• Tunisia
Jawher Bouguila

Jawher Bouguila

Student Engineer in Computer Science



Engineer's Degree

Sep 2013 - Jul 2016
Ecole Polytechnique Privée de Sousse

Computer Science Engineering (actually in the 3rd and Final year)

Bachelor's Degree

Sep 2010 - Jun 2013
Faculté des Sciences de Monastir

three-year university degree in Computer Science (equivalent to Bachelor of Science [B. Sc.]) with distinctions

Baccalauréat : Tunisian secondary school diploma/high-school degree

Sep 2007 - Jul 2008
Bekalta's Secondary school

Baccalauréat in Computer and Information science with honors



High-level Programming

Object Oriented programming skills using Java  

Web Development

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & Ajax, PHP, JEE

DataBase Designing 

MySQL, Oracle, plSQL

Android Development

Custom Android Applications development 

Low-level Programming 

C/C++ programming and Assembly languages such as MIPS assembly

Software Engineering 

Application specification and architecture using UML

Digital Design Engineering

FPGA programming using hardware description language VHDL 


Deep knowledge about routed and switched networks and wide-area networks

Professional Experience

Work experience

Java / Java EE Intern Developer

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015
ATE Consulting 

Development of a multi seller E-Commerce Website for local artists with a Front and a Back Office systems using Java EE technology and some related frameworks like SpringMVC, Hibernate.

Main tasks:

  • Improve the Graphical user Interface using ThymLeaf template engine.
  • Add a Newsletter Subscription module.
  • Automate the task of Promotional E-mail sending job scheduling
  • Develop User-Wishlist Management module.

Android and Web Intern Developer

Feb 2013 - Jun 2013
CS Departement of Faculte des Sciences de Monastir

Development of a mobile Application that lets people report urban and civil issues in their cities (like potholes, graffiti, trash dumping, etc.) by snapping a picture and writing a complaint and sending the exact location of the issue using the GPS of the smartphone to municipal services. The solution also includes a web-based management system for reported issues (a back-office system) which allows the municipal services to inspect the issue and communicate its current fixing state to the reporter user.

Main tasks:

  • Creating a simple and practical user interface. 
  • Use of different components of android environment like camera, GPS.  
  • Use mySQL Database for data storage and fetching. 
  • Integrate Google-maps Api to manage the location data.  
  • Insure the communication between the client and the server by using web-services. 
  • Use of for temporary local storage using SQLite database when the client is offline.
  • Use of notifications in case of pending unreported issues.
  • Develop Web-Based management back office for non-IT users using HTML5, CSS and PHP




Dec 2014 - Mar 2015
Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Certified Network Associate Level 2


I'm a ambitious and a dynamic student from Tunisia always ready for a new challenge.

i've always had a great passion for new technology and been fascinated by what computers can do.

i'd like to contribute to the happiness of people by making their lives easier and funnier through the use of IT. 

i'm not just another brick in the wall.. i will make a difference because i'm crazy enough to think i can!


  • Arabic    native language 
  • English   highly proficient in spoken and written English
  • French    excellent command
  • German  basic communication skills