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Professional Summary

Accomplished hands-on Systems Architect and IT Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of extensive technical and business expertise. Highly proficient at planning, designing, and managing teams in the implementation of complex IT projects in many business sectors including: medical, financial, legal, and international organizations. Work closely with senior management defining IT strategy and network architecture for new system build-outs, moves, and migrations. Extensive use of Web-based technologies to maintain close project coordination. Creative thinker and problem-solver. Excellent verbal, writing, collaborative, and presentation skills across all levels of management and project stakeholders. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Planning, Management, & Implementation
  • IT Architecture & Strategic Business Planning
  • IT Business Needs & Risk Assessment/Mitigation
  • Project Budgeting, Scheduling, Procuring, & Status Reports 
  • Technical & Business Presentations/Proposals
  • International Project Management Experience
  • Project Mgmt. Institute Methodology Expertise
  • Interpersonal & Team Building Expertise
  • Business Continuity / Resiliency Planning

Work experience

Education New York Institute of Technology - School of Engineering &Technology Bachelor of Science Degree (1984) New York, NY, United States

Graduated Cum Lauder 

Major: Electronics Engineering


  • Project Management Professional Certification (PMI)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Microsoft Partner Program
  • Project Management training at SkillPath

Career Courses and Seminars

  • Point Advantage PMP Certification Coarse
  • SkillPath Project Managers & Supervisors Conference
  • VMWare Workshop on implementing Virtualization Solutions

Committee Memberships & Volunteer Participation

  • Lead for Vendor Group on PMI's 2010 Professional Development Day Event
  • IT Project lead for Non-Profit Fundraising Project held early Feb 2010

Presidio - A technology solutions provider with 50 offices throughout the US, and over 4,000 personnel. Headquartered in New York City and Woburn, MA

July 2012 - Nov 2012

Role: Senior Project Manager coordinating the integration of BlueWater Communication Group's business processes and financial systems into the Presidio environment. Documenting business process flows and financial tools migration timelines for organizational groups.

Pearson Education- International educational, publishing, and financial organization with hundreds of offices located around the world and over 40,000 personnel. Headquartered in London, UK

Oct 2011 - May 2012

Role: Senior IT Project Manager overseeing new office technology design & budgeting, server room requirements analysis & planning. Work with engineering teams, business units, and facilities managers to prepare IT budgets for new buildings in New York, New Jersey, and Boston. Selected to be part of initial SAAS test group during migration of email and data storage to a Cloud environment.

Total IT Budget: Estimated IT budget for the three projects: $15M-20M (CapitalEquipment, Engineering Services).

Project 1: NY Tech Center Project (325 Hudson St., NYC): Build-out of new high tech environment for 55 top technology managers and application developers. Completed on-time, on-budget,and provided an office that encourages collaboration and productivity.

  • Gathered technology requirements for business units moving to new facility
  • Analyzed BC/DR preparedness on operating Pearson operating companies
  • Managed budgets, timelines, equipment purchases, and technology implementation
  • Worked closely with tech teams, architects, facilities, vendors, project sponsor, and site construction team

Project 2: NY Metro Project (330 Hudson St., NYC): Construction of new 310,000 SF building to consolidate ~1,400 people from Pearson Education and Financial Times Operating Companies in offices located in NY an NJ. Completed technical requirements analysis, IT systems design, detailed project schedule, and IT budget.

  • Worked with key business and technology managers to determine current and future IT requirements
  • Gathered critical IT requirements for Operating Companies moving to new facility
  • Initiated, led, and documentedtechnical project design meetings
  • Completed technology design and IT budgeting for new facility
  • Completed hi-level and detailed technology project plans and coordinated with construction timeline
  • Participated in senior level project strategy and budget meetings
  • Worked closely with Facilities Managers, Change Management, and Human Resources
  • Created project Status, Risk, and Budgeting Reports

Project 3: NJ Metro Project (Hoboken, NJ): Project in the initial planning stages. New office building will consolidate ~1,800 people from Pearson Operating Companies now located in offices in NY and NJ.

Project 4: Boston Server Room Consolidation Project (Boston, MA): Project to gather technical, power, and space requirements and assess the feasibility and cost of consolidating the server room at 75 Arlington St. into the 501 Boylston St. server room. Created and submitted detailed analysis report. Migration was not cost effective.

McGraw-Hill Companies - International Organization with offices located around the world and over 25,000 personnel. Industry segments include financial, education, and publishing.

May 2011 - July 2011

Role: Senior IT Project Manager overseeing the migration of all users around the globe to an upgraded Enterprise Vault email and data archive system.

Project Scope: Build-out of new Enterprise Vault servers at three primary and three Backup Data Centers located in the US, Singapore, and London. Upgrade to new EVault 9.0 archive and compliance software and migrate Exchange archive data from 25,000 users to new servers at all regional Data Centers.

Project Budget: Estimated cost $2,000,000 (Equipment and Engineering Services).

Project Deliverables: Provided smooth migration to new Enterprise Vault system to sites around the globe.

  • Initiated and led globaltechnical conference calls to track server implementation status and resolve issues.
  • Created detailed meeting agendasand minutes documents.
  • Created and refined MS Project timelinesand milestones for all regions impacted by the project.
  • Worked closely with Symantec engineers and project managers 
  • Created detailed weekly and monthly project Status Reports.
  • Maintained all project documentation on SharePoint site.
  • Worked with operations group to ensure ongoing support of new EVault systems.

United Nations Headquarters - International Organization with thousands of offices located around the world and over 250,000 personnel.

