Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2008 - Jul 2009

Policy Analyst

  • Presented research findings to policymakers, including the City of Portland and Oregon Public Health Advisory Board.
  • Led a cost-benefit analysis of $8 million in annual state anti-tobacco spending.
  • Drafted and presented an issue paper demonstrating a business case for increased government investment in Oregon's public health programs.
  • Interviewed Portland-metro education administrators in order to develop a resource map of $30 million in annual alternative education spending.
  • Cultivated client relationships by negotiating and fulfilling business contracts.
  • Used MS Excel extensively to perform advanced quantitative data analysis.
Jul 2006 - Aug 2008

TEFL and Development Volunteer

Peace Corps
  • Trained five English teachers - serving over 300 students, grades 3 to 12 - in communicative instruction and non-corporal discipline methods.
  • Managed construction and operation of a $13,000 USAID community IT center.
  • Led eight facilitators in the planning, financing, and management of a youth development camp for over 50 youth leaders from across Jordan.
  • Spoke Arabic in professional situtations requiring persuasion and tact.
  • Leveraged personal relationships with public officials and tribal elders in order to facilitate the execution of service- and project-level objectives.
  • Developed human capital and created social value in the Middle East.
Sep 2005 - Jun 2006

Foreign Language Teacher

Maine School Admin. District 74
  • Taught French and Spanish grades 6-12 at Carrabec High School and Middle School.
  • Designed curricula for high school Spanish I and II and middle school French and Spanish.
  • Assessed students' language acquisition and developed remediation tools.
  • Served as assistant coach for the track and field team.
  • Served as Class of 2009 Advisor and faculty board member of the National Honor Society.
Sep 2004 - May 2005

Assistant English Teacher

L'Academie de Creteil
  • Taught English and developed English curriculum in underprivileged North Paris elementary schools.
  • Navigated French legal and bureacratic systems in order to establish residency and procure housing, health care, mobile phone service, and other essentials.
  • Established a cultural discovery program for disadvantaged youth.
Sep 2003 - Jun 2004

Administrative Assistant

International Affairs Office - University of Oregon
  • Engaged in marketing and promotional activities for study abroad programs.
  • Executed information management and administrative tasks.
  • Awarded UO Work-Study Student of the Year.
2000 - 2004


Judson Construction
  • Worked summers and academic breaks to pay for college.
  • Developed wood and concrete construction skills.



International English

Exceptional capacity for communicating with non-native English speakers. Significant training and experience in assimilating foreign customs.


Functional proficiency.

Colloquial Arabic

Peace Corps Language Proficiency Index Rating:  Advanced High.


DALF (Diplome Approfondi en Langue Francaise) Certification:  Advanced level written and oral.


Aug 2008 - Present