Jay Nolands mission in life is to help other people embrace risks and overcome fears so they can do more with their lives and achieve their goals. He is not just after making money. He measures his success in helping other people succeed.

Aside from encouraging people through travelling all over the globe and being a motivational speaker, he is also an avid outdoors-man. One of his favorite activities is freshwater fishing. To Jay Noland, the world is a beautiful place and it would be such a shame if we are unable to explore it and enjoy it.

After starting his career in sports as a significant contributor in back to back Minor League Championships, he moved on to Network Marketing. After building massive sales organizations he crossed over to motivational speaking. With his positive nature, passion and desire to help others, he was a natural in the field of motivational speaking. He impacted numbers of people with his positive energy and urged them to kick start the process of achieving their dreams.

He then spent years in the Brokerage and Mortgage Banking industry where he continued to help people and achieve success in his business ventures. He continued to produce results, as well as millions of dollars in revenue.

Marketing his business, Jay admits, is something very important in achieving his goals. He markets his business through his distributors because he believes that word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there is. People rely on people they know, not on paid endorsers. Testimonials can work wonders about a company and its products.

One of the major trends in the market which Mr. Noland finds exciting right now is coffee. The coffee industry has grown substantially in the last few years and his company, SereniGy, has a goal of capturing at least 1% of the market by offering competitively priced but great-tasting coffee.