A talented up and coming engineer with seven dynamic years in the Audio Video Production industry. Quickly acquiring advanced skills in Broadcast Video, Media Delivery, Audio Editing,  Video Systems Design and Engineering. Showing leadership with unique "ahead of the curve" ideas in technical supervision, workflow enhancement, equipment training and product evaluation. Always ready for a challenge and a chance to help through teamwork and execution!

Video Engineering | Quality Control | Recording | Editing | Media System Design | Creativity

Video skills

  • Video Editing (NLE): Adobe Premiere CC 2014, Adobe After Effects CC 2014, Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014,  Final Cut Pro,  Sony Vegas Pro 13, Avid Media Composer 7
  • Video Editing (GOP): TMPEG Smart Render 4, Cuttermaran, Solvieg Video Splitter 3, 
  • Quality Control: Command of Broadcast specifications, technical standards and FCC regulations such as LKFS loudness monitoring for CALM act compliance, legal color space, gamut and action/title safe areas. Operation of Tektronix WVR7200 and WVR5200 rasterizers
  • File Based QC: Hands on familiarity with Tektronix Cerify, Interra Systems Baton, Digimetrics Aroura, Vela Research Argo Navis
  • Video Encoding: Expert in video file formats, digitizing media assets for distribution channels, Film/Video/NTSC/PAL format conversions, trans-coding platforms, multiplexing, real-time media capturing, Log and capture, print to tape
  • Telestream Flip Factory: 
  • EV Encoding: Proficient in operating Neilson Spottrac, Civolution Teletrax and Kantar Media BVS (Veil) hardware, software systems and file based systems. Knowledgeable in Watermark Embedding, detection, publishing, encoding Logs/Reports and broadcast electronic verification. Specialized knowledge in Co-Existing watermark technologies including Commercial, Program and Final Distribution
  • Videotape Recorders: HD CAM SR (SRW550), HD CAM (HDW1800), Panasonic D5 (HD3700B), DVC Pro HD, XD CAM (PDW U1), Digital Betacam (DVW500, DVW2000), DVC pro (AJD650), Betacam (UVW1800), DV Cam/Mini DV (DSR1500A)
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Possess and able to diagnose, research and resolve technical problems providing media and IT support and the ability to work on behalf of end users
  • Tape Room Work-flows: Device Control, VTR Control \ RS422, Insert/Assemble Edit, Log & Capture, Print to Tape, building time code accurate broadcast masters, NTSC & HD SDI video, tape duplication, Basic television studio camerawork
  • Spot Customization: Tagging, versioning, re-slating and voice over for direct response and cost per action TV advertisements
  • Closed Captioning Workflow: Evertz HD9084 Caption Encoder, Telestream Caption Maker, Telestream Mac Caption, EEG File play CC pro
  • Equipment List: AJA Kona LHi\e, AJA Control Panel, VTR EXChange, Flip Factory, Pipeline HD Dual Control, Windows/Mac Pipeline Control, Clip Mail Pro, Vela Play Advantage, Vela Command Advantage, TMPEGenc, VLC, Media Player Classic, QuickTime, Media Info, Mpeg Stream Clip, I Movie, Television studio cameras
  • Patch-Bay Design, Wiring and Installation: RS422 Control Patch bay, Audio/Video Patch-bays, Audio Punch Down Panels, Ethernet Punch Down Terminations and Patch-bays,  AV Equipment Racks, AV capture and play-out boards  
  • Cable Building: Soldering, Crimping and building XLR, BNC, RCA, 15/20/30 AMP Power Supply and Ethernet CAT5/CAT6 cables. Rebuilding Umatic Video Cassettes

