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Dr. Bordeaux is a knowledge management specialist and theorist; with an extensive background in organizational theory, information systems and policy analysis. From cognitive behaviors to group dynamics, success relies on the ability to build and sustain trusted interpersonal networks within which an agency or firm can ‘know what it knows.’

John combines advanced degrees in information systems and public policy with hands-on experience managing analysis and software development teams.He holds a doctoral degree in Public Policy focusing on organizational informatics: the role of computerized information systems and communication systems in organizations – to include the study of their effective implementation, use, organizational value, conditions that facilitate risks of failures, and their consequences for people and an organization's clients.

Work experience

Oct 2007Dec 2008

Chief Knowledge Officer

In 2007, Dr. Bordeaux assumed responsibility for internal knowledge management as Chief Knowledge Officer, and is developing a KM strategy, design, and implementation roadmap for SRA, a publicly-traded professional services firm serving the US public sector (NYSE:SRX, FY07 Revenues $1.5Bn).

Jan 2008Oct 2008

Leader, KM for Project on National Security Reform

Director, Knowledge Management Working Group of the Project on National Security Reform.Project’s charter is to craft the National Security Act of 2008 for consideration by new Administration and Congress. The Center for the Study of the Presidency (CSP) is under contract with the Department of Defense to investigate core problems, causes, and consequences that underlie the need for comprehensive reform of the U.S. national security system.Dr. Bordeaux chairs the KM Working Group for this Project, and is responsible for the findings of his group, along with recommendations for addressing these challenges.

Oct 2000Sep 2007

Director, Knowledge Management

Dr. Bordeaux managed SRA's Knowledge Management (KM) Center of Excellence, which provides KM best principles and techniques across SRA engagements.He provided vision, oversight and project guidance regarding KM initiatives for such disparate agencies as the Missile Defense Agency, DoD Joint Staff, Office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services, the U.S. Navy, and the Veterans Administration.

Apr 1998Sep 2000

Knowledge Manager

IIT Research Institute

Created business development area, offering enterprise integration, process management, and technology infusion consulting to Modeling & Simulation Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) customer base. Responsible for M&S Group development staff, coordinating database design and implementation, Web application development, and graphic and visualization technologies.

Apr 1990Mar 1998

Sr. Programmer Analyst

Performed quantitative analyses regarding the size and structure of US military forces; researched future security environments, defense strategies and future military requirements; developed operational assessment frameworks and decision support systems to study optimal “force mixes” for US national defense.

Nov 1982Mar 1990

Intelligence Specialist and All-Source Analyst

U.S. Air Force


Sep 1998May 2003


The hypothesis of this paper proposes that it is possible to structure a non-hierarchical approach to air tasking in the conduct of Joint air operations. For the private sector, advances in information and communication technologies have led to innovations in organizational structures in order to know more across the enterprise. However, the application of these “value network” principles has not been fully applied to the processes upon which the U.S. organizes for Joint force operations. A non-hierarchical model is constructed for the tasking of air assets in order to test an agent-based approach to the servicing of targets in an air campaign, using agent-based simulation techniques and models established by Epstein & Axtell (SugarScape) within the Santa Fe Institute‟s Swarm agent modeling environment.

Sep 1996Aug 1998


Sep 1987Aug 1989



Jan 2008Present

Cognitive Edge Practitioner

Cognitive Edge

Top Secret/SCI