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Lets remind each other that we are powerful, lets work together as individuals, companies and organisations, lets create a new way together. The world is changing, so lets change our approach to change the results. And along the way, lets party together in everything we do, even the serious stuff ;]


Love, Music,Education and Monetization for Mobile App's

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January 2003 – Present (9 years 10 months)

RFBT tunes are keys to higher states of consciousness that enable and facilitate the listeners to interact with that part of their Soul. As this is Healing Music in an Urban form, it allows people to play it in their everyday activities[and night time] and it works on through their subconscious levels. It's accessible by all generations and coming from a healing [with Dideridoo, Reiki and Massage] background I was given a mission to make food for the Soul. In this run up to 2012 I believe that our music has a role to play and can add to your life's forum of information to help complete your package.thats why I make what I do. Phat Beatz and a Higher State of Mind. In the Mayan Philosophies I am a Red Lunar Skywalker, my music brings all those things that I do, a wakefulness, a big picture and feelings of being in a dream.



“Gadget of the year by far”Scott Podmore Escape Mag and News Ltd“Worth it’s weight in Gold” Alice Clarke herald tech crewNOMAD NRG and SKYWALKWe 'empower people', by keeping them connected through their Social and Mobile experience.Welcome to the most exciting consumer electronic accessories to hit the market this year. The world is connected more than ever before and NOMAD NRG products are leading the charge, providing a range Solar and Battery powered products that extend our customer/Nomadian battery life in their Mobile devices.

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Jan 1988Oct 2012

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Getting it Done
Producing Projects, bringing inspiration and gel to groups. Finding the most relevant Vison and direction for a Project or Company. Making shit happen ;]

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