Audio Technical Skills

  • Pro Tools : Proficient with Avid Pro Tools 11 and operation, Audio Suite/RTAS plug ins, control surfaces and analogue to digital hardware interfaces
  • Trained Audio Editor: Talented skill set in digital editing techniques for spoken word and dialogue including waveform splicing, manipulation and drawing. Studied in speech waveforms and phonetics 
  • Audio Book Production: Experienced recording voice-overs and pick-ups. Editing dialogue focusing on pacing and timing guidelines. Mastering final draft, applying EQ and sound design to produce approved final product
  • Audio Console Operation: Experienced operating mixing consoles for live radio production, monitoring broadcast signals withattention to quality of audio feeds and volume levels.
  • Passionate Creative Musical Background: Composing, MIDI Sequencing, recording and mixing original music tracks.
  • Event Technology: Set-up of speakers systems for live sound reinforcement, microphone placement and wiring for talent and intstruments. Set up and operation of small scale audiovisual systems and video conferencing equipment
  • On-Location: Comfortable producing media in a traveling capacity and publishing content remotely. Utilize portable audio interfaces and recorders to capture sound on-location.
  • File Based Audio: Expertise in audio compression, sample rate and format conversions. Music, podcast and audio delivery formats. Digitization, noise reduction and audio waveform restoration and conservation.
  • Production Management: Proven rapport working closely with artist, producers, staff and talent. Effectively communicating technical and creative project aspects.
  • Sound Design: Moderate experience with sound design for short video utilizing music selections, sound effects and sound libraries. Experience compositing radio shorts and promo inserts
  • Familiar with: Logic Pro Audio, Audacity, Audio Hijack, Adobe Audition as well as popular mobile media apps.

IT Skills

  • General Computer Skills: Apple Mac OS, MS Windows OS, MS Office Suite, FTP clients, Filezilla, Cyber-Duck, UPS/FED-Ex shipping software, Drop box, Wheres My Media, Signiant Media Shuttle, You Send It, Thunderbird, Email Clients, Shared Directories, Network environments, Remote Access, VNC, Ultra VNC, Remote Desktop, GoToMeeting
  • VOIP Communications: Unified Communications platforms, VocalCloud cloud based business communication, IP Telephony, Digium Switch-vox, Digium Switchboard, , VOIP admin privileges including: setting up call lines, user extensions, call rules, troubleshooting connectivity, call and error logs
  • Web and Mobile Technologies: Familiar with file formats of digital media and publishing requirements, multi-media communications via social media, online music services, online radio stations
  • Office Internet Connectivity: Wiring office rooms for internet, cutting sheetrock for outlet placement, runs of cat 5/6 cable at greater than 60 ft,  Runs above ceiling tiles with proper wire paths and organization to obtain a stable inference free data transmission


  • Music Production: Recording new songs for an up and coming hip hop artist
  • Concerts: Recently attended  K'naan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jason Mraz 
  • Sports: Frequently attend New York Yankee games
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing: Enrolled at Epic Hybrid Training Center (NYC)
  • Sciences and Alternative energy, Ted Talks, Subscriber of Discover Magazine
  • Charities and Non-Profit organizations: Participate with Building Young Minds (BYM) and Mentoring and Inspiring for College (MIC)

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2008 - Present


On The Spot Media
  • Responsible for the daily operation, functionality and quality of all multimedia production equipment
  • Managed large inventories of both traditional and digital media assets along with daily ingest workflows across baseband and file -based systems. 
  • Advise video editors, producers and post production facilities in proper handling and formatting of SD and HD media for export and delivery tasks.  
  • Responsible to design, test and approve multi-format ingest and delivery workflows for both SD and HD media
  • Administrates test and approval phases for new customers by guiding the interpretation of company media formatting sheets and broadcast poilcies spec sheetsguiding in the proper linear formatting  , file uploads and developing custom automated transcoding work-flows
  • Formulates immediate and long-range planning for the acquisition of equipment and facility upgrades
  • Train and coach production services personnel with work responsibilities, technical policies and equipment operation. Creates  "Step by Step" technical support documents for staff on production processes
  • Configure and installs software and hardware equipment for machine rooms, edit suites and independent workstations
  • Develops new workflows and workspace solutions to increase technical capabilities and facilitate Infrastructure expansion, productivity improvement and quality control compliance
  • Achieved several promotions managing both Technical and Operations Departments including: Client Services, Digital Tape Library, Production, Dubbing and Distribution

