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Work experience


Consulting RR Contractors

Business Development

Advised RR Contractors on how to negotiate and resolve issues with the RR's covering track expansion, developing new facilities and securing new business opportunities.

As a result of my extensive railroad background, I am viewed as a railroad industry expert by Wall Street investment firms.    I have advised several of their clients on various RR industry topics covering such issues as pricing, potential mergers and capital investments.


Union Pacific Railroad

Union Pacific Distribution Services (1998-2007)

Senior Marketing Manager - Transload

Developed, managed, marketed and supervised the five UPDS RailPorts, which opened from 2000 through 2006.  Located, evaluated, and developed surplus railroad properties (yards and tracks) as transload facilities to improve the transportation distribution network. 

  • Evaluated surplus properties and developed new transload operations by negotiating with contractors and UPRR to significantly improve market share with minimal capital expense.
  • Selected the transload facility operators, funded the maintenance programs required, and consulted with UPRR to arrange for the capital improvements for the sites.
  • Achieved record level of success by improving UPRR business by handling over 6,500 carloads of incremental business in 2006; generating an additional $8.35M in revenue.
  • Persuaded transload operators to increase their business capability and operational potential by expanding and locating new transload facilities on the UPRR.
  • Over a 10 year period, increased transload revenue by transload activity by 224%.
  • Over the same period, increased gross margin by over 600%.
  • Transload activity not limited to domestic market. A number of our larger movements required the transloading and trucking services to take place in Mexico or Canada.

Asset Manager - Industrial Product Group (1995-1998)

Developed value-added utilization analysis for small cubed covered hopper fleet,  which reduced unproductive customer time by 18% and improved overall car utilization by 6%.   Developed the Initial Contribution by Car Day formula on the UPRR for determining which customer should receive available capacity.  Ensured the Industrial Products Group had sufficient cars and equipment needed for meeting their customer needs

  • Evaluated, justified and implemented the acquisition of 155 small cubed covered hoppers for roofing granules and sand service, which increased railroad gross revenues by 38% and improved customer satisfaction significantly.

Product Manager - Beverages (1993-1995)

Team Leader of a cross-functional quality improvement team to increase market share and revenues for the railroad.  Manage large projects for increased transportation and cost saving programs.  Responsible for the transportation of all beer and wine shipments on the Union Pacific Railroad

  • Implemented the Texas Beer Pool, which persuaded competing companies to share a single pool of insulated boxcars, which realized $1.2M in cost savings.
  • Improved car utilization by 200%.
  • Increased revenues from Corona Beer shipments by 55% to more than $8M annually by implementing operational improvements through effective problem solving processes.

Product Manager - Government (1988-1993)

Responsible for marketing, managing, and expanding rail services for the government sector's transportation of high security products and resources.  Consulted in numerous meetings to negotiate with the government to use rail services and design operations that increased revenues and market share. 

  • Proposed, developed and secured the movement of currency paper by rail for the Bureau of Engraving & Printing to their new facility in Ft. Worth, Texas. 
  • Provided logistical and technical resources for currency paper transportation services, which involved stringent security and service requirements to persuade the GSA and Secret Service to consider rail over highway transportation.
  • Coordinated all UPRR activity relating to the Peacekeeper Rail Garrison program for the USAF.

Arranged the arrival and delivery of 2200 milvans (20') from Turkey to Herlong, CA for the US Army.    Included payment via a foreign draft transfer and international check clearing.


  • Extensive experience in railroad marketing operations management including transloading, logistics, project management, budgeting, business development, and new product development.
  • Skilled at gathering information and resolving complex transportation and business issues and problems related to customer service, pricing, and business operations.
  • Seasoned customer service focused and project management skills.
  • MBA in Physical Distribution Management with strong consultative and technical skills.


Position in the Rail Marketing/Transportation Industry


Account Manager - Philadelphia Sales Office (1986-1987)

Market Development Analyst - Aggregates (1985-1986)

Project Manager - Bulk Commodities (1981-1985)

Analyst - Equipment and Service Planning (1978-1981)


Management Union Pacific Railroad and Transportation Training Program

Completed variety of training programs in Problem Solving, Professional Selling, TQMS, Negotiating Skills, Presentation Skills and others.

Certificate of Railroad Management and Operations, University of Tennessee, Knoxville,