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Following Global technological advancements, business model and political changes

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Thirty six years of post-graduate experience, eminent application of Engineering principles, holding up professional ethics, upkeeping Code of Conduct, in Power Maintenance Management, Value-added Project management.

Ability to handle effectively any one or more of the following roles

1. Project Management

2. Power Station Management

3. Quality Management

4. Risk Management & Mitigation

5. Asset Management

6. Engineering Management

7. HSE Management

8. Procurement Management

Ideally looking forward to a top & visible role in the capacity of Technical Advisor for any highly-populated organisation of a process industry / power industry / heavy chemical industry. Will be available to practice as a professional consultant from 01-01-2015 onwards to prospective consulting firms.

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Superintendent-Power Maintenance-Electrical

Aluminium Bahrain

Design, implement and sustain maintenance management strategy for a 2250 MW CCGT Power plant, run a distribution strategy to power up all sections of 913ktpa smelter, sustain uninterrupted energy 

requirement to cater potlines, maintain fuel-gas compression system, Reverse Osmosis plants, DIW system, Smelterwide Compressed air system, potable water system, fire water system & Sewerage system till environmental-friendly waste disposal & Zero-liquid discharge schemes.

Manage power retrofit projects as and when asked for, and handle it as an additional charge. Sustain safety performance at par and continuously engage the team to work towards Zero LTI objective. Ensure that the safety documentation is up to date and a correction on safety behavior is applied constantly and consistently.

Administration: 3 Senior Electrical Engineers, 6 Electrical Engineers, 8 Electrical Supervisors & 35 Technician Engineers /Skilled Electrical Fitters. OEM & External service providers, SAP based PM & MM modules, Material Requirement Planning, Major inspection / overhaul scheduling.

Maintenence budget: US $ 5.3M


Jul 2006Jan 2014

Senior Electrical Engineer - Power Maintenance & Projects

Aluminium Bahrain

Running CAPEX projects,Rehabilitation of power, rectifier & generator step-up transformers, Rehabilitation of SF6 switch gears, Rehabilitation of power cables, Transformer loss prevention, Asset management, Risk-ranking, Failure Investigation, Specification & design review of power transformers, 2250 MW Combined Cycle Captive Power Generation & 912,700 metric-tonnes-per-annum Aluminium smelting facility (Aluminium Bahrain or ALBA). Power Generation at 15.75 kV levels, Distributions at 220 kV levels, 7 Power rectifiers at 69 kA 1400 V DC levels, air and natural gas compressors. This role shall also cover the responsibilities of older installation existed at this site until the year 2004 - Primary role involve Engineering, Quality, Asset & Maintenance Management : Activities include Setting objectives, Budgeting, Controlling Functional location & CAPEX budgets, Risk ranking, control, mitigation, procurement of spare parts, maintaining inventory, securing OEM or third-party services on time, monthly control of department budget, running the capital projects, coordinating with EPC & EPCM contractors during expansion phase, procurement follow-up & Condition monitoring. Conduct failure investigation and perform residual life assessment of power, GSU and rectifier transformers. Capital replacement of GSU and rectifier transformers, in-situ recoiling and cooling upgrade. Maintaining vendor & OEM relations (BEM / ABB / ALSTOM / GE / SIEMENS / FUJI / PAUWELS / PTA-CG / ALSTOM GRID / SCHNEIDER / JAEPS / TOSHIBA), sustaining relations with peers like Calciner, Carbon, Metal production, Cast house towards smooth electrical distribution and engaging Human Resources, Materials Management & Management accounting to smooth out the business process and ultimately achieving Corporate objectives & KPIs

Feb 2004Jul 2006

Senior Electrical Engineer - Power Engineering & Quality

Aluminium Bahrain

Running CAPEX projects, Auditing maintenance quality, Quality control of major overhauls, Clean Conditions during major inspection of gas or steam turbines & turbo-generators, Rehabilitation of turbo-generators & its control, protection regimes, Condition monitoring of static and dynamic electrical machines, Streamlining maintenance practices, Development of maintenance policies and risk-mitigation strategies.