August 2010 - April 2011

Role: Senior IT Project Manager overseeing the design, planning, and implementation of a new global communication network for the UN.

Project Overview: Replace multiple Point-to-Point (P-P) communication links between UN offices with a full mesh Multi-Protocol Label Switching Network. The project goal is to create a foundation for global communication that will enable efficient collaboration and resource consolidation for all UN Entities.

Phase 1 includes 11 core sites including four Enterprise Data Centers.

Phase 2 will connect another 60+ sites to the new MPLS Network.

Ongoing phases would continue to add global sites.

Project Budget: Initial estimated cost $50-$100M over 5 years (Communication and Engineering Services)

Project Deliverables:

  • Created an initial Request for Information (RFI), sent to MPLS providers, and evaluated responses.
  • Assessed and documented project requirements, timelines, budget, and scope.
  • Documented costs and technical specifications of existing Point-to-Point network links.
  • Created and refined MS Project timelines and plans for all phases of the project.
  • Worked closely with Procurement to create a Request for Proposal / Statement of Work (RFP/SOW) document defining technical requirements for the UN's MPLS Network.
  • Created detailed technical and financial Evaluation Matrix documents and procedures.
  • Created project Status, Risk, and Budgeting Reports.
  • Created project briefs and presentations for committee meetings and video conferences.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Served on the UN Project Management Office (PMO) Steering Committee.
  • Defined project dashboards and Status Reports for upper management.
  • Planned roll-out to UN IT Project Managers.
  • Refined project template documents

North Shore Medical Center - Medical Complex with 80 Institutions and 40,000 employees

March 2010 - May 2010         

Role: Senior IT Project Manager overseeing 5 WAN Infrastructure projects at 2 data centersProject Overview : Upgrade existing WAN Infrastructure, communication links, and Internet access at the primary data center and a new data center in Westchester. Goal is to increase performance, reliability, and security for all institutions, remote users, partners, and affiliated sites. Project Deliverables:

  • Completed Project Charter to re-activate project (on hold for 4 months before I arrived) 
  • Created and refined MS Project plans for Extranet, Internet, Remote Access and site migrations with engineering team
  • Managed the purchasing and budgeting of $2M in new equipment for the project  (Project put on hold until corporate-wide telecommunication contract is signed

Tocqueville Asset Management

New York City Asset Management Financial Firm

March 2004 – Dec 2009                      

Position: IT Project Manager and Business Continuity Consultant

Tocqueville Asset Management is a $7Billion asset management firm providing a solid approach to investing and a personalized asset management service for clients. Over the last five years the firm has moved to a new larger office, and has added two additional offices to handle its growth from 80 to 140 employees.

Role: Lead IT Projects related to upgrading, moving, and BC/DR Planning. Project Goals: Assess and document IT needs and risks. Plan and execute system upgrades, new data center, and IT system move. Create Hot Backup Site at SunGard. Build new data center and move IT systems to new site. The Network infrastructure consists of over 25 servers, many financial feeds and redundant features. IT budget: $950K - includes construction, equipment, software, and consulting fees. Project Deliverables: Successfully implemented system upgrades, built new data center, implemented and tested new emergency backup facility. Result was improved system performance, reliability, and on-time completion of new data center.

  • Spearheaded plan to move IT systems and design infrastructure at new office site.
  • Worked closely with architects and contractors on data center design.
  • Set up redundant BGP Internet connectivity, fault-tolerant email routing, and backup.
  • Created Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, (BC/DR) including backup hot site, data replication, Incident Management Plans, Emergency Notification Systems, and testing procedures.
  • Consulted with in-house legal counsel on regulatory compliance documents.
  • Created documentation of network infrastructure, communication links, and BC/DR Plans.

Basic Element, Inc.  – International Financial Firm

Feb 2005 – December 2008

Position: Senior IT Project Manager

Basic Element is a large international firm with $30 Billion in revenues and 300,000 employees. Its revenue comes from diverse markets, such as financial, manufacturing, mining, and other areas. The new office in New York City is the North American Headquarters for the firm.

Role: Primary architect for new data center for North American headquarters.

Project Goals: Assess needs, plan and manage all aspects of new data center and IT infrastructure and vendor selection. Implement Windows 2003 Exchange, Backup, Data, and Security Servers. Provide high- speed link from New York to the home office for data and voice traffic. Site must support 15 local users, and Cisco Call Center linked to Moscow office. IT budget: $800K - includes construction, equipment, software, and consulting fees. Project Deliverables: Successfully completed new IT datacenter on schedule for visit by top executives at office opening. Also managed the completion of two additional projects delayed by security and video conferencing vendors.

  • Led server room build-out at new office site, working closely with architects and contractors.
  • Maintain close communication with stakeholders and 15 contractors on project. 
  • Implemented web-based collaborative tools to keep all parties in sync.
  • Created system documentation, including infrastructure diagrams, Internet configuration, application installation instructions, and user guides.

Additional Experience

Digi-Com Group, Inc.  – Network Integration & IT Security Firm1990 – 2001                   Position:President/Senior Project Manager


Hand-selected and managed a team of network engineers in the design, implementation, and support of numerous network infrastructure and Internet projects. Legal firms were the primary client base.Implemented and migrated networks that included Windows and Netware servers and workstations.  Set up secure Internet connectivity systems that included firewalls, e-mail systems, VPNs and Domain Services. Performed security and needs analysis of new projects, created proposals, and allocated resources. Created system documentation, including infrastructure diagrams, Internet configuration, and user guides.