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Jayne C. Meredith

Registration & Administration Specialist

Work experience

Aug 2013Dec 2014

Registration & Administration Specialist

Brown-Forman Corporation
  • Execute accurate and timely submission and creation of documents to maintain regulatory compliance within BF markets for active registrations.
  • Responsible for managing registration requests for existing products, new products within a specific market, and product/package changes that impact the registration status.
  • Coordinate with INTL markets, BF Legal, BF Q/A, BF R&D, BF SCI, and any necessary outside agencies to ensure registration requests are reviewed with the appropriate entity and are properly validated in accordance with BF’s working guidelines and standards.
  • Update filing status and maintain an updated repository of document requirements for each market. Provide adequate and current market specific registration requirements to all interested parties within Brown-Forman.  Responsible for the disbursement of required information pertaining to each individual market registration and maintaining open communication with international markets to ensure a continuous supply of product.  I developed the process of maintaining a Google document to record the current country registration requirements with the ability to update the requirements as market legislation changes.  The Google doc is then shared on the Market Registration Site and made accessible to other stakeholders within the process. 
  • Respond to inquiries from regional offices, field sales personnel, distributors, brokers, and government agencies.  Provide them with adequate guidance regarding registration compliance and serving the best interest of the company.
  • Collaborate with BF Legal to ensure basic legal contracts and additional documents provided throughout the registration process are accurate and do not create liability upon Brown-Forman. Once changes are discussed and agreed upon, I draft all suggested revisions and provide the updated document to internal clients (the requestor or the distributor).  After all questions have been answered and changes are made to the document in accordance with the customer's requests, the document is returned to BF Legal and reviewed once more before producing a final version of the document.  With legal guidance, I prepare and generate all documents throughout this process to ensure the contract is properly signed and contains all of the necessary seals and stamps required by the specific international market.
  • Maintain detailed files (both electronic and hard copy, when applicable) providing details on the status and completion of registrations.  To provide consistent visibility of the registration process, a registration log (Google doc) was created, maintained and shared with the remaining stakeholders involved in the efforts to collect and contribute data and information for a specific request.
  • Develop effective working relationships across the organization and among external business partners to successfully integrate registration requirements and ensure willful participation.
  • Ensure documents are “legalized” based on established BF and market guidelines if necessary and sent to the appropriate requesting markets.
  • Provide detailed communication to affected markets for any package/product changes and assess the situation to determine if a new registration is required.
  • Develops standardized response procedures and provides updates to the field on the status of registrations.
  • Work with outside agencies to solicit necessary documents for registration completions.
  • Assist the SKU Processes and Pricing managers with special projects/analysis as required.
  • Maintains primary knowledge of applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and standards, while keeping abreast of changes impacting the registration process. .

Jan 2011Jan 2013

Shipping Supervisor

Jim Beam Brands Co.
  • Lead union employees to maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness on the warehouse floor and shipping dock.
  • Manage inbound loads of imported products while shipping both imported and domestic products to domestic or export customers.
  • Ensure product receipts(via truck, ocean/rail container, or manufacturing operations) and outbound shipments are recorded properly within SAP.
  • Conduct cycle counts and verify inventory records within SAP are correct. 
  • Use the least amount of resources to accomplish operational goals.
  • Drive change within the organization by implementing Warehouse Management System to facilitate inventory control and“ lean” operational practices. 
Jan 2008Jan 2011

Government Records Supervisor

Jim Beam Brands Co.
  • Working knowledge of U.S. Customs and distilling related government regulations.
  • Manage Clermont/Booker Noe plant operations in accordance to TTB and U.S. Customs regulations for compliance.
  • Prepare semi-monthly reports and pay the Federal excise taxes to TTB and U.S. Customs. ($110 -$120 million annually)
  • Collaborate with plant operations to provide support regarding government records and regulations.
  • Assist with plant inspections and audits by TTB and U.S. Customs agencies; following each audit/inspection from beginning through completion, as well as resolution of any violations.
  • Prepare all export shipping documents and certificates. (Exceeds $72 million annually)
  • Approve and process all bulk and case goods receipts of Customs merchandise while processing all documents through to tax payment.
  • Monitor bulk and finished case good inventories while overseeing the auditing of all activities and computer transactions so that they reflect accurately in TTB monthly reporting.
  • Monitor plant distilling operations and month end reconciliation.
  • Monitor new barrel receipts and used barrel sales.
  • Supervise government records staff including assisting with daily tasks and developing process improvements.
Jul 2007Jan 2008

Government Records Junior Accountant

Jim Beam Brands Co.
  • Perform various accounting functions to complete financial and government reporting requirements for production facility.
  • Audit daily and monthly reports generated in AS400 and SAP.
  • Investigate variances between computer generated reports and paperwork from operations personnel.
  • Maintain records as required by government regulations.
  • Prepare monthly TTB reports.
  • Maintain tax liability reports on exported bulk loads and cases.
  • Communicate with customers and forwarders to receive documentation to alleviate the tax liability.
  • Prepare and submit new labels to the TTB for approval.
  • Provide assistance during physical inventory and audits.
Jan 2004Jul 2007

TTB Compliance Manager/Tax Adjustor

Parallel Products
  • Maintain compliance with Federal Excise Tax rules in accordance with regulations specified by the Alcohol Tax & Trade Bureau.
  • Monthly compilation and filing of Drawback Claims with the TTB.
  • Monthly production reports of Distilled Spirits Plant and Bonded Wine Cellar Premises.
  • File registrations for new and changes to existing Distilled Spirits Plant and Bonded Wine Cellar.
  • Prepare and submit notices and applications to the TTB for changes in major equipment on registration and new or revised product formulation.
  • Maintain records necessary to support information submitted on excise tax filing and claim forms.
  • Manage documentation on published rulings, industry circulars and special permissions.
  • Interpret published rulings and advised the company and management as to their effect.
  • Lead in the implementation of new operations and changes to operational procedure to ensure TTB compliance.
  • Performed audits on production facilities for compliance with TTB regulations.
  • Acted as liaison for the assimilation and coordination of data required by TTB.
  • Prepared all accounts receivables and submitted to the corporate office for invoicing.
  • Managed plant's main office personnel and office activities.

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Objective: To obtain a challenging position within Brown-Forman where my skills and training are utilized to meet the company's objectives, and continued personal development to prepare me for future leadership positions within the company.


May 2005Present

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Sullivan University

Building on the foundational education received at USMA, the courses taken at Sullivan included Accounting I, II, & III, Marketing, Public Speaking, Business Management, Quantitative Methods, and Ethics.  Currently taking classes to obtain my bachelor's degree with seven courses remaining for completion. Presently, I have 152.0 credit hours applied to 180.0 credit hours required.

Jun 1997Jul 2000

General Education

United States Military Academy

Attended the USMA Preparatory School June 1997 to May 1998 and focused on the subjects of Math and English to prepare for West Point's curriculum.

After completing the Prep School program, I attended USMA in the summer of 1998 beginning with Cadet Basic Training (CBT).  Once CBT was completed in August, the academic year began.    Academic courses over a two-year time span included Chemistry I & II, Computer Science / Information Technology, Economics, English Composition, Portuguese, History (US & World), International Relations, Law, Leadership, Literature, Calculus I&II, Probability & Statistics, Military History, Philosophy, Physical Geography, Physics I&II, and Political Science.