, Anchorage) | Non-Resident Research AssociateDepartment of Wildlife/Zoology, Institute for Arctic Research (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) | Research Associateships: Alaska Zoo | Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


Coordinating Committee Chair (Conservation Education) 

Bear Specialist Group, Species Survival Commission, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (BSG-SSC-IUCN) 

Communication & Education Commission, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (CEC-IUCN) | 

Ex Officio Council Member, International Association for Bear Research & Management (Int. Bear Assoc.) |

Fellow, Conservation Science Institute (CSI) | Professional MemberZoological Association of America (ZAA)

AdviserBear Taxon Advisory Group, Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Education Liaison, Wolverines, Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group, Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Non-Profit Service

Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Former Board Member

Northwest Autism Foundation, Former Board Member

ZooNation, Former Board Member

The Biodiversity Group, Former Board Member

Grizzly People, Board Member (Endeavoring to focus on human bear conflict)

Viber Tours , Western Wildlife Outreach

National Wildlife Humane Society (NWHS)


Assistant to the Editor, Journal of Zoo & Wildlife Medicine 

Editorial Team Member, International Bear News (IUCN-BSG/IBA)

Reviewer Herpetologica (SSAR)