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Senior manager with extensive experience in program management from both technical management and business development perspectives. - Excellent background in advanced usage of new technology and development of management metrics, reporting, and dashboards. - Demonstrated success in areas of leadership, strategy implementation, portfolio management, customer relationship, and team building. - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to build relationships, influence outcomes, and deliver effective presentations to a variety of audiences. - Demonstrated ability to interact comfortably with all levels of management and staff in IT and customer groups. - A strong understanding of business concepts and processes. - A personal operating style that is flexible, professional, and driven to assure success. TECHNICAL SUMMARY - Tools: MS Office Suite 2007 - Reporting: Web Portal Development, Access 2007, Crystal Reports, Business Objects - Database: Access, SQl Server - Portfolio Management: MS Project Professional, UMT (WTPS) - CRM/MRM: Siebel, Web Trends - Campaign Management: Siebel, Double Click - Lead Management: Siebel - Infrastructure: Exchange 2003, Business Continuity Mgmt, DR Plans, BI Projects, Portfolio/Planning Mgmt

Work experience

Mar 2003Dec 2008

Systems Integration Consultant

Pfizer, Inc

Consultant to Research Development Informatics Pharmacia Integration, AtS Systems Integration, AtS Business Enablement & Transformation • Enhanced and improved the RDi PST Reporting in alignment with Pfizer IT reporting at project and portfolio levels. Partnered with stakeholders to produce actionable monthly and ad hoc reports that address Project Managers, PST operational Leads and stakeholders management requirements • Improved the Program Health services approach to data capture, cataloging and reporting both at a program and project level: Savings, Benefits, and Cost Avoidance against baseline, scope, deliverables and funding model. • Developed a web based dashboard and technology framework for the effective delivery of the RDi PST program communications. Provided oversight for roughly 300 projects valued at $265M to reduce Pfizer’s overall business and informatics operating budget by $132M over three years. This team has also expanded to support an additional $114.7M in Business as Usual projects in calendar year 2008 for Research and Development. • Collaborate with Pfizer’s Portfolio and Governance team to develop processes to support the roll out of Microsoft Project server, SharePoint and Portfolio Server within Research and Development Informatics. • Fostered continuous process improvement in project lifecycle Metrics and Reporting including designing and developing both scheduled and ad hoc reports. Developed SQL integration of PFE in-house systems MS Project Server, (ver. 11 & 12), MS SharePoint(2003 & 2005), and WTPS. • Inventoried and Mapped PFE Applications, Infrastructures and IT Architectures during Pharmacia integration. • Eliminated 5,000 servers through retirement and consolidation, with cost-savings of $10M during AtS Systems Integration. • Lead R&D IT site closures of 4 technology enabled sites during Pharmacia integration.

