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Personal Summary

Although I am currently finishing my education, I have developed valueable professional experience in the area's of customer relations as well as customer service. My goals are to eventually integrate my social abilities as well as my relationships skills into the area of personal investments.

Personal Interests

Investing, advising, reading, running, cycling, swimming, playing guitar, playing piano, playing trumpet, traveling, triathlon competitions

Recommendation Letter

March 1, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter of recommendation is for Joel Bustamante. Joel Bustamante is an exemplary student and a quality individual of the highest standards. Joel Bustamante will be an excellent addition to any organization for a number of reasons.

I have known Joel for over three years and can affirm the quality of his character.

Joel has been a leader in all aspects of his life setting high standards both, personally and as an integral part of a number of organizations which I have had the opportunity to observe. Joel is a goal oriented student and has been active in numerous extra-curricular activities throughout his student life. This includes his taking an active roll in the University of Texas at San Antonio Ice Hockey Team. During this time Joel was instrumental in organizing and conducting many Ice Cooler Fan Club operations that allowed the University’s Inaugural Ice Hockey Season to be a complete success.

Academically, Joel Bustamante maintains the highest of standards for himself and those with whom he associates. Joel Bustamante has a positive perspective on life and has always represented himself and any organization he is affiliated with well. Joel Bustamante consistently demonstrates his professionalism well beyond his years. Joel has served as the Associate Director of Operations and Landscape Maintenance for Seth Allen Investments for over two years. These duties require Joel to be a proactive thinker and problem solver in varying situation with little supervision or guidance. In short, Joel is a quick and accurate thinker.

In summary, Joel Bustamante is deserving of all consideration for future opportunities to excel. Joel will admirably represent any organization well. Joel’s motivation, ambition, determination and drive will serve him well in all future endeavors.

I would proudly give both my personal and professional recommendation of Joel Bustamante and would welcome any inquires into his character or work ethic. Should you need any additional information I may be contacted at the numbers provided below.


Robert L. Hylander

Robert L. Hylander

CEO Seth Allen Investments

Phone 210-355-9638

Fax 210-679-8049

[email protected]

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Objective Statement

My personal objective is to graduate with high designation in my field of study (business) in December of 2010. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree I intend to immediately inroll in a MBA program and further my education as well as develop a basis in the field of finance in order to pursue a career in the feild of business management or investment banking.

Work experience

Nov 2006Present

Associate Director of Operations and Landscape Maintenance

Seth Allen Investments

In charge of business site maitenance as well as prioritizing job tasks to maximize effeciency in company spending.

May 2007Present

In charge of customer relations as well as customer service for multiple parties simutaniously.

Jul 2006

Lifeguard, Headguard, Manager

Greater Houston Pool Management

In charge of relations with board members, patrons of the facility, and general safety and regulations.


Aug 2006Present

Business Administration

University of Texas at San Antonio

I am currently an undergradute student studying business maintaining a 3.0 grade point average, while also activly involved in campus activities including promotion and adversting of registered campus organizations through the campus recreation department.


May 2008Present

Texas Compliance

State of Texas