Jan 1992Feb 2004

Engineer Electrical - Power Maintenance & Projects

Aluminium Bahrain

1500 MW Combined Cycle Captive Power Generation & 500,000 metric-tonnes-per-annum Aluminium smelting facility (Aluminium Bahrain or ALBA). Responsibilities include Engineering & Maintenance of Power Generation at 10.5 kV levels, Distribution at 132 kV levels, 6 Power Rectifiers at 63 kA 1260V DC levels, Commissioning of GT based CCPP 6GTs+2STs, Upgrade of PILC power cable network to XLPE, running CAPEX projects for turbo-generators upgrade, failure investigation of power diode cubicles, member of Data Capture team for SAP implementation, usage of SAP-PM & MM, MRP Controller, Procurement of Spares and Services. Potline #5 commissioning - Rerouting of 220 kV 800 sq mm Oil-filled cable with XLPE for the interconnection with Bahrain State grid, Physical inspection of 120 MVA 220 / 33 kV transformer against probable damage during transport, In-situ modification of windings' format for all six FUJI rectiformer units after installation, before commissioning; Integration of 13E2 open cycle gas turbine with combined cycle power station #4. This role shall also cover the responsibilities of older installation existed at this site until the year 1991.

Mar 1985Dec 1991

Technician Engineer - Power Maintenance Electrical

Aluminium Bahrain

550 MW Combined Cycle captive Power Generation & 250, 000 metric–tonnes-per-annum Aluminium smelting facility (Aluminium Bahrain or known as ALBA). Maintenance of Power Generation at 11 kV levels, Distribution at 11 & 33 kV levels and 18 Power Rectifiers rated at 28 kA 1400V DC levels, assist in-situ rewind of five BEM make 22MVA 11kV turbo-alternators, participated in the Conversion of five Open-cycle frame 5 GE gas turbines in to a Closed-Cycle plant, adding 75 MVA Toshiba steam generator and five waste-heat recovery steam generators from NEI, commissioning of Toshiba excitation system, GEC generator protection system and Contorl Bailey system for WHBs. Participated in the Integration of discrete ASEA 11kV systems in to a centralised EIB 33kV system, for effective distribution of power generation from 24 gas turbines and one steam turbine among all the three potline systems. Commissioning the steam turbine during 1991 gulf war & war sirens, fully equipped with gas mask at site against any probable assault with chemical warfare.

Feb 1985Mar 1985

Plant Engineer - Electrical

Tamilnadu Newsprint & Paper Limited

Commissioning the captive power plant for the 300 tonnes-per-day bagasse based eco-friendly paper mill (Today it is the  largest paper mill in India at a single site location, with a production capacity of 2,45,000 tonnes-per-annum). Three sets of 12 MW each steam turbines fed from low pressure boilers of 60 tonnes-per-hour each. Commissioning variable speed drives for 90,000 tonnes-per-annum paper machine. 110kV outdoor sub-station, 110 / 11kV power transformers, 11kV indoor sub-station.

Oct 1984Feb 1985

Shift Charge Engineer - Electrical

Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited

200 metric-tonnes-per-day Caustic Soda facility, Heavy Chemical Industry (Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited). Mercury Cell process, producing pure Chlorine and Oxygen from brine solution. Caustic solution produced at 50% concentration without requirement for an evaporative process with steam. Responsibility includes operating electrical distribution, 90 kA 180V DC rectifier transformers, Electrolyser Mercury cell high-current switch, 110kV outdoor sub-station, 110 / 33kV power transformers, 33kV indoor sub-station.

May 1984Oct 1984

Assistant Engineer - Electrical

Mettur Thermal Power Project-TNEB

3 x 210 MW Steam turbine erection

Feb 1979May 1984

Assistant Engineer - Electrical

Tuticorin Thermal Power Station - TNEB

3 x 210 MW State Electricity Power Generation facility - Started with the installation stage, involved in commissioning later took over maintenance, when handed over by BHEL. Covered various areas such as Switchgear maintenance, boiler maintenance, generator maintenance, ash handling plant, coal handling plant etc. each area fo a duration of six to eight months.

