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Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Energy Division Manager - Argentina


Key Responsibilities:-To create the Energy Division in Argentine.

-To gain new Clients.-International Bids.-Management of national purchases and importations. -Management of Construction.-Subcontractors: bids, contracts and control.Key Accomplishments:-Aims of contracting for 2007 and 2008 overcome in only 11 months in excess of 67% (near 1,000,000,000 USD).-Signature of two strategic contracts for the company (in the total amount above).-Fourteen offers for seven new clients. Two finally signed and four more in negotiation.-Gain of three new clients.-To launch the construction works of three power stations:     Salto Andersen (Hydroelectric - 10 MW)    Río Turbio (Fluidized Bed Combustion, FBC - 245 MW)    Loma la Lata (Combined Cycle CCGT - 370 MW)

Jun 2003Dec 2006

Country Manager - Mozambique


Key Responsibilities:-To develop and strengthen the Delegation.-Increase turnover.-Management of Financial and Accounting Departments.-Management of national purchases and importations.-Management of Construction and Commissioning.-Subcontractors: bids, contracts and control.Key Accomplishments:-Turnover increased in 400 %: from 25,000,000 USD in 2 years, to 200,000,000 USD in 4 years.-Satisfactory Completion of four projects.-Contracting and satisfactory Completion of other six projects.-Promotion to Argentine Energy Division Manager.

Nov 2002May 2003

Project Manager - Mozambique


Key Responsibilities: -Management of the next projects:     275KV, 160MVA Matola Substation Project.    Rehabilitation Matola Networks.    110KV line to Pemba Project.-Collaboration in International Bids.Key Accomplishments:-Creation of Pemba branch with very little resources.-Inauguration of Pemba SS by Mozambican President.-Promotion to Contry General Manager.

Oct 1999Nov 2002

Project Manager - Ivory Coast

Grupo Cobra

Key Responsibilities:-Management of IVOIBER II project:    Rural electrification of 21 villages    100 KM of 110 KV power-line-Re open the Branch, and team creation.-Subcontractors: bids, contracts and control.Key Accomplishments:-To finish the project in time in spite of the civil war that was flogging the country.-Economic results 30% better than the phase I.


Mining Engineer

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Second Level

Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia - U.N.E.D.


SKILLSMy career has led me from doing works on site (the jungle, the desert, African villages, etc.) up to the office, making me change imperceptibly the hull into the tie. Fortunately, to see the forest and not the trees has given me so many satisfactions that today, my tie knots are the best!That is why I am interested in sales, getting new Clients and negotiating new projects: I can spend most of the time “doing business” and, from time to time, take short trips “to the jungle”. Other aspect of the work that attracts me is the management. I have experienced many kind of management: works, quality, subcontractors, teams, projects, sales, multinational foreign branches, and now a division (energy in Argentine!).To go deeply and see more than words, I have included some details of my personal achievements on my experience. LANGUAGESTo arrive to a town where you are definitively “the other”, different culture, stranges social structures, and, to top it all, a language that is not your mother tongue, and to manage to leave this town with a motivated operative team, with achieved objectives, with happy Clients, you know you got it: you are a survivor!OK, and, what you get of all this? Nice and compressed experiences (five years in Africa is like ten in Spain), ability to solve unusual situations, and… LANGUAGES.

-French: I was already bilingual, but working two years in a French speaking country is useful.

-English: I had studied and practiced in my travels around Europe, but to work five years each day in this language, is better than any course.

-Portuguese: I started from scratch but as for the English, five years is more than enough to learn a language so similar to Spanish.

-Spanish: is the first time in my life to work in Spanish language. It is OK, but most of technical words I use to work with, still are for me English words.So, that is why I can be now comfortable living, working, travelling in the 80% of the world.


International Manager