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About Me

I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States at the age of 5. My father speaks only Spanish.  I went to a public school for elementary school, then a charter school, and now a private school. I love to write and act, and as such, I have a curiosity for experiencing anything and everything. I have found that in whatever position I am in, I tend to be flexible and thus able to succeed.


Sep 2013Jun 2017

High School

The Commonwealth School

An independent high school located in Boston, MA

Work experience

Apr 2012May 2015

Child Care

Employed by various parents in neighborhood

Take care of 5-9 year olds after school, weekends, and during school vacations.

Dec 2014May 2015

Student Advisory Board

The Marble Collection

One of my pieces was published into the Marble Collection magazine and I was interviewed for a place in the Advisory Board, where we help students submit, edit their pieces, and go to various conferences.

Jul 2014Aug 2014

Teen Summer Fellowship


I wrote various stories with other teenagers and worked with a few publishers

Mar 2015Apr 2015



For a month, for the school's yearly project, chose to be an intern at Grubstreet, the place I went to for the Teen Summer Fellowship. 


Proficient with computer programs and internet websites.

I have learned how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Scrivener,  and Internet websites like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Able to play piano

I began the summer of 2014 and have been learning ever since, practicing for at least an hour everyday.

Able to speak and understand Spanish

I have never learned proper grammar for Spanish but people are able to understand nonetheless when I speak to them. I am able to understand perfectly  if someone speaks to me in Spanish, however.


January 2014                Bread & Puppet Theatre

For school’s 2014 project, volunteered to work with a world-renown puppet theatre

Saturday, April             Commonwealth’s Spring Supermarket Drive

19th 2014 & 2015

Students volunteer to stand outside a store for 4 hours and as people go in, they hand them a slip of paper detailing items the organization we volunteer for, Our Place, needs. Our Place is a homeless shelter for children in Cambridge.

July - August 2014        Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Volunteers go to Boston's Hatch Memorial Shell and before various orchestras play, volunteers go around the area, handing out slips of paper detailing the information for the night's performance. Volunteers provide wheelchairs if they notice someone having a difficult time moving around. Volunteers also help out at other stands around the Hatch Shell, picking up trash left by audience members, who listen to the Orchestra for free and can purchase chairs if they did not bring one of their own from other stands.

November 10, 2014      Commonwealth’s Day of Service

Co-Leader for cooking group at the Women’s House in Dorchester for Commonwealth’s “Day of Service,” where students volunteer for several organizations and groups

January -May 2015          YMCA Tutoring

After school on Tuesdays, students head out to a YMCA and tutor students ages 5 to 13 on several subjects.

March - May 2015            Volunteer for The Muse

The Muse is a writing conference hosted by Grubstreet where literary agents, publishers, authors and hopeful writers gather to listen to various lecture and network. I volunteered to make a lot of the posters, print things out, organize files for pre-Muse. During the Muse, I was there to make sure conferences went smoothly and to provide directions to and from the conference rooms.

September 2013 - May 2015      Volunteer for the Commonwealth School's Clean-up Crew

Students help to clean up after lunch, washing the dishes and tables and putting them away along with chairs in order to clear out the gym, where the cafeteria also is.


2013 - Present          Writer for Commonwealth School’s Newspaper

Articles written so far have been on The Boys’ Basketball Team, Dr. Eben Lasker (the school psychologist at the school) and his “peer counseling” program, How the Word “Exotic” is not a compliment, but rather a microagression

2013-present         Member of Commonwealth School’s Diversity Club

. Discussed issues of diversity such as race, economic status, gender, sexuality, and ability

. Went to the 2014 SDLC conference in Indiana, Ohio

. Co-led a discussion group for the school’s “Diversity Day.”

2013-present           Commonwealth School’s Acting Class

. Came in 2nd Place for the school’s 2014 Shakespeare Competition

2013-present           Yoga

Attended first at Commonwealth school and now I attend neighborhood's  Yoga Studio every Saturday

2014 - present         Member of Commonwealth Cares Club

A club at school that organizes volunteer opportunities for students, such as the Walk for Hunger and the Supermarket Drive.

2014 - present         Head of Commonwealth School’s  “Creative Writers’ Discussion” club.

A club devoted to discussion on creative writing and various other related topics

2014 - present          Member of Commonwealth School’s "Litmag"

Litmag is a club where students submit their writing to go through editing and at the end of year, the writing chosen will be presented in a magazine.

October 2013-14     Member of Commonwealth School’s Swing Dancing Club

2014-present            Member of Commonwealth School’s Fencing Team

2014-present            Commonwealth School’s Chorus

2014-2015                  Commonwealth School’s Ceramics Class

June - August 2014  Tenacity

2014 - present         Member of Commonwealth School’s Feminist Club

2014 - present         Member of Commonwealth School’s Model UN