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IEEE – Member since 1998, Active in Standards Association, participated in High Speed Study Group that eventually became the 40/100Gbs Ethernet 802.3ba standardNANOG – Attendee since 1999, supporter of 2010 NewNOG efforts

ARIN – Voting member representing AOL Inc.

RIPE – Voting member representing AOL Inc.

IETF – Attended various IETF meetings, participated in IPv6 Ops Planning activities in 1999-2001

Internet Society – Member of ISOC since 1996, Patron since approximately 2004

Certified NetAnalyst – Architect Level, 1997 and recertified in 2006


Executive technologist specializing in Technology Operations. Thought leadership demonstrated at 5 companies over 20+ years. Currently directs 50+ employees worldwide, with daily interactions from the CxO level to hands-on engineers. Moves freely from high-level business to deep technology discussions and decisions. Collaborative and nimble leadership style.  Fiscal responsibility demonstrated through $XXM+ OpEx, $XXM+ CapEx budgets, and $XXM+ of deployed capital.

Work experience

Feb 1999Present

Sr. Technical Director

AOL Inc.

After one year of succession grooming, assumed role as Head of Network Engineering & Operations (NEO) in December 2009. Responsibility for the architecture, engineering, and operations of all AOL networks including routers, switches, SLB/ADC, GSLB, DNS, CDNs, DWDM transport systems, circuits, and worldwide co-location. Organization of six managers and fifty-nine total employees across US, Ireland, and India. Cost center responsibility has a yearly OIBDA impact of over $XXM (cost of revenue and operating expenses offset slightly by IP transit revenues), $XXM in capital expenditures, and $XXM of depreciation expense of a $XXM installed capital base.

  • $X.XM favorable on $XXM OpEx in 2010; Circuit expense down 37% Y-Y; Colo expense down 22% Y-Y
  • Cisco maintenance savings of $X.XM for July 2010-July 2011 from prior $X.XM total through aggressive conversion to Juniper platforms and negotiations of terms with both vendors
  • Generic Edge - replacement of 100+ routers with 12 Juniper MX960 in data centers resulting in average 2 router hops down from 5, lower latency, higher microburst and bandwidth capacity, using backplanes instead of optics for approximately 1/3 of intra data center traffic, $XM less deployed capital even with depreciated values and nearly $XM yearly in maintenance and power OpEx savings
  • US ATDN backbone technology refresh, replaced aging Cisco GSR fleet with Juniper MX960s for greater flexibility, less hardware, and nearly $XM yearly in maintenance OpEx savings
  • Emergency network integration of networks after all seven of their employees took voluntary package in December 2009; immediate stabilization achieved even with fewer resources
  • As AOL exited international market able to realize additional $X.XM in savings through expedited consolidation activities in Frankfurt and closure of Hong Kong and Sydney colo facilities
  • Complete replacement of BIND/Linux DNS solution with BlueCat internally and UltraDNS externally
  • Selection, design, and replacement of Cisco based WLAN solution with Aruba solution

Sr. Technical Director & Chief Architect  --  2006-2009

In November 2006 took over the Network Architecture team as Chief Architect and Technical Director. Team had all design responsibilities for the above-mentioned services. In 2007 also took over DNS/GSLB Engineering & Operations team. The two teams were comprised of thirteen worldwide employees with one manager. Promoted to Senior Technical Director in 2008 for performance and in prep as successor to VP.

  • Conceived of Gen Edge data center network design in 2007. Lead team through strategy and architecture to achieve the goals through long term project replacing the decade-old prior design
  • Other major accomplishments include DNS/GSLB redesign, infrastructure redesign, internal peering redesign, IPv6 deployment plan, international portal designs, ATDN design verification, and implementation of vendor/customer management programs

Chief Architect & Technical Director  --  2003-2006

Various roles in Internal Computing network organization starting management track with leading Network Architecture and Internal Security teams in 2003. Continued to add responsibility eventually covering all aspects of worldwide employee networks in 2006 with three managers and twenty-two full-time employees located on both coasts of the US, France, the UK, and India. Managed $9M in OpEx and $6.5M in CapEx.

  • Creator and Co-Chair of the Internal Comuting Security Program achieving no significant downtime due to security incidents at the desktop, server, or network level since ICSP creation in January 2004; no downtime with MyDoom & Sasser after prior failures during Nimda, SQL Slammer, and Blaster

Chief Architect  --  2001-2003

In September 2001 promoted to Chief Architect of Internal Computing. Responsible for refining and approving designs for all core employees IT services and overall secure enterprise design of the worldwide infrastructure serving more than 45,000 nodes, 19,000 employees, and 100+ sites for AOL. Responsible for the design of the worldwide network serving more than 20,000 nodes for Warner Brothers and Warner Music Group divisions from 2001-2004 cutting costs by $700k on $6M spend. Mentoring of over one hundred technical architects, engineers, and operators.

  • Chair of Core Network Infrastructure Team, which consisted of cross-divisional representatives at the vice president and director levels throughout AOLTW during merger activities from 2000-2001 which lead to over $5M reduction in network costs on $50M spend

Network Architect  --  2000-2001

In May 2000 promoted to Network Architect of Internal Computing networks. These networks were the worldwide enterprise (employee-facing) networks.

  • Complete redesign of the enterprise networks. OSPF redesign brought stability. Gigabit Ethernet on Foundry Big Iron 8000s replacing failed Cisco 8540 router deployments. AOLWave provided no OpEx Gigabit connectivity between primary Northern Virginia sites replacing expensive and much slower DS3s.

Sr. Network Engineer  --  1999-2000

In February 1999 joined AOL as a Senior Network Engineer in the Internal Computing organization. Responsible for engineering and deployment of the worldwide enterprise/employee facing networks.

Oct 1998Feb 1999

Senior IT Consultant

Williams Communications

Hired to re-architect customer IT solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. Employed tool-based design verification using simulation tools and troubleshot elusive end-to-end system issues using the latest in analysis tools.

Aug 1995Sep 1998

Senior IT Consultant

Perot Systems

Fulfilled a senior IT consulting role to health-care customers. Mentored other members of the health-care team in various technologies. Led project teams replacing legacy minicomputer/mainframe infrastructure with client/server network & systems.