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Results-oriented, efficiency-driven and open-minded Quality Assurance professional with over 17 years of experience in software development with a focus in healthcare.  A very well–rounded functional team leader and Certified Scrum Master who can lead by example or utilize situational leadership to make individual members of the team and thereby the team itself highly effective.  Values transparency, great communication, integrity, simplicity, efficiency, effort, a sensible test pyramid, and team success over almost all.

Work History


Quality Assurance Lead

  • Accountable for all functional, integration, release, regression, and load testing activities.
  • Managed load testing efforts across multiple applications in developing, executing, and maintaining jMeter scripts and interpreting/reporting/disseminating Blazemeter results with development and management teams.
  • Authored CI-friendly Python scripts to put a load on RabbitMQ queues. Managed and reduced a small team of offshore contractors from five down to one (and myself).
  • Streamlined production release efforts precipitating efficiencies through process changes to realize ~60% in manual testing cost savings while simultaneously increasing quality in reducing defect rates by ~75% without automation.
  • Organized, formalized, executed, and streamlined a transparent release testing process.
  • Formalized QA processes in developing both a manual and automation test strategy, automated test framework requirements, automation code style guide, an automate-able manual test case template, bug report template and then some.
  • Collaborated with the dev team creating Postman collections in support of API/integration testing.

Quality Evangelist

  • Developed a CI-enabled, cloud supported, parallelized, fast and robust test automation framework in Python supporting PageObjects and optionally BDD with a Gherkin DSL to functionally test native mobile applications in the cloud using open source tools and technologies such as Appium and Webdriver.
  • Created a flexible, low maintenance test suite with self-encapsulated data creation generating solid functional tests as well as predictable (non-random) data to enable unit testing.
  • Authored parameterized load test scripts using jMeter and performed integration tests against REST APIs using tools such as the Python Requests library and Postman.
  • Performed security testing – knowledgeable on HIPAA privacy and security rules.
  • Fulfilled the Product Owner (PO) role in absence of having a true PO and created many epics and user stories into the project management tool for developers.

Quality Assurance Lead

  • Converted and maintained ~75% of a web application’s manual test cases into automated test cases.
  • Implemented agile QA processes and practices for defects & workflow within JIRA, Confluence and instilled in the QA team a culture of wiki, IM and more collaborative communication from a traditional document and email work stream.
  • Increased team productivity by taking the initiative to create information radiators to update/retrieve and present easy-to-consume, pertinent information to the team using JIRA dashboards, wallboards, etc.
  • Designed and implemented a web-based regression test execution process which provides transparency and real-time information to stakeholders to improve production go/no-go decisions.
  • Presented time and cost-saving solutions to management to leverage cloud infrastructure over building an in-house QA lab.
  • Collaborated with the DevOps team to implement a CI process with Jenkins to run automated tests in the cloud using Sauce Labs reducing feedback time of code changes to developers.
  • Managed many successful implementation projects including the launch of a Provider social web portal, a patient portal, a pharmaceutical manufacturer portal, a datacenter migration, Siebel to CRM migration, a data mart for the research team to increase patient accrual for new cancer patients, and an integration platform to bring much of the company’s clinical, financial, and operational data together.
  • Performed end-to-end data validation/testing in a data integration environment with many downstream applications.
  • Designed & implemented complex reports on data collection trends for 835/837 claim and remittance data from the network’s Oncology practices.
  • Onboard new hires and conduct weekly 1-on-1 meetings, mid-year, and annual reviews for QA engineers.

Project Manager

  • Managed the successful SAP ERP migration implementation from blueprint/design until user acceptance of CRM and EDI modules.
  • Developed EDI document trading test plans and coordinated with trading partners to execute testing and manage productions changes.
  • Managed web content and worked closely with the Regulatory group to approve changes to the production website.
  • An integral piece of the IT team that was a finalist for the 2009 American Business Awards’ Information Technology Department of the Year.

Applications Engineer

  • Developed and tested many C# apps for prototyping and precipitating requirements from government customers.
  • Collaboratively developed and iteratively delivered aircraft and pilot behavioral data reports to present to squadron leadership and decision-making personnel with trends and meaningful data.
  • Used Data Transformation Services to integrate data from disparate data sources, facilitated by database modeling software to assist in determining data relationships in military databases which lacked defined relationships and schemas.
  • Responsible for live product capabilities demonstrations and PowerPoint presentations to current and potential customers.

Software Engineer

  • Developed a C# training and quality control application for creating and applying time-synchronized markers to any video-recorded sessions during recording or playback.
  • Built a Windows service implementing a video recorder’s API to remote control and download recorded video from the video recorder to the PC environment where the videos were combined w/ the data marks.
  • Constructed several C# Windows services to aid in the company’s acquisition of input data and housekeeping tools.
  • Authored all technical documentation for each of the products.
  • Performed on-site installations.

Software Engineer, Contractor

  • Developed an ASP.NET dual-data entry system to reduce costly data entry mistakes and streamline internal processes.
  • Consulted on for network upgrades to production equipment such as firewall, VPN implementation and strategy, and storage solutions.

Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Developed, authored, and executed test plans for network routing and security devices and responsible for creation and maintenance of test harnesses.
  • Assumed production network IT responsibilities for systems administration for tape backups, domain controllers, IPsec VPN branch offices and remote clients, MS Exchange, IP telephony equipment, Radius and LDAP servers.
  • Designed and built a test lab of 20+ computers and several VLANs and used VMWare virtualization to create larger networks and configuration scenarios.
  • Automated portions of the test plan using Linux Bash scripts.
  • Performed system, performance, acceptance & regression testing.
  • Created technical documentation and managed build releases.
  • Customer support lead.
  • Trained new quality assurance engineers.



B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Houston

(focus on Computer Science)



University of Texas

(120 hours completed towards degree)