Oct 1978Feb 1979

Graduate Engineer Trainee

Electrical Workshops, Carriage & Wagon Works, Southern Railway

Rewind of Dynamos and alternators fitted to the carriages / coaches


Jun 1973May 1978

B. Eng.

Annamalai University

First class degree, five-Year Integrated Course

Jun 1972May 1973

Pre-technical course

Muthiah Polytechnic

First class pre-university certificate

Jun 1966Mar 1972

Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Roman Catholic High School

Ranking first in the School, 11 years schooling from the age of 5 to qualify for admission in to pre-university course


Asset & Lifecycle Management
Long term stability & productivity through targeted asset management / lifecycle management, Risk ranking & classification
Design review of power transformers
Specification, design review, constructional inspection & FAT of power transformers, rectifier transformers and generator step-up transformers.   Specification, diligent selection and careful application of solid and liquid insulation employed for power transformers
Condition Assessment of Power Transformers
Health assessment and risk-ranking of power transformers
Lean Six Sigma
Lean six sigma certification from Rath & Strong Project: Improving reliability of Gas Turbine based Combined Cycle power generation - 13 E2 machines of Alstom
Bid evaluation & Negotiation
Training & Mentoring
Leadership & Decision Making
Analytical & Problem Solving
Technical Audit & Reporting
Interpersonal communication
Within the working group Around the neighbouring working groups With Insurers With Vendors With Service providers With EPC and EPCM contractors
Project - Progress & Quality Monitoring
1988 - 1990 - 33kV Integration and Conversion of Open cycle to Closed Cycle power generation   1991-1994 - Expansion project - Addition of 750 MW GTCC & 250,000 tonnes-per-annum smelter & 132 kV integration   1999 - 2001 - Retrofit project - Upgrade of five 18 MW turbo generators with control & protection systems   2003 - 2006 - Expansion project - Addition of 900 MW GTCC & 350,000 tonnes-per-annum smelter & 220kV integration   2005 - 2008 - Retrofit project - Upgrade of five 20 MW turbo generators with control & protection systems   2007 - 2014 GSU, Rectifier, Interbus and auxiliary transformers replacement 25 - 125 MVA up to 132 kV class   2013 - 2014 Potline #5 current uprate, addition of rectifier transformer   2013 - 2014 Additional air compressor to CS3
Usage since the year 1999 till now
Usage since the year 1999 till now
MS Windows & Web usage
MS Project
MS Office Suite
Extensive usage of MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access and Power point


Lean six sigma certification - Green Belt

Rath & Strong
Jul 2013Jul 2015

Project Management Professional

Project Management Institute USA
Jan 2014Jan 2014

High Performance Leadership Training

EMIC Bahrain
May 2013May 2013

Certificate of attendance & Contact hours

Key Alliance Consultancy W.L.L.
Mar 2010Mar 2010

On-line gas analyser application

Mar 2008Mar 2008

Transformer oil diagnostics

Nynas Sweden
Nov 2007Nov 2007

Asset Management of HV Electrical Assets

Doble UK
Jan 2006Jan 2006


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Jun 2005Jun 2005


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Dec 2004Jan 2005

220kV Switchgear Protection & Control

JAEPS, Japan
Oct 2002Oct 2002

HPC Advant Control Systems

Altom Power, Sweden
Mar 2001Mar 2001

TGA Technology Seminar

Iris Power Engineering Inc.
Apr 1997May 1997

Gas Turbine Maintenance

ABB Switzerland
Oct 1996Oct 1996

Supervisory Development Programme

ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Dec 1992Dec 1992


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Feb 1992Feb 1992

Safety Training Observation Programme

ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Jul 1991Jul 1991


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Jan 1991Mar 1991

Combined Cyce Power Plant Maintenance

ABB SAE Sadelmi Consortium, Germany & Italy
Oct 1990Nov 1990

Combined Cyce Power Plant Maintenance

NEI United Kingdom
Oct 1987Oct 1987


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
May 1987May 1987


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Jul 1985Jul 1985


ALBA, Kingdom of Bahrain
Apr 1980May 1980

Power Plant Operation

TATA Electric Companies, India