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Jayasree Sreejith



Food Technologist/QA/Internal auditor (Post Graduate in Food Science and Technology)with more than 5.4 golden years of experience in one of the worlds famous five star restaurant(The Cave), catering ,food industry  and research institutes. Working experience as Quality Manager ,Hygienist, Quality Controller, Food Technologist and Microbiologist. Practical knowledge and extensive,wide experience in  ensuring  effective food quality that encompass hygiene aspects as per HACCP principles ,GMP training ,Audits ,Documentation SOP’s and also certified internal auditor from TUV for ISO 22000:2005

Better experienced in Quality management system implementation ,Food safety Certified internal auditor ISO 22000:2005 HACCP implementation ,Codex Standards, Food Science and Technology, Microbiology, Food Analysis, Sensory evaluation, Auditor and HSE implementation.


Work experience

Jun 2014Present


Cave Restaurant ( FALCON FOR TOURISM LLC )

Currently working and joined  in the esteemed organization,  " The Cave  " project that is the "largest man made cave in the world" under the Falcon tourism and directly involved project of the Ministry of Tourism (Oman), since June 2014  as QC Manager of 5 restaurants.


  • Implementation of HACCP & FSMS as per Muscat Municipality standards.
  • Responsible for overall hygiene of the 8 restaurants.
  • Conduct daily inspections in production areas and restaurants and send report to General Manager.
  • Conduct training's for the staff.
  • Maintain effective pest control system.
  • Monitoring of personal hygiene as well as working habits of staff.
  • Periodically review the food safety system
  • Manage maintain food  safety documents and  records.
  • Conduct internal audits to ensure compliance with local regulatory laws/international     standards in food safety.
  • Evaluate the corrective actions taken for the non-conformance noted during the audit.
  • Monitor and check the personal hygiene conditions and working habits of staff.
  • Identify and report structural deficiencies in the food operation.
  • Manage and maintain effective pest control system.
  • Manage and maintain effective waste disposal system.
  • Review and follow up on the microbiological results from food laboratory.
  • Manage and maintain trace ability system established.
  • Manage and review food complaints effectively.
  • Manage and review food safety documentation records.
  • Manage maintain effective cleaning programs and pest control system.
  • Periodically review the food safety system.
  • Conduct training in food safety and hygiene for food handlers and keep records.
  • Review the implementation of  food safety skills of the staff.
  • Ensure the top management is fully aware of high risk areas for food borne illnesses.
  • Recommending changes to production process.
  • Ensure the delivery of quality food which meet all food safety requirements.


Nov 2012Oct 2013


New international Airport Project Muscut

Worked as QA analyst for ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Standards

        YYCH offers following specialized services in the field of catering, hospitality, laundry, camp management, Bakery, Janitorial services and Hotel management. YYCH management is awarded with Catering and Hospitality subcontract to serve Bechtel ENKA Joint Venture (BEJV) for the Muscat International Airport Project (MC3). Catering involves 100000 meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Midnight Pack) and official caterer.


  • Involved in the implementation  and maintenance of  ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management  System Standards.
  • Gap Analysis and Orientation, System Documentation, HACCP Plan ,codex standards and process implementation leading to certification audit.(completed certification)
  • Establish, document, implement and maintain effective FSMS.
  • Evaluate periodically and update the FSMS.
  • Ensure that all food is handled ,prepared ,stored and transported in a satisfactory manner.
  • Ensure the hygiene standard of food and beverages from receiving, storing, production as well as service within the camp. Assisting the Purchase Manager, Store Manager, Chief Steward, Executive Chef and Manager of Food & Beverage, implementing and managing the overall Food Safety and Hygiene Management System, HACCP & ISO Standards as an efficient, proactive cost and service center ensuring a smooth operation throughout the food chain.
  • Ensuring of personal hygiene of the staff, Material inspection (QA&QC) of all food types.
  • Verifies time/temperature controls are followed and non confirmatory products are discarded as per standards·
  • Microbiological Food Sampling Testing Plan and Analysis.
  • Evaluate all the records including medical, chemical, waste management, Training and Pest control.
  • Equipment calibration etc
  • Conducted Internal Audits for Food safety & Personal Hygiene.
Sep 2011Jan 2012


Al Hayat Polyclinic
  • Working with people with special dietary needs.
  • Informing the general public about nutrition.
  • Offering unbiased service.
  • Evaluating and improving treatments.
  • Educating patients, clients,health care professionals and community groups.
Nov 2008Jul 2010




  • Records test results on standardized forms and writes test reports describing procedures used
  • Coordinates day-to-day sensory for various products within the facility
  • Assists in the everyday monitoring and testing of shelf life products
  • Assists in the development and implementation of ingredients and raw materials testing within the facility
  • Ensures that the filing of testing materials is accurate and up to date
  • Follow good laboratory practices and cleans laboratory equipment
  • Assists with the development of new ideas to ensure growth of position and department
  • Participates and ensures on time testing of environmental samples
  • Assists laboratory in sending samples to out-side contracted labs for microbiological testing
  • Follows sample retain program and ensures compliance of products with customer expectations


