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Technical Skills

  • .NET Framework 2.0/1.x, C# 2.0/1.x, ASP.NET 2.0/1.x, Visual Studio.NET, .NET Web Services, ADO.NET, T-SQL
  • HTTP, XML, XSL, HTML, xHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Yahoo UI, Multi-Browser compatibility (IE, FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera)
  • MS SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, and 6.5, Endeca 4.6.7 & 5.1
  • VB, COM, Active X, MTS, ADO, VBA, VBScript, ASP, Visual Source Safe, CVS

Work experience

NT Administrator & IIS Developer

Prairie Lakes Internet
  • Administration of all Windows NT Servers
  • Part-time administration of Linux Servers, Cisco Routers/Switches, and POP Equipment
  • Developed several web applications:  Customer account management, time clock, and E-Commerce sites.
Feb 2002Present

Application Development Manager

Beckett Media, LLC

Technologies: .NET Framework 2.0/1.x, C#, Yahoo UI, AJAX, XML, XSL, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, T-SQL, HTML, DHTML, Java Script, ASP 3.0, VB Script, ADO, ADO.NET, VSS, CVS, VB 6.0

  • Lead Architect and Developer of Beckett Media’s Encore Website.  A Web 2.0 leading edge website utilizing many Web 2.0 concepts, including AJAX and social networking.  Sole developer of Encore’s Organize functionality, an AJAX based, client side driven Gmail type application users use to organize their card collections.  The organize software currently managed over 100 million items added since the August 2008 launch.  Utilized experience to ensure a scalable, high performance website using caching, SQL Indexes, and out of the box thinking.
  • Lead Architect and Developer of Beckett Media’s Osiris Web Framework.  A plug-in oriented Multiple Model-View-Controller Web Framework designed to simplify development and skinning, and separate Code and UI/Content.  This software currently services 100% of Beckett’s eCommerce web requests.  
  • Sole developer and architect of Beckett Media’s ‘Fanspot’ social networking site.
  • New upgraded ecommerce website built on Osiris Framework, utilizing the Endeca InFront Navigation Engine. Developed and implemented Endeca InFront, a new smart Shopping Cart and Checkout, and integrated into existing website.
  • Lead Architect and Developer of PGS 2005 (Price Guide Software) and maintenance developer of Legacy PGA.  Managed two contractors during the development of this software.  PGS Software is the master Beckett Database of Collectibles, Market Tracking and Pricing data.  Beckett’s price guide publications are also produced from this software via export files.
  • Senior Developer during major growth period of Beckett’s Ecommerce website.  Marketplace grew from 3 million items in 2002, to 27+ million items in 2008.
  • Lead Developer of eBay Auction Title parsing application.  This application parsed eBay Auction Titles and matched them to the Beckett PGS Database for Market Analysis.
Jan 2001Dec 2001

Senior Web Developer

Austin Tetra

  • Development and maintenance of a web-based supplier registration & directory service featuring a 13 Million US Company Database. 
  • Development and maintenance of new/legacy Visual Basic matching and data entry desktop application.
Jun 2000Jan 2001

Senior Web Developer / Architect

Prolific Network International, Inc.

  • Responsible for needs analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of SQL Databases and Web-Based applications ranging from a Press-Ready Document Builder to Full Featured E-Commerce applications. 
  • Developer of a company branding solution web application, and the protoFORM engine, Co
  • Developer of protoSITE (Prolific Network International’s Branded Web-Farm product), E-commerce capabilities and administration of, Bahai National Association’s eFormation website and Conference web site. 
Feb 1999Jun 2000

Business Systems Analyst III

  • Design and implementation of Internet based business applications/solutions under the trade name "DaveNet", making Lennox the first and only HVAC manufacturer enabling its dealers to place orders over the internet.  
  • Web-enabled a multitude of corporate data sources and processes including on-line ordering (approx. $400,000/week) and warranty claims (40% of overall volume).
  • Real-time web interfaces hooked into SAP manufacturing systems that allow users to check availability and pricing of products. 
  • Site was featured in Sales & Marketing Management magazines "Best Practices" section for the value and service it provides Lennox’s dealers and affiliates.
Oct 1997Dec 1998

Web Developer

L&M Information Services

  • Internet application and web design for local and Fortune 500 clients, ranging from commercial retail sites to corporate intranet applications and software components. 
  • Strong experience in web-enabling a multitude of data sources including PC based desktops and servers, Macintosh, and UNIX environments. 
  •  Programming & Scripting automation of web site production and automation.

Beckett Desktop Apps



AJAX / Javascript
Proficiency in Javascript, including AJAX, as well as DOM, and Cross-Browser support.
Proficiency in XHTML, CSS, and Cross Browser implementation.
MS SQL 2000/2005
Proficient in TSQL, Stored Procedures, Indexing, and Performance Tuning.