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Consolidated and diversified experience in finance, sales and marketing, Managing Healthcare Multinational Companies Market Leaders in (Biotech, in vitro Diagnostics, Pharma, Medical Devices). International and Multicultural experience. Differentiating projects in areas of strategic leadership, direct intervention in the organization model, building high potential Management teams (Board of Directors), communication and cross-functional collaboration.Design and implementation of innovative operational processes in the market. High Level regular contacts with Partners, Trade Associations and Healthcare Authorities. Proactive, organized, with good analytical thinking and distinctive Team Leadership to overcome obstacles.

Strengths include:

Core Competencies:

·Leadership skills, Team building and Motivator

·Business Integration and Startups

·Strategic Vision and Thinking

·Change Management

·Goal Oriented

·Dynamic, Motivational and Innovator

·P&L Management

·Healthcare “Capitation Model” Management

·Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost Management

·Communication skills & promoting Cross-functional

·Negotiating Skills and Pricing Management

·Problem Solving

·Corporate Driven and International Experience

·Process Excellence e Six Sigma

Work experience

Nov 2010Present


Sep 2009Oct 2010

General Manager

AMGEN Biopharmaceuticals

General Manager, reporting to the Spanish GM and Region South Area VP, managing an over $52M Company.

·Building the New Managing Team and Board of Directors, New Organizational model, Setting the Vision, Strategy and Tactical Plans for the Portuguese affiliate by anticipating the environmental changes.

·Setting and implementation of the Negotiation Model, Customer segmentation, managing OPEX, P&L and Budgeting.

·Communicate and Interact regularly with the Headquarters, strategic Partners (GSK, Fresenius and Diaverum), Trade Associations (EFI-LAWG, ACEP, Apifarma) KOL’s, Hospital Administrators and Healthcare Authorities (Infarmed, DGS, ACSS and MOH).

·Managing 9 Managers (Board Members) within a total of 50 people organization. The Direct Reports manage the following departments, - Human Resources, Finance, Commercial e Marketing, KAM - Key Account Management and Negotiation, R&D, Corporate Affairs, Health Economics and Communication, Quality and Compliance focusing on the Patient, Customer Satisfaction as Shareholders and Business Profitability.

·Establish and implementing the differentiated Tactical and Strategic with supportive and specific related meetings and a Web platform supporting tool for the Management Team.

·Implementation of Operational processes supported by an Internal Procedures Manual, with the objective of achieving maximum efficiency, operational control, processes standardization and compliance standards.

·“Innovation” – Thinking out-of-the-box approach philosofy setting to the entire Company supported by a Web platform with the objective of involvement, contribution and challenge the organization.

·Design of the new the Amgen & GSK Partnership Business model (Team and interaction) for Portugal, unique within the Corporation, for the Launch, Promotion and Sales of the new Osteoporosis Treatment molecule.

As relevant achievements we can highlight, the construction of a robust and innovative Management Team and Company ready for the present and future challenges, the YOY Sales Growth of 8% and the Business Plans and Profit achievements in 2009 and 2010 YEnd (OCT YTD).

Apr 2008Sep 2009

General Manager

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Diagnostics:                                                                                                                                                              (APR 08 – OUT 09)

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company Global Leader within in vitro Diagnosis Market.

General Manager, reporting to the EMEA VP, managing an over $49M affiliate and supporting Spain.

Responsible for Managing the Diagnostic business in Portugal, a 50 people Organization and supporting the Spanish Affiliate, after a GE Medical failed acquisition process, highlighting some crucial ones:

·Setting the Vision and Communicate the Mission and Strategy.

·Design the Business Model and implement Processes for Financial Analysis and International Reporting.

·Indentify and create Value sharing processes, Customer-Company Partnerships.

·Build a Team and Inspire People, giving autonomy to people and accountability and identifying the potential.

·Knowing the Business, the Environmental drivers and anticipating challenges.

·Implement new Key Account Management, Value Creation, P&L analysis by Account, Service Support Organization. Encourage and Create an internal and External Communication Approach by establish Strategic Alliances among other Abbott Companies (Pharma andMedical Devices) and other External Companies.

·Take Difficult Decisions, guiding the Organization towards Results Achievement.

·Encouraging Knowledge sharing and an open innovative environment.

·Other responsibilities included regular interaction with KOL’s, Hospital Administrations, Trade Associations (Apifarma) and Healthcare Authorities (DGS, ACSS, Infarmed and MOH).

