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I am currently a student at Longwood University majoring in Communications in Mass Media. I am looking for a final job as a professional voice over actor, however I would like to get a start on it working in the field of broadcasting or radio. I am currently taking media classes for my major and have been learning how to edit pieces of clips together in iMovie. I am currently living in Brightwood, VA with my grandparents and would be willing to move/commute.


Jan 2010Present

Longwood University

I am currently attending Longwood University and expect to graduate in the year 2012. During my first semester there I was required to make a short movie and learned how to use applications like iMovie and Final Cut.

Aug 2007Dec 2009

Associates of Science and Arts

Germanna Community College

I attended Germanna immediately after high school and to start wondering about where I wanted to go in my career path. I took General Studies while there and graduated last May with an Associates in Arts and Sciences, the degree given to those who take General Studies.



Digital Page Design
I have had basic skills in using Adobe In-Design, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver for the usage of creating page designs for magazines, newspapers, and websites.
Video Editing
I spent the last year in a class called Broadcast Production where I had to go out to campus events, film them, interview people, and  then make a small news package using what I learned. I had to learn not only how to use Final Cut Express, but also how to work the camera to get the best shot and how to properly white balance so that the focus was clear.
Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
I've had to use Microsoft Office for many assignments, and have had to go beyond that and use Excel or Powerpoint when Word wasn't enough.
Media Movie Making
I started media movie making for my first semester of Longwood. I learned the basic skills such as how to clip pieces of different movies and put them together, putting text in mid-movie, and how to add any background music to it.
I took basic Spanish in community college and met the passing requirements. My basic class covered everything from knowing the basic sentences of spanish to knowing things like how to identify emotions and feelings. I also know the basic family names like brother, sister, aunt or uncle.