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Work experience

Feb 2015Sep 2016

Senior Instructional Designer, Technologies

Columbia Southern Education Group

The Senior Instructional Designer, Technologies, collaborates with internal and external sources to research and implement new technologies to create a unique, engaging learning experience for CSEG students. This position also organizes, manages, and implements tasks as a project leader for multiple initiatives that the university develops to improve products, create policy, and maintain and establish accreditation. Finally, this position works with course technology to troubleshoot and resolve tickets provided by course quality in order to maintain quality and consistency in CSU courses.

Oct 2012Feb 2015

Senior Instructional Designer

Columbia Southern Education Group

As a Senior Instructional Designer I serve as a reference for staff instructional designers, project manage company initiatives, and create unique student learning strategies using the latest technology and learning theories.

May 2011Oct 2012

Special Projects Instructional Designer

Columbia Southern University

At CSU I design and develop instructional design projects for outside organizations. I use elearning and authoring software to create unique and educational material for our clients.

May 2009Dec 2010

Staff Instructional Designer

University of South Alabama

In the Online Learning Lab, we specialize in the latest technologies that advance instruction. We are dedicated to designing and producing quality, unique learning experiences for faculty, staff, and students. We use programs that include video editing software, learning management systems, and computer based training modules. Because we have synergy between student and staff ideas, we are a valuable assest to the learning experience at the University of South Alabama.

Jan 2010May 2010

Instructional Design Intern

Singing River Health System

During my tenure at Singing River Health System, I worked with different people in the professional development and IT department to set-up a training program for a new software called Nursing StatusBoard. This software was used for patient tracking and data collection. I used a rapid-prototyping model that allowed me to do many of the instructional design phases simultaneously. I was able to design, develop, and implement a computer based training program using Adobe Captivate. This program is now used hospital-wide for current and incoming nurses.

Aug 2008May 2009

Media Paraprofessional

Mobile County Public School System

During my tenure at Semmes Middle School in Semmes, Alabama, I was name media paraprofessional. While in this postion I learned basic IT skills and some basic software use. I set-up two different computer labs by refurbishing over 40 computers. I networked all of these computers to one central server to provide updates to all of them at once. I also designed and produced job aids for teachers to reference when having basic computer issues.

Aug 2007May 2008

Special Education Paraprofessional

Mobile County Public School System

At Dodge Elementary School, I was exposed first-hand to a real-world learning environment. I was assigned to fifth grade learning disabled students. Through my time at Dodge, I learned how to work with a team of highly skilled experts dedicated to their work in special education. I also got my first glimpse at instruction from a different perspective. Dodge used many forms of technology including SMARTboards and computer labs to cater to their special needs students. It was great exposure to instructional design.



Microsoft Office Suite 2013
This is a tool that is used currently in the day to day operations of my job. I use Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint to communicate and create ideas to my peers.
SMART Technologies
SMART technologies are becoming a major player in the field of education. Currently I use the SMARTboard to facilitate lessons. I teach, interact, and collaborate with students using the features these technologies have to offer.
SnagIT is a tool I use to capture images anywhere on the computer screen. By having this option I can modify and enhance instruction by adding graphics to projects. This tool allows give me some basic editing options so that I can manipulate the images into different designs.
I am currently using Skype in collaboration with education professors. I set them up so that they are able to communicate with their students at their schools within the public school system. This allows for constant feedback and troubleshooting.
Adobe Premier Elements 8.0
With Adobe Premier Elements I am able to edit and produce video clips into quality presentations. It allows me to deliver instruction in the traditional and online learning setting.
Adobe Captivate
By using Adobe Captivate I am able to develop interactive training modules that give the learner freedom and flexibility while providing stability and structure. These programs also have quizzing and reporting capabilities for distant learning.
TechSmith Camtasia Studio
I am currently developing e-Learning tutorials for numerous different softwares using Camtasia 7, Camtasia Studio, and Camtasia Relay. These tutorials are video screen captures that include many different features including picture-in-picture and voice capabilities.



Through my professional career, I have learned the basics of advertising and I have become fluent in instructional design and development. I have had a number of diverse jobs that taught me to work with peers, take leadership, and work on my own.

I am currently focused primarily on instructional design. I am constantly researching new learning theories and instructional models. This aids me in effectively developing and implementing training programs. I enjoy creating computer and online based training programs. However, I feel that the root of all teaching comes with the design of the instruction and how it is structured, followed by constant evaluation.


My professional goal is to use Instructional Design as it pertains to learning in as many fields as possible. My vision is to help companies, colleges, organizations, etc. to develop unique instruction based off of learning theory and universal design.


Growing up in Mobile, AL I often find myself on the water. I enjoy sailing, fishing, and skiing. I am an active member of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and enjoy working with the community to keep the gulf coast clean and preserved as much as possible.

I also enjoy playing hockey. My family hails from St. Louis, Missouri so I have been exposed to the colder side of the country. I have played the sport since I was seven years old and still play on a regular basis. I also try and catch as many Pensacola Ice Flyers and Mississippi Surge games as possible.