Jul 2007Aug 2008


    Ruby  Marine
  • Ensuring good GMP and GHPs during production process from receipt of raw materials to shipment and to maintain all corresponding documents.
  • Microbilogical analysis of raw materials to finished products and maintenance of all relavant documents .
  • Involved product development and sensory evaluation.
  • Maintained accuarate files of all R & D works completed.
  • Collect samples and routine monitoring of incoming materials, processing and finished goods for acceptance to target or specification. This includes monitoring by means of chemical, microbiological, manual and instrumental methods.
  •  Perform microbiological and analytical sampling for product, water and environment.
  •  Perform daily monitoring and verification tasks as outlined in the HACCP program and issue corrective actions for deviations
  •  Ensuring adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Monitored SOP’s, GMP’s, product labeling, packaging, code dates, temperatures.
  • Prepared media and working solutions, and maintained records and equipment.
  •  Maintained computerized records of analysis.



Master of Science ( M Sc)

Mar Athanasious College For Advanced Studies M.G University

Post graduation in Master of Science in Food technology from MACFAST. Food technology is a branch of food science that deals with the production processes that makefoods. Early scientific research into food technology concentrated on food preservation.


Bachelor of Science ( B Sc)

M.G University

Graduated from BCM college in B SC.Food Science and Quality Controlling. Food Science and Quality Controlling course mainly focus on maintaining the quality of food and more about learning the science behind its preparation and preservation.


Vocational Higher secondary

Vocational Higher Secondary Boards 

Vocational higher secondary education with one of the main stream as Science. Agriculture, physics,biology are the subjects mainly focused.



Board Of Higher secondary Education


  • It will include the preparation of SOP's, working out for cleaning schedules and their implementation along with chief steward, staff training (kitchen, service, engineering, stewarding and all other applicable such as receiving officer).
  • Ensuring Food Hygiene and Sanitation SOP’s at all production areas, dish washing utilities, receiving and storage areas
  • Conducting Supplier audits
  • conducting daily inspection regarding hygiene and sanitation conditions of all production, storage areas etc.
  • Implementation of pest management program
  • Conducting in house audits
  • Coordinating with engineering department to implement preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Solving any problems/issues related to food safety
  • Responsible for ensuring overall hygiene activities in the food production areas 
  • Conduct internal audits to ensure compliance with local regulatory laws / international standards in Food safety.
  • Evaluate the corrective actions taken for the non-conformance noted during the audits.
  •  Monitor and check the personal hygiene conditions & working habits of the staff.
  • Identify and report structural deficiencies in the food operation.
  • Manage and maintain an effective pest control system.
  • Manage and maintain a satisfactory waste disposal system.
  • Review and follow up on the microbiological results from food laboratory. 
  • Manage and maintain the trace ability system established.
  • Manage and review food complaints effectively.
  • Manage and maintain food safety documentation and records.
  • Periodically review the food safety system..
  • Conduct training in food safety and hygiene for the food handlers. 
  • Review the implementation of food safety skills of staff.
  • Ensure the top management is fully aware of high risk areas for the food-borne illness.
  • make consolidated training\test\inspection\meeting plan new staff orientation and on boarding program tracking system
  • conduct daily and team inspection and report to concerned
  • whole chain verification of high risk food
  • Monitoring outside catering and advise
  • Food safety assuring program for big events
  • Collect and make a summary of guest complaints on food quality and hygiene
  • Establish and perfect case library 
  • Establish training system tailored to different level and job type
  • Establish and keep staff training file
  • Update within hotel according to new group policy.
  •  Improve food operation procedure in hygiene .
  • Conduct hazard analysis of newly developed cuisine.
  • Timely communicate in the situations, as new supplier, new or strange material, new equipment's, staff turnover, new product or service. 
  • Host regular food safety team meeting .
  • Training hotel management in term of food safety trend.
  • Making poster or e-food safety express.
  • Submit monthly manager report .
  • Coordinate with hygiene authority.

  •  To identify key areas of risk in various food operations for early remedial actions .
  • To ensure compliance with the regulations, licensing conditions and codes of practice relating to food businesses.
  • To monitor the health condition of food handlers and to arrange medical examination or suspension of work where necessary.
  • To provide in-house training for the food handlers .
  • To supervise the work of the Hygiene Supervisor (if any) .
  • To handle complaints or enquiries from customers on food hygiene matters .
  • To act as a focal point of contact with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

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Mr Dayaparan Ponnambalam                                                   Dr : S . Kalavathi                              

General Manager                                                                             Director

Falcon Tourism Investment LLC                                               CPCRI

Muscat, Oman                                                                                   Kerala, India

Contact No : 00968 93218854                                                     Contact No : 0091 9447597479

Email : [email protected]                                             Email : [email protected] 

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 I here by declare that the above facts are true to best of my knowledge.

Place  : Muscat    

Jayasree Sreejith