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Richard G. Tullos Objective    To obtain stable employment that will challenge my knowledge of the     electrical field. Education        1971 Graduated Humble High School                               1972-74 Graduated Texas A&M Basic Technical Control Training with                 emphasis on in-line flow meters, probes, float switches, and devices used             as controllers { all hands on classes}                               1975-79 Electrical Technical Extensive Training For Controllers @                 Exxon Oil via Detsco, Inc.{ classes included pump controllers thru                 Gilbarco,Inc.}                               1991-92 Texas Department Of Health Asbestos Abatement { hands on                 abatement training }                               1993-94 Texas Engineering Extensive Electrical Motor Control @                 Texas A&M College Station { shop classes to install and maintain in-line                 devices to control motors, pumps, etc….}                               1996-97 Independent Electrical Contractor’s Course { I.E.C.} @                      Houston Texas { journeyman’s electrical course--graded 96}                               1990- Present Updated Electrical Renewal Courses for Licenses as per                 TxDLR {Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation} annually to                 maintain current State Journeyman Electrical license                               2008=Texas A&M Motor Control, Power Electronics, and IT Solutions                 Continued Education Training { P.L.C.’S} Professional    Experience            1971-1977    Casey Electrical and Mechanical {Electrician In Training}                 { Commercial and Industrial Electrical installments to hospitals,                     schools, high rise buildings, lease spaces,  chemical plants, etc.}         1977-1981    Exxon Oil via Detsco, Inc. {Service Technician}                 { Maintaining and installing electrical to gas     pumps, stations, and plants                 ,performing routine PM programs on all at regular intervals with                     emphasis on documentation for these programs on a monthly basis}         1981-1997    Humble I.S.D. {Lead Electrician}                 { Maintaining school electrical equipment as the Maintenance                         Electrician Coordinator for the entire district which included setting up                     PM programs for the equipment, purchasing all relative materials daily,                     weekly, monthly, and annually { keeping necessary inventory for these                     procedures }         1997-2001    Electrical Controller Products Technical Services {Shop Technician}                 { employed in breaker shop to work on medium to high voltage                     breakers and to assist in preventative maintenance programs in several                     chemical plants, such as Exxon, Chevron, Bayer, DuPont, Phillip 66 ,                     and  downtown Houston high-rise buildings}         2001-2007    Coastline Electric {Service Truck Technician }                  maintaining electrical at several facilities, which included H.E.B.                     stores, The Galleria, Valero gas stations, environmental companies, and                 several other locations---setup  and maintain electrical material stock on                 vehicle for daily, weekly, and monthly work loads}         2007-2010    CES Environmental Services {Primary Lead Plant Technician}                                                   { Responsible for purchasing all electrical materials on a routine basis,                     setting up PM programs on a monthly interval schedule, renovating all                     original equipment with more efficient and cost effected means of                      operations for all the controls, motors, pumps, etc. for two facilities,                     (Houston and Port Arthur). Also responsible for engineering, installing,                     and maintaining controllers for all chemical processing at the Port                     Arthur  facility from original day of operations.}                    Professional     State of Texas Journeyman Electrician Memberships    License #  20897  T.W.I.C.’S CARD  {EXP.2014} References    Matt Bowman  CES Environmental Services  (owner)  713-676-1460     Mike Wedelich E.C.P. Tech Services {shop manager} 713-222-9195     James Porter  Coastline Electric (owner) 713-680-9345 Awards received    Certificate of Completion for Infrared Imaging using Fluke Thermal     Imaging Cameras     Award of Commendation for outstanding achievement in extra effort and     time during renovation and preparation of new administration building.     Humble ISD     Certificate of Completion for 2005 , 2006,2007, 2008,2009 Code     Changes and Texas Laws, Home study             Certificate Of Completion for P.L.C. Ladder Schematic Training Course