As relevant achievements we can highlight the fact that the Portuguese Affiliate became Market Leader in several business segments even when compared with EMEA, an profitable and sustainable operation, Pilot and Best Practice Example to follow within EMEA innovative strategies implementation (Service, Collection and New Products Launch).International EMEA Award for the Launch of New Products in the Medium size Countries category.

Aug 2006Apr 2008

Senior Business Manager

Abbott Laboratories


Big Pharma World Leader Company.

Senior Business Manager, reporting to the Hospital Division Director – HPD.

Responsible for managing the two Major and most important Businesses in the Hospital Division: Anesthesia Business and Cardiovascular – 2 Digit Million Euros Sales Volume Business.

Complete Business management responsibility, such as organizational design, Marketing and Business strategy definition and implementation, Business Plan definition, P&L, A&P, Stocks, ROI, market opportunities identification, trends, negotiation with local Health Authorities, strategic partnerships and internal synergies establishment.Active member of Abbott’s Strategic Key Account Manager Team implementation for Health Care Negotiations.

As relevant achievements, Anesthesia Market Leadership achievement & consolidation of 96% MKT Share, Plan achievement (Sales, Volume & Profit) and 14 years in the Market Business affiliate Record, based on the internal market implemented strategy focused on Project management, Team training and Motivation.

1992Dec 2004

Business Director

Johnson & Johnson Medical

Medical Devices World Leader Multinational Company.

Various roles and responsibilities from Sales, Marketing (PM, BUM) to Business Management (Ethicon, Codman, Iolab e Ethicon – Endosurgery). Responsible for severalstartup’s (Índigo, Gynecare, Breast Care e Fischer Imaging) and Business Integration and management of a non J&J Company within the organization (Olympus Medical – 1994-2002).

Business Director – (Senior Business Manager)

Reporting to the Division Director and General Manager and responsible for managing Ethicon Endo-Surgery, – a Johnson & Johnson Company in the MD&D Sector, the biggest in terms of sales volume – 2 Digit Million Euros Sales Volume Business.

Complete Business management responsibility, such as organizational design, Marketing and Business strategy definition and implementation, Business Plan definition, presentation and management, P&L, A&P, Stocks, ROI, Local Pricing strategy as well as market opportunities identification, trends, strategic partnerships and internal synergies establishment.

HR management and Team coaching: 1 National Sales Manager, 1 Sales Supervisor, 1 Business Manager, 2 Product Specialists and 7 Core Sales Reps – Ethicon Endo-surgery Team and Olympus Business: 2 Sales specialists.

As relevant achievements we can highlight the Contribution to sustainable sales growth of the business, higher than 11%/ year, the reinforcement of the market leadership position in laparoscopy with 52% market share, 54% market share in mechanical staplers and 75% in Ultrasound Energy, achieving the J&J Medical FranchiseBusiness of the year 2004 Award.


Paulo Tomaz

“João is a professional with a lot experience in the market for health care, he has a huge corporate culture, strong organizational and management skills, that give him the assertiveness necessary to effectively reorganize the organizations that have led, always keeping in mind the strong results orientation, reversing the negative trend in the marke,t result from the economic crisis which we live. As a colleague, is one of the best colleagues with whom I had the privilege of working, loyal and always available.”

Oscar Herberg

“João is customer oriented and eager to translate company strategy into customer attractive proposals”

Alexandre Tavares

“João is a manager which embeds very intensively the mission to support patients, customers and shareholder value. He is people driven and very focus on leveraging the best from each one. He is easy to work with, corporate driven and determinant in achieving the Co financial and business objectives.”

Tiago Amieiro

“Joao was able in a short period of time to achieve huge results and transformations at Amgen. Although he was the General Manager, with his eclectic skills he was also able to take care directly of several areas within the organization because of some changes happen meanwhile. He is very business oriented, great coach and with a very good strategic thinking. His experienced and knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry is definitely one of his strong point. He has a wonderful personality, and it's a very good person to work with. One of the best GM I had the opportunity to work with!”

Marc de Garidel

“Joao is a balanced professional who is structured & deep in his problem solving skills. He is easy to work with & collaborates cross-functionally effectively.” November 7, 2010


Management & Accounting

Sep 1999Sep 2001

MBA - International Business

European University


Several International Certifications

International Entities and Business Schools
Nov 2002Sep 2003

Green & Black Belt Six Sigma certification

Rath & Strong