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A creative thinker and analytical problem-solver. Have strong ability to follow standards through proper documentation. Goal oriented team leader with good interpersonal and communication skills.

Overall 9+ years of extensive Software engineering experience and support for mid-size to enterprise products. “~3 years” of Mobile Development experience, ~8 Years of .Net and C/C++ and 2+ year of Cloud development ( Platform). Knowledge of CRM functional/technical aspects and experienced in technical design and implementation of CRM. Experience in designing software using UML 2.0. Conducted Weekly Training Session of Developers and Code Reviewers on best practices of development and involved in designing/development of Coding Best Practices at Sakonent.

Awarded Certificate of Excellence by consecutive last two employers.

Industry exposure to Non Government Organizations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Travel Agencies, Telecom and Research organizations.


  • Application Architecture and Design Patterns
  • Object Oriented Modeling with UML
  • Cross-platform development on Windows and Linux
  • C++, Qt, C++/CLI, STL, POCO, Boost, C#, WPF, EF, Java, JNI
  • Socket, Memory Map, HPC using CUDA
  • Linux Shell Scripting and Fortran
  • Borland DevPartner
  • Database Designing, SQL, MSSQL
  • Network/Socket Programming, Multimedia Programming (DirectShow), SOA
  • CRM,,, APEX, VisualForce etc.
  • SVN Administration on Linux, Git
  • Hudson, Sonar
  • Knowledge of RUP
  • Internet-working knowledge

Work experience

Nov 2013Present

Staff Engineer

MIMOS Berhad

Working in MIMOS on payroll of MSP-HiTect (M) Sdn Bhd

- Architect/design and development of high performance C/C++, C++/CLI and .Net applications                   - Evaluating and recommending tools and technologies - Ensuring the use of best practices and to train the team - Software Configuration Manager for the Center of Intelligent Imaging Department - Working closely with Researchers and Software Engineers to ensure quality product. Software Configuration Management, Continues Integration and Quality monitoring through SVN, Hudson and Sonar.

Reports directly to Principal Researcher.

