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Aug 2009Sep 2012


Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale
Jan 2000Aug 2001

High School Diploma

Braddock Senior High
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Ad Copywriting
Whether it be for a television, web or radio advertisement, I can get impress the rest!  Catchy, rhythmitic and concise writing is my forte.  
Social Media Marketing
There's nothing like getting a company, product or trend to go viral... Your company NEEDS to be "there" and I most definitely enjoy making that possible.
Logo Conceptualist
I feel a great satisfaction from converting a simple thought into someone's new corporate or personal logo. Concepts are fun puzzles for me.  I live for the look on a client or friend's face after I show them their idea or need in the form of a visual symbol.  
Sound Design
I enjoy fabricating audio for any type of video|radio project.   Atmospheres and melodies are my favorite sounds to work on but i also work on mixdowns and overall project production|finalization.  I am amiable and a pleasure to work with when it comes to video editors and directors of any sort.


I Joseph Charles Menendez was born and raised in Miami, Florida 331... Just kidding but I truly am proud of where i"m from and everything that I have accomplished. My parents immigrated to this beautiful country about 30 years ago and expressed their love for eachother by having me. Crazy right? Anyway, since I was very young, I expressed a love for music and dance. My grandmother would have me take audio beat tests for the piano and I would always enjoy taking them (eventhough I didn't really know what I was doing, to me it was just clapping on beat). Forward a couple of years and I showed much interest in drawing and dance! Yup! you guessed it. I practiced Michael Jackson moves everyday.and painted ninja turtles on the weekends. I was in the gifted program then and loved every moment of it. That program was very advanced for its time. The scheduling was high school styled in the sense that we would have periods and switch classrooms for each subject. We were all learning high school material subjects and created our own classes one a week. This was my elementary life at Everglades Elementary. After school, I would go help my father at his wallpaper business with cuts and sales. I learned then how to speak to clients and what it takes to run a business (patience and love). Middle school came about, and my parents decided Belen Jesuit Prep was the school for me, but boy were they wrong. It was an all boys Jesuit Private school. I would constantly get in trouble but I met my best friend there (Luis Fernandez). We are still friends and work together. Come ninth grade, I decided Belen wasn't for me and got myself expelled to go back to public school, where I belonged. After leaving Belen, I entered Coral Park High School with a pretty open mind. Here, I learned how to dance for real to Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music. I would go out with friends on the weekends to clubs catered for high school students. I then became bored and left to Braddock Senior where I would go out on the weekends to rave parties and hear the new tunes and practice new break dance moves. Arts have always been my reason for existing. I just didn't know yet what I wanted with them. After high school, dancing was important, but I began to wonder how people produced the music I loved so. Then it hit me, make music! Haha, it takes learning an instrument first, no? So I tried to learn the bass guitar and piano and declared my major at Miami Dade College to be...(Drums are rolling) Music Theory! Wow! Those classes were so hard for me but it intreged me so much that I did good (eventhough, I still didn't know my instruments). So after a couple of years of clowning around and only going to my music classes, I decided to leave school. That's when I landed a PR, marketing and sales job for an upcoming nutrition company. My father had already taught me everything I needed to know about business, so I pretty much gave the company (whose name I won't say for legal reasons) a face, name and awareness. Things picked up big time and then I employed two friends and I became their manager and no longer had to do sales, but I had to monitor their sales and still do PR and marketing. Anyway, their sales dropped and after all my work for the company, I was let go for not pushing them hard enough. FRUSTRATING! Great lesson learned though, "Keep your basket close". Bet you that will never happen again. I learned how to run a business from dirt and how to plan events, advertisements, you name it, if it was business related, I mastered it. After a month without a job, it came to me...Advertising. I would be driving and just think of random commercials to produce and what music would playing and everything! I live in Miami and left one day to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a goal, get away from everything to study. I haven't looked back since and now I enjoy making full media ads and productions like it was food. #keepmovin

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Artist Statement

What is considered an artist? I know, know, someone who creates something that can be perceived in different ways by different people. I enjoy it very much when someone asks me: "What does that mean?" and then go off into a tantrum of interpretations of my creation. Whether it be Sound Design or Ad Campaigns, I live to show. It is crucial to me to be happy with what I make, but even more important to feel a sense of appreciation from others. Call me needy or old-fashioned but it matters to me that what I make be viewer/listener friendly.Joseph Charles Menendez


I'm a dancer @ heart.  Music production isn't a hobbie anymore but it started off that way and sweat drop by drop is becomming my profession.  I love to write poems and songs as well as short essays.