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Sr. IT Project/Program Manager / System Architect / IT Management Consultant

Senior IT Project & Program manager

Technology management professional (PMP) with 20+ years of extensive business and IT experience. Demonstrated leadership of projects with $5M - $100M budgets, and cross-functional matrix teams of 5 – 20. Adept at leveraging technology and resources to ensure projects are aligned with business goals and risks are minimized.  

Career highlights:

  • Directed team of 20 in $7M Datacenter build-out and planned migration of 90+ applications.
    • Saved 3 months by creating new Fiber Plant install process and fast tracking WAN links to MTA Enterprise.
  • Created technical Request-For-Proposal for United Nation’s new global communication system.
    • This $50M project will improve security, speed and availability while saving millions.

Professional Experience



Secure Technology Group, Inc.

Secure Technology Group is focused on managing large technology Infrastructure projects. 20+ years of extensive business and IT experience with demonstrated leadership of projects with $5M - $100M budgets, and cross-functional matrix teams of 5 – 20. Skilled at leveraging technology and resources to ensure projects are aligned with business goals and risks are minimized. 

Corporate Clients:
- MTA IT Headquarters – Largest commuter railroad in the world, servicing 6 million riders daily. 
- Pearson Education – International educational, publishing, and financial organization.
- McGraw-Hill – International financial, education, and publishing Organization.
- United Nations HQ – International Organization supporting hundreds of offices worldwide.
- North Shore Medical Center – Medical Complex with 80 Institutions and 40,000 employees.
- AIG – Global Financial Service firm


Senior It Project Manager (Contract)

Global Brands Group

A global manufacturer of clothing and accessories 

Led IT Infrastructure projects.

  • Completed two office buildouts and business personnel relocations. Both on-time within tight schedule.
  • Led design and implementation of Cisco High-Density Wi-Fi AP system to support 200 people in tight space.
  • Created standard process for global font licensing covering web and printed material that will prevent heavy fines.
  • Planned rollout of new desktops and laptops for 350 business users, resulting in minimum impact on user productivity.

Sr. IT Project/Program Manager (Contract)

MTA IT Headquarters & Metro North Railroad

The largest commuter railroad in the world, servicing over 6 million every day 

Led large IT Infrastructure projects. 

  • Designed and managed build-out of ($7M) primary Datacenter for Metro-North RR.
  • Planned and implemented 40Gbit Fiber Plant and WAN fiber links for MTA Datacenter. New approach saved money and ensured high reliability. Plan also completed fiber installation in weeks instead of months.
  • Planned and prioritized migration of all critical systems and over 90 applications for new production datacenter.
  • Created Enterprise Architecture design for primary production system moving to new datacenter.
  • Implemented technology for new ($70M) Metro-North employee facility. Built Central Server (MDF) and distribution (IDF) rooms on each floor, providing network connectivity for ~850 users on 5
  • Designed, directed and monitored build-out of 26 high-tech conference rooms and 30 Breakout rooms.
  • Built Disaster Recovery site, documented all primary and backup WAN links.
  • Created detailed Disaster Recovery Plan for critical IT systems and applications supporting Metro-North RR.
  • Led IT teams relocating MNRR ticketing system that supports 400 ticket machines in New York & CT.
  • Transferred to new ticket system with no interruption in service. Also built new backup ticketing system.
  • Implemented Cisco Appspace employee information platform feeding 50 screens throughout the Rail Road.
  • Served on PMO Steering Committee. Set project prioritization and governance standards.


Senior Project Manager

Presidio – Technology Network solutions provider with 50 offices throughout the US

Coordinated multi-billion dollar integration of BlueWater Communication Group’s business processes and financial systems into Presidio’s business consulting environment.

  • Documented financial migration timelines for key organizational groups within BlueWater Communications.
  • Created business process flow diagrams for all internal and consulting groups at BlueWater.

Senior It Project Manager

Pearson Education – International educational, publishing, and financial organization 

Led IT teams for $100M new building construction.

  • Documented IT requirements, system design, project schedule, and IT budget for new buildings in NYC and NJ.
  • New buildings consolidated ~3,400 people in offices located throughout NY and NJ.
  • Collaborated with engineering teams and senior management to prepare IT budgets for project.
  • Assessed Boston Server Rooms to determine feasibility of consolidation. Gathered technical, power, communication, HV/AC, and space requirements. Submitted analysis report recommending not to consolidate.
  • Assessed technology requirements for all business divisions moving into new planned office buildings.
  • Defined requirements for 138 conference rooms, 70 with PCs & TVs, 36 with Cable, and 6 with Video systems

Senior It Project Manager

McGraw-Hill – International financial, education, and publishing Organization 

Led upgrade of global IT systems.

  • Led build-out of new Global Enterprise EVault servers at three primary and three Backup Datacenters
  • Completed global software upgrade to new EVault 9.0 archive and compliance software.
  • Migrated Exchange archive data from 25,000 users to new servers at all regional Datacenters.

Senior It Project Manager

United Nations HQ – International Organization supporting hundreds of offices.

Led creation of new global $50M communication system.

  • Created technical RFP to evaluate and select vendors for new Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • New Global Network will replace End-of-Life communication links connecting UN offices around the world.
  • Delivered RFP to Procurement with Evaluation Matrix to aid in final provider selection process.
  • Served on PMO Steering Committee to set standards for status and other critical project reports.

Senior IT Project Manager

AIG – Global Financial Service firm

Created documents regarding resources for divestiture of asset management units of AIG to create a new entity


Senior It Project Manager

North Shore Medical Center – Medical Complex with 80 Institutions 

Led $5M WAN communication and systems upgrade.

  • Managed new equipment procurement and project budgeting.
  • Created project plan to consolidate 5 WAN circuits at 2 datacenters feeding 80 hospital facilities.
  • Planned upgrade of existing WAN links and Internet access at primary datacenter and new datacenter.

Independent Contractor

Tocqueville Asset Management-New York City $7 Billion Asset Management Firm

Led new office $4M IT system design, build-out 

  • Completed new office buildout and planned, designed, and implemented IT systems for new office.
  • Created Hot Backup Site at SunGard Datacenter to support critical financial applications and data feeds.
  • Designed and built conference rooms with advanced AV systems and electronic booking system.

Independent Contractor

Basic Element, Inc Tocqueville Asset Management
 -International Financial and Manufacturing Firm (Independent Contractor)




New York Institute of Technology