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Executive Position in the  Development, Strategic Product Management and Trade Negotiations


Relationships and Sales in Telecommunications. Development and management of telecommunications services. Skilled in establishing trade partnerships and transparent long-term, with great understanding for the needs of customers, generating business opportunities.


Diving (Scuba Dive) Walking Music Theater

Work experience

Manager of the Division of Administration, International Networks

Nov 2007Feb 2009

Manager of Business Development

Telemar Norte Leste S.A. - OI


Jun 2009Dec 2013


Universidade Federal Fluminense - UFF
Jul 1978Jul 1983


Universidade Nuno Lisboa


Trade Negotiations
* I attended the start up of long distance services of Telefónica, serving in the negotiations for interconnection, and in particular the routing of service calls, with all operators on the national level, case considered later as most successful in gaining market share of national ; * Using advanced techniques of market prospecting, resulting in increased revenue and cash flow to achieve planned acquisitions, to overcome the challenge of 34% of revenue since the company; * Identify and develop new business through the development of models, guidelines, strategies and sales tools for the Wholesale market of OI, expansion of activities in providing services not covered.
Product Development and Management
* I created, developed and implemented HCD and Brasildireto services that allowed increase of 40% of international phone calls EMBRATEL, besides facilitating Brazilians abroad who do not know foreign languages, as well as foreigners in Brazil that do not dominate the Portuguese; * Negotiate, develop and format of numbering algorithm created security code to launch the cards Telecard International EMBRATEL in unfavorable scenario for the price of foreign currencies in relation to the Brazilian currency, getting a 30% increase in the volume of international calls.
Quality and Regulatory
* Appropriately and people to best business practices, within the criteria of the National Quality Award, enabling cultural change in EMBRATEL, in view of privatization occurred in 1998;  * I analyzed non-compliance procedures and high operating costs in the Division of Network Configuration of Embratel, redesign processes and statistical control of them and promotes job rotation, resulting reduction of operating costs and setup time of 72 hours to 24 hours and integration team of 300 employees distributed in 3 Brazilian cities;  * Perform outsourcing care of the Island of service information of Embratel, in addition to getting better in quality of care, reduction of 10% of operating costs at the service;  * In light of the interconnection of EMBRATEL consultant, leading negotiations of contracts for interconnection with the mobile service personnel carriers (SMP) and related services: hiring of means of transmission and infrastructure;  * Advisors and target organs in matters pertaining to the interconnection network of the Fixed Switched Telephone Service (STFC) of EMBRATEL with networks of providers of Personal Mobile Service (SMP) and other providers of telecommunications services.