Recent Accomplishes include:

  • Lead the set up and installation of On The Spot Media's new production facility including the design and configuration of Ten equipment racks, eight editing stations, two editing suites and a 20 patch-bay central routing system. Hand made tested cable assemblies and wired the connectivity of 4 analogue audio patch-bays, 2 AES audio patch-bays,  4 composite video, 4 SD & 4 HD SDI, 1 Bi/Tri level sync patchbay, linear time code, RS-422 control bay)
  • Design and installation of a new audio & recording suite and vocal room with acoustic treatment
  • Accomplished new software based file to file workflow for time code accurate captures of video files with 5.1 surround audio and CC
  • Created new revenue stream by facilitating in house spot customization process along with client approval for broadcast distribution
  • Produced first client with weekly recurring closed captioning and distribution jobs.
Aug 2008 - Dec 2012

Audio Editor

Gate Hill Audio
  • Assemble and Edit Dialogue directly from recording sessions to ensure a natural and consistent reading pace
  •  Clean audio by editing noises, waveforms and adding room tone to enhance a flawless sound meeting spatial and timing guidelines
  • QC all dialogues along with script and book for correct reading, pronunciation, timing and spacing
  • Design Sound for audio books with music and sound effects utilizing music and sound libraries
  • Notate on QC sheets all required pick-ups, misreads and possible errors indicating exact time codes and details
Sep 2008 - Present


T&D Sports Video Production
  • Set-up and Film regional HS football games using Mini DV camera/gear to capture live games & events
  • Create consolidated reels with titling and credits with Final Cut Pro
Apr 2008 - Sep 2008

Recording Engineer

PNC Radio and Entertainment
  • Engineer live broadcast and post-production sessions working directly with talent, clients and producers
  • Operate Pro Tools Software, analogue consoles and external processors to: Record, Edit and Mix all shows for Internet play lists, live streams and pod casts
  • Created short form radio commercials for corresponding shows incorporating editing and sound design
Jun 2006 - Dec 2014

Producer, Recording Engineer

Ricochet Productionz
  • Successfully developed small Music/Audio Production Company named Ricochet Productionz
  • Designed and set-up recording studio installing acoustic sound treatment, software and pro audio equipment
  • Produce audio projects for local artists and clients, Establishing ongoing working relationships
  • Create original music, engineer recording sessions and mix tracks for all projects
  • Schedule studio time and postproduction hours to plan goal-oriented projects
  • Prepare original written agreements, production plans and pricing structures for clients
  • Recording Projects include: DJ mixes with vocal and sound effects, dialogue for audio books, Instruments and vocals for Hip Hop\R&B\Electronica music tracks


Sep 2001 - May 2006

Bachelor of Sience

Mercy College

  • Graduate of the MTEC (Music Technology) program
  • Currently participating as Mercy College Alumni



Avid Pro Tools

Adobe Creative Suite 2014

FInal Cut Pro

Sony Vegas 13

Media Encoding Systems

AJA Kona LHI Flip Factory Pipeline HD Dual Control Windows/Mac Pipeline Control Clip Mail Pro Vela Play Advantage Vela Command Advantage TMPEGenc Mpeg Stream Clip

Media Quality Control Systems

Tektronix Cerify Interra Systems Baton Harris QuiC Digimetrics Aroura Vela Research Argo Navis Tektronix WVR7200 rasterizer

Video Tape Recorders

HD CAM SR (SRW550) HD CAM Panasonic D5 (HD3700B) DVC Pro HD XD CAM (PDW U1) Digital Betacam (DVW500) DVC pro (AJD650) Betacam (UVW1800) DV Cam/Mini DV (DSR1500A)