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Work experience

Feb 2007Present

Business Owner

Genectiva, Lda

As an IT passionate I had always dreamed about creating a company that could provide top quality software solutions and services.

I started Genectiva with my wife Tânia. We think of the company as a happy decision because

running a business was always in our plans.

Our work experience combined with my background in IT managing, training and development helped us to quickly build the business and we've grown each year, adding new team members along the way.

I still handle some of the development, but my role now has evolved into more management, strategy, problem solving and involved on some research.

May 2012Present

Senior Software Consultant

First Clinical Research, LLC

Created and improved system functionalities in a working complex on-line Web Application for Conference Management and Communication System using Javascript, JQuery and the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) as well as GIT platform.

Jan 2012Apr 2012

Senior Software Consultant

The Bishop Network, LLC

Preformed necessary changes in a complex on-line Web Application for performance, dedicated data gathering and integration with a IOS application, making use of PHP, Javascript and MySQL and also JSON and AJAX. Created, improved and optimised the System API with exhaustive documentation and tests. Worked with a multi cultural and global team.

Sep 2011Dec 2011

Senior Software Consultant

Digital Pipelines, LLC

Performance optimisation of multiple procedures in a web framework for application development purposes by applying my PHP and system development knowledge.

May 2009Oct 2009

Software Consultant

ICMPD - International Center for Migration Policy Development

ICMPD have requested my services as Software consultant and Project management for the production of a web application for the study of the Trafficking in Human Beings Phenomena.

This project had a short budget and limited time frame, for those reasons it was necessary a well structured project and a well defined risk plan. ICMPD found in my services the commitment and the ability to drive the project safely and on time for delivery. 

Oct 2004Nov 2006

Software Development Manager / Project manager

Deltasoft, Lda

Accountable for IT team leading, project managing as well as pre-sales consulting. I worked closely with the Co-founders and CFO.

I have joined Deltasoft in a difficult period for the company and faced many challenges due to financial limitations.

Success was achieved by investing in competent employees in order to be able to be reliable with bigger and profitable projects. By this we were able to build partnerships and contracts with different industries sectors creating a growth of 43% in IT business unit. 

Mar 2003Dec 2005

University leading teacher

COCITE / ISIG - Instituto de Informática e Gestão

At the beginning I was invited to team up with a colleague as a practical component teacher of Advanced Systems Technology and Development class.

After a semester, I was invited to become the Leading teacher for Advanced Graphical Development.

Sep 1999Jul 2004

Development team leader

Valnetsado, S.A.

Hired as the first Software Developer and challenged to implement the company automated billing control system, directly connected to third party payment method system.

In this role, I worked closely with business management and senior executives to build a software development system for a division that was still very much in start-up mode. Changes included implementing a management system, and training all new employees.

With the role of Development Team Leader I also did most of the development project management, software architecture and development as well as attending to sales meeting in order to play the role of a Pre Sale Consultant. 

Mar 1999Aug 1999

Marketing Executive

Intersis S.A.

Define and establish marketing events as CeBit, as well as managing the active development of the company web site. 


Sep 1996Jun 2003