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I began my career as a print journalist at Asansol but landed in Kolkata for further studies on mass communication at Chitrabani, with a great guidance of Ms.Sunetra Ghatak and Father Gaston Roberge. This led to Film appreciation course at FTII, Pune and I made my first film (on internationally renowned folk singer, Kali Das Gupta ) in 1994 shown at different theater halls, Kolkata and also in Doordarshan, Kolkata.  
In 1998, my river meandered toward another opportunity when I became involved in media as an executive producer and achieved the rank of Senior producer, which also led me to my next divergence in 2010. I began working as an independent Video producer-director-editor , writer - photographer at many places of South Africa and India (mainly on rural India) both at plain-land and Himalayas.




Burdwan University 

Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities



Film Appreciation 

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,India | FTII,Pune | NFAI,Pune

Certificate course on Cinema/Video/Media studies


Video production, Television production, Film production, Story and script development, Post production supervision