Sep 1973Mar 2003

Vice President Information Technology

Citigroup, Travelers Group, Travelers Insurance

Assignments over 30+years have been based in New York, NY, Long Island City, NY, and Hartford, Ct Citigroup - Citibank - eConsumer Jan 1998- March 2003 Vice President, Technology – Chief Technology Officer: eConsumer Responsible for the development of a business unit within Citibank focused on increasing the distribution of Citigroup products through the E Commerce systems and technologies. Evaluate the business impact of new online capabilities and functionalities that support enhanced cross-sell through improved customer insight by exploiting customer based market segmentation, online behaviors, and predictive modeling to increase revenue and lower expenses.. Optimize investment dollars through a disciplined proof of concept process, in a dramatically accelerated time frame before significant investments are made. Develop prototype solutions, develop and document “Go to Market” strategies that Citibank can use to increase sales. Responsible for introducing, evaluating, and implementing new technologies that support the development of the Citibank eConsumer Contact Center – a transformation of the Citibank Consumer Call Centers into multi access Contact Centers utilizing multi channel contact points including phone, fax, web, chat, collaboration, and PDA and cellular device access technologies. Developed and implemented the technology and systems infrastructure required for a 400 person TeleSales Center that sells Citigroup Banking, Citigroup Brokerage, and Travelers Insurance products (Life, Long Term Care, Home, Auto, Credit cards, Equity Loans, and Mutual Funds) into the Direct Internet , Electronic Workplace, Affinity, and Financial Services marketplaces. Accomplishments: Analyzed and designed the new knowledge center architecture including desktop navigation, computer telephony and electronic mail integration, and systems interfaces in support of: online banking, online brokerage, and access to core infrastructure systems that support Citibank consumer services. Expanded Customer Support by implementing customer relationship management systems and techniques and developed techniques to introduce both event based and dynamic cross sell initiatives. Implemented these new architectures across the 400 workstations and 50+ server environment within the knowledge center. Developed service level agreements with all major component manufacturers/providers to assure high levels of availability across our 7x24 hours of operations. Developed and implemented "best practices" in regards to customer relationship management and 1 to 1 marketing campaign principles. Travelers Group – Diversified Distribution Services Jan 1995 - Dec 1998 Vice President, Chief Technology Officer - Responsible for the development of a business unit within DDS focused on increasing the distribution of Travelers Group products through the expanded use of systems and technology. Developed and implemented the technology and systems infrastructure required for a 400 person Telebusiness Center that sells Travelers Group products (Life, Long Term Care, Home, Auto, Credit cards, Equity Loans, and Mutual Funds) into the Workplace, Affinity, and Financial Services marketplaces Developed an overall Internet architecture for the DDS presence on the Internet including the support for multiple views in support of our various DDS distribution channels: Entity and Institutions, Institution Members and Employees, and the support of various Referral based information transactions (Banks, CFN, etc.) Designed an Institution Financial Profile, IFP, which would be used as a tool to help prospective clients understand DDS product offerings and potential revenue projections. Survey, analyze, and develop appropriate applications of new technologies, new systems structures, and long range technology architecture as the affect the TGE core technologies, systems and architectures. Accomplishments: Analyzed and designed the new strategic DDS architecture including the Cross Roads system (Siebel) and systems interfaces in support of: CTI, Travelers Property Casualty (Excaliber), Travelers Life, Long Term Care and Smith Barney Mutual Fund Sales (SelectTech) Provided Design and Analytical support to DDS Marketing and TGE Operations in the following areas: Developed Campaign Level Analysis and Reporting Templates Developed Campaign Projection vs. Actual “Dash Board” Template Developed Level 1 Productivity Measurement criteria comparing Costco, TGE, and First Union Charlotte Operations Developed Level 1 Productivity Models : Product by Distribution Method Extended the Blau Technology developed Predictive Models to provide preliminary product sales and penetration estimates by campaign. Performed cursory level Zipcode analysis to determine DDS Marketing Penetration Developed the Bank Acquisition Source Matrix and Acquisition Source Pricing for the Bank Channel. (precursor to the IFP) Second Vice President Distributed Environment Division Applied Technology August 1988 - December 1995 Technology partner to The Travelers businesses helping them develop strategic business solutions that leverage distributed technologies. Accomplishments: Directed the Systems Design Center assisting the application systems divisions in business re-engineering, systems architecture, and the application and integration of new technologies as a key lever of business solutions. (e.g. Business Process Automation, Business Process Re engineering, Business Use Case Analysis, Data and Process Modeling) Provided application development tools and environments that enable the development of high quality and flexible systems, rapidly and efficiently. (e.g. Enterprise Information Architecture, Frameworks, Client/Server Architecture, Distributed Database, Massively Parallel, Object Oriented Technology). Area Head/Director Managed Care and Employee Benefits Workstation Development Accomplishments: Managed Care Workstation Strategy: defined the role of the advanced work station within Managed Care including the role of DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Local Area Networks including the definition of a MCEBO Workstation Usage ,Access and Configuration profiles. Workstation Development: developed and implemented a series of advanced OS/2 LAN connected workstation that installed throughout MCEBO including: MCEBO Customer Service: deployed in Member services, local medical management, and PARS sites ( 800 workstations in 35+ sites) LINK - completed development of the LINK v.2; designed for external access by corporate benefit managers. Code developed was implemented as a corporate utility for Directory Services activity Sales Proposals: developed a Windows workstation used within New Business for service tracking and referral of new products during 4Q91. LCA/RCA Contracts - continued development and enhancement to Contract Analysts workstation with enhancements to product line and contract types. Workstation Engineering & Support:- expanded the functions of the Workstation Engineering and Support groups within Managed Care to include local area network engineering as well as the traditional workstation hardware/software engineering and equipment ordering processes. Responsibilities included performance and utilization management. ARU Development - developed and released enhancements including screen transfer, "text to speech", PAN AM customer service inquiry, and HMO Eligibility. Print and Mailing Strategy:- expanded the EBD Print Strategy to include all aspects of presorting, mailing, use of common envelops, etc., as well as, examining what should be printed, and the roles of on-line viewing, AFP printing, augmented work processing, and desktop publishing. Reprographics - studied the potential for installation of high quality laser copiers in the regional home office complexes for distributed contracts and directory prints and reprints. Area Head/Director Computer Science Division '83 - '88 Advanced Technology Group responsible for the evaluation and introduction of new corporate technologies including distributed processing, support of the 8100 network, and the introduction of personal computer hardware and software. (PCs, XTs, ATs, ARUs, voice recognition, text-to-speech, MF COBOL, and packet dial access. Assistant Director Group and Health Systems '76 - '83 Group Dental Claims , Group Health Claims development: manager responsible for implementing of both the Dental System; IMS COBOL, DL1 and the GHCP System; across 500+ distributed 8100 minicomputers. Sr. Programmer/Analyst Life, Health, Financial Systems 1973 - '76 Equity Systems, Life New Business Systems development programmer, programmer/analyst involved in the development of on-line systems in IMS, COBOL, Assembler, and DL1


Sep 1967Jun 1973


Southern CT State University


Technical Profiency
TECHNICAL SUMMARY - Tools: MS Office Suite 2007 - Reporting: Web Portal Development, Access 2007, Crystal Reports, Business Objects - Database: Access, SQl Server - Portfolio Management: MS Project Professional, UMT (WTPS) - CRM/MRM: Siebel, Web Trends - Campaign Management: Siebel, Double Click - Lead Management: Siebel - Infrastructure: Exchange 2003, Business Continuity Mgmt, DR Plans, BI Projects, Portfolio/Planning Mgmt