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I am a full time student who graduates at the end of this semester with a degree in Mass Media with a concentration in Sports Public Relations and a minor in Communication Studies I am a huge sports fan and throughly enjoy participating in fantasy football and baseball. Without sports in my life I'm not sure what I would do!

Some other things I enjoy are singing karaoke and watching movies. When singing I know I am not that good, but have a good time either way. Movies are another big part of my life because it is a way for me to escape reality for a couple hours.

Work experience

Apr 2005Jun 2008

Community Assistant

Summit and Jacob Heights

I was a community assistant with the Summit and Jacob Heights apartment complex, and gave me experience in the following:

  • Signing leases
  • Property tours/customer service
  • Creating events/promotions
  • Advertising for events/marketing

The event I am most proud of is the 1st annual  Minnesota Twins home-opener event in 2006. It was a lot of work  because I needed to contact the Twins and ask for donations as prizes for the home opener. Some of the prizes were:

  • Tickets
  • Bobble-heads
  • Hats
  • Calendars 

The event was such a hit that it still is going on.


Jan 2010Present

Mass Media

Minnesota State, Mankato


Dr. Jane McConnel

Dr. McConnell has been my professor for 3 classes and she cares that  her students are learning what she is teaching.

She taught me how to write a proper news release and hammers the AP style guide, which is great because it is the most important  writing style in this profession.

Leah White

Professor White was my professor for Advanced Public speaking and with her advice and public speaking techniques that she taught me helped me immensely with my speech writing and speaking confidence. 

Dr. Charles Lewis

My Work


Comfortable writing and giving speeches
Experience with Audacity  is very good. Able to take audio clips and turn them in to a story
Microsoft Office
Have used all the programs and know the ins and outs of each program   Word Excel Powerpoint
Know how to take A-roll and B-roll to make a video presentation
Adobe Creative Suite