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Jay Mc Nary

Operational Efficiencies * Multi-Site/Multi-Product Management * Market Expansion * ProcessImprovement

Work experience


Agency Owner

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

Opened & established a Farmers Insurance Agency servicing the north and northeast Kansas City areas.

  • Trained and managed 5 agency associates in sales and service.
  • Networked to meet prospects to determine insurance needs and provide insurance quotes.
  • Sold over 300 policies in 2 years, earning the prestigious Blue Vase Award.
  • Maintained day to day servicing of existing policies, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and employee training.
  • Achieved a much lower than average attrition rate.
  • Created long-term loyalty based on reputation, integrity and trust.

Principal/Owner/General Manager

Professional Building Supply Company

Founded a very successful multi-location Supply & Distribution company.

  • Started company with limited capital into a company with $14.5M in annual sales, $1.3M in assets and $650K in capital equipment.
  • Hired lean, operating successfully with 12% less employees than local competition.
  • Utilized alternative method of product delivery, shaving $420K annually off delivery costs.
  • Accepted into elite product buying group, earning up to a 15% rebate on materials, equaling $100K in one year.
  • Developed a parallel payroll and delivery program, slashing at least 208 man hours per year in payroll administration.
  • Created a job quote system that reduced quote time by 75%, plummeting management time by over 1,000 hours per year.
  • Managed up to 90 employees and up to 20 job sites across multiple verticals, including Distribution, Materials, Construction, Real Estate and Development.
  • Initiated safety incentive program, providing monthly bonus money for no incidents, making major incidents non-existent.
  • Hired, trained and cross-trained employees to create dependable, high-performance teams.

Corporate General Manager

KCG Inc.

Handpicked to turnaround and streamline company by consolidating and centralizing operations, and through impressive process improvement.

  • Turned around organization experiencing out of control inventory and theft problems by restructuring operations of multiple sites and rebuilding employee confidence and morale.
  • Expanded product lines to increase average sale by 25-50% and monthly revenue by up to 33%.
  • Developed a central dispatch system, eliminating at least 3 FTEs, while produce same volume of work.
  • Set up a Nationwide Invoicing Program at 28 locations, eliminating unneeded billing employees at each location, and linking outgoing product with delivery and invoicing.
  • Corrected a problem with past-due receivables into 90-95% invoices paid within 30 days.
  • Utilized satellite facilities to reduce fuel costs, labor costs, and equipment wear, while incurring no additional overhead costs.


Center Manager

Building Specialties

Hired to take over operations and maintain performance in a highly competitive market.

  • Developed business from a medium sized distributor into a market leader in the Houston area.
  • Expanded product lines with high-profit products, skyrocketing sales revenue by $1.2M.
  • Refocused sales force from a reactive sales team, into an active team, turning outside sales team into account managers.
  • Supervised 40-80 employees.

Market Sales Representative

United States Gypsum Company, Inc

Provided sales and marketing of gypsum products, interior and exterior finish products, Durock cement board, Thermafiber insulation and steel.

  • Expanded sales by combining two sales territories into one.

Operations Manager

Tejas Materials

Started business from scratch into a $5M business in 2 years.

  • Located and secured property for new Houston distribution facility.
  • Purchased all equipment (trucks, forklifts, etc.) and product inventory.
  • Hired and trained operations and sales personnel.
  • Managed all projects and much of sales efforts.
  • Established a base of vendors from 0 to 35 in 1987.


Operational Efficiency
Multi-Site Operations
Crisis Management
Process Development & Improvement
New Market Expansion
Internal Controls
Team Development & Training
Relationship Development