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Dr. J. Craig Stevens sustains a rich array of interests. A specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, he currently staffs three offices across the state of Idaho. He also possesses a rich personal life and regularly engages in a variety of both physical and intellectual recreational activities. An avid fan of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) travel, Dr. J. Craig Stevens enjoys exploring the wild landscapes of northern Idaho whenever time permits. He also maintains a fascination with language. In addition to his native tongue of English, he commands developing skills in German, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese. A longtime amateur radio enthusiast, Dr. J. Craig Stevens consistently takes top North American prizes for various amateur radio competitions. In particular, he commands remarkable acumen toward garnering numerous international contacts and for a capacity to articulate and understand high-speed Morse code. Although his participation in amateur radio ranks as a hobby, Dr. J. Craig Stevens has also used his radio skills to assist toward various disaster relief communication efforts. Dr. J. Craig Stevens boasts a reputation for his work in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Garnering years of diverse clinical experience at a variety of medical institutions, he holds a comprehensive understanding of the growing field of physiatry. Renowned for diagnosing and treating an array of nerve-oriented conditions, Dr. J. Craig Stevens also ranks as a highly trusted source for independent evaluations and second opinions regarding complex neurological and orthopedic questions. Dr. J. Craig Stevens supervises a thriving private practice in Post Falls, Idaho, and continues to maintain positions in two Idaho-based hospitals. Engaged by Bonner General Hospital since the late 1990s, Dr. J. Craig Stevens acts as Medical Director of Rehabilitation Medicine Services and Occupational Health for the premier Sandpoint, Idaho-based medical institution. To keep up with the growing demand for his services, he also now sees patients at Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, located in Lewiston, Idaho. In addition to directing his private practice and pursuing his ongoing work through Bonner General Hospital, Dr. J. Craig Stevens also commutes monthly to serve at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. Dr. J. Craig Stevens obtained his MD through New York Medical College in 1976. Following the receipt of his medical degree, Dr. J. Craig Stevens received an invitation to engage in additional study through Philadelphia’s Lankenau Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. To reach his private practice at 750 N. Syringia St., Suite 104, in Post Falls, Idaho, please call 1-800-613-1580.

Work experience


Medical Director - Occupational Health; Bonner General Hospital

J. Craig Stevens MD



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