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Work experience

June 2016Present

Member of Technical Staff

Blackduck software / [Synopsys Inc]

At blackduck I've run a large portion of the architecture for our cloud native and distributed systems scanning technologies.  This includes both upstream as well as downstream work: As an upstream kubernetes developer, bridging the gap between bleeding edge technology for our future roadmap with the cutting edge technology that our customers actually know they need.  Downstream ~ working heavily with customers, our brilliant internal engineering and support teams to making sure our stuff "just works" in the field.  

- Ported a complex, purely docker based application to a cloud native, unprivileged, kubernetes/openshift offering and drove its adoption with several fortune 500 customers, helping them both adopt and embrace their own changing internal infrastructure alongside the idiosyncracies of our own cloud native security scanning offering (the blackduck hub). 

- Built a continous delivery and ephemeral infrastructure from scratch for verifying cloud native application offerings on all major platforms (openshift, kubernetes, swarm).   Built out a team of engineers to augment and manage it over time.

- Architected a next-generation, reactive scanning platform for openshift/kubernetes and developers, including engagement with various internal and external (upstream) communities to unify the story around metrics, logging, and security for cutting edge customers.

- Build a SAAS platform supporting 100s of customers on a pure kubernetes offering.  Including support as well as scaling work to ensure that cluster sizes were in the 'sweet spot' for hosted GKE offerings given customer workloads.

- Overall breakneck focus and velocity on bringing blackduck products and technologies into the next generation datacenter before competitors.

Nov 2012June 2016

Principal Software Engineer

Red Hat

At Red Hat I  work at the nexus of various emerging technologies, including PAAS platforms, distributed filesystems, and batch analytics platforms.  

Some specifics:

Kuberenetes/Openshift: Engineer on core portions of Google's Kubernetes container platform and Red Hat OpenShift. 

- Distributed systems engineer. contributor and maintainer on Kubernetes platform (mostly golang).  Contributed core features to the HTTP client performance, high availability tooling, developer automation, and E2E testing suites, lead and/or participated in several SIG's with the community.

- Implemented several optimizations and improvements to the kubernetes scheduler, including scale, performance, and cache optimizations which are only discoverable in large deployments / clusters of 1000s of nodes/pods.

- Mentored and trained several new developers on the internals of idiomatic kubernetes development and community practices, golang tooling, and on kubernetes framework engineering internals.

Big-Data/Emerging Technologies: Hadoop, Spark engineering  on alternative storage systems, middleware.

- Worked in several ASF projects and communities on behalf of Red Hat to increase our interop with open source big data projects, particularly in the Hadoop ecosystem (specifically BigTop, Apache Hadoop). Also wrote open source blueprints for internal evaluation and testing of Flink, Spark, Hadoop.

- Worked at the intersection of our interests in middleware, scalability, and bigdata, building automation and POCs around containerized I/O between big data frameworks (i.e. spark) and middleware data abstractions (TEEID/JDV).

- Implemented proof of concepts for spark, cassandra on kubernetes, maintained upstream end-to-end compatibility in the kubernetes community for bigdata framework validation.

- Built one of the first containerized, generic SparkStreaming blueprint applications (forked and used by 100s of individual developers) and other blueprint applications for bootstrapping bigdata workflows.

- Mentoring and training developers on integration testing for the hadoop ecosystem, microservice architectures, reproducible deployments with vagrant, internal cloud usage.  Also spent a large amount of time with development tooling and engineering higher quality internal application blueprints and deployments.

Apr 2014Present

Apache Software Foundation

Member, PMC, and Commiter

- Developed, reviewed, maintained code in the ASF as a PMC and Commiter : Apache BigTop (the open source hadoop distribution), and Apache CTakes (the medical text analytics framework).

- Engineered, and maintained large components of ASF  BigTop deployment, Integration and Smoke testing frameworks.

- Built out the BigPetStore application (spark and mapreduce ecosystem apps w/ a synthetic, scale-out data generator).

- Reproducibility engineering around hadoop deployments: Architected complete end-to-end vagrant implementations of Apache BigTop for rapid prototyping and testing of new hadoop ecosystem releases.  Also lead the initiative porting ASF BigTop to Docker  for container based deployment and testing.

- Containerization of Ctakes  to deploy spark jobs for processing medical text @ scale.

- Filesystem and verification improvements across ASF hadoop and ASF bigtop as part of the HCFS initiative ( 

- Joined as a Member of the ASF in March of 2017

May 2011Nov 2012

Lead Data + Ops Engineer @ Peerindex

Founder @ Rudolf Inc

- Engineered Java and Hadoop pipeline MapReduce PISAE (Peerindex social action engine) platform. Development of our backend MapReduce java systems - largely based on ingestion and feature extraction.

- Enabled Real time streaming for tweets from high profile social entities; EMR and hadoop administratoin on an as needed basis, for 200+ node clusters.

- In addition to all the deployment and engineering work, founded a consulting firm, Rudolf Inc. Managed all financial affairs and contracts, presented, delivered technical solutions in the bigdata and web-data spaces to various multi-million dollar companies in Europe and the United States.

- Reported directly to the Head of Research and CTO @peerindex on BigData pipeline, status, and implementing architecture changes.

- Coordinated the launch of our new site which was completely driven using a key-value storage (DynamoDB) and HDFS data backend,  millisecond latency SLAs.

- Implemented algorithms alongside data scientists, engineering directors, and the front-end team to ensure that data quality standards for 100s of millions of outputs were always met using a rock solid data model contract.

Jan 2004Jan 2010

Independent Software consultant, Architect (2006, 2008, 2009)

(later incorporated as Rudolf Inc)

- Reverse engineered of UML design for various specifications in accountancy systems for clients.

- Designed custom LISP /Python applications for ensuring transaction completeness in large, distributed MySQL systems.

- Evaluated of e-commerce solutions (i.e. google checkout, paypal) with home grown product inventory and management systems (

- Built Full stack, rapid software prototying, informatics consulting, and helping individuals get up to speed with data mining and machine learning related initiatives.

- Bioinformatics Consulting with UNLV's Biomedical Sciences department on protein analytics, literature mining software.

Aug 2005Dec 2007

Open-Source Bioinformatics Developer Java Developer & Researcher

UConn Health Center

- Developer/designer of a highly interactive client side application for fully integrated molecular visualization platform (VENN) which allows for Jmol based 3D analysis of protein evolutionary conservation (See Publications). Created a cross platform VM for NMR data processing (vagrant, virtualbox, and ubuntu).

- Deployed plug-in based modules for implementation of molecular analysis algorithms in a single computational proteomics framework. Optimized and changed features of the application to suit emergent needs, such as protein domain oriented analyses.

- Data Warehousing/Modelling of Functional Minimotifs Designed a Hibernate API and MySQL data repository along with an java based which integrated proteomic information spanning protein motifs, functional annotations, taxonomy data, sequences, and protein domains.

- Architected an Expert System (MIMOSA) which automatically implemented various text mining and correlation scoring algorithms using ontologies for 5,000,000 publically available medical abstracts. Developed a plug in oriented Graphical User Interface using the Java Swing framework which enabled database driven, high throughput annotation of "minimotifs".

- Collaborated on several database aspects of the NIH funded, publically available, web based Minimotif miner application ( Engineered Java API's for reading/writing of large, binary FID representations present in vendor-specific NMR spectral data types in support of an open-source translation and conversion API.

- Prototyped a Swing-based workflow building environment for time domain NMR data processing, as a custom, visual, 2D graphical application which allowed for on the fly creation of data-processing "actors", with reloadable and persistent state and associated, workflows which triggered offline data processing tasks.

- Designed, architected of an integrated NMR visual data mining platform, as part of the Rudolf project using and Clojure to wrap existing Java API's.

- Presented work at premier scientific conferences at conferences (ICBMRS, Protein Folding Symposium, New England Structural Biology, Exp Nuclear Magnetic processing conference).



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Proteomics data federation apps; published several (10+) articles in medium/high tier journals on algorithmic and visualization advances in data-integration of medical, biological, genomic data.  Computational protein analysis structure, sequence, and functional analysis; workflow builders for NMR data processing and annotation of peptide sequences with respect to phenotypes, medical conditions.


Master of Science (MS)


Created an NMR software integration environment for protein structure calculation and data processing.  This led to a PhD and several other adventures at the interface of data visualization, integration, and bioinformatics.


Bachelor's degree

University of Arizona

Mathematics (major) & Computer Science (minor). 


A list of my publications:  My primary research interests during my academic career was in data integration and knowledge extraction - and I was the primary developer and architect for the VENN Software platform for homology titration (Nucleic Acids Research, 2009) and the MIMOSA System for minimotif annotation (BMC Bioinformatics, 2009), which are also listed below.  Another interesting project I engineered was an interactive, data-driven protein mining application, which was used to isolate the point in evolution of certain sporulating bacteria (J. Bac, 2011).

Article: A Domain-Driven, Generative Data Model for Big Pet Store RJ Nowling and Jay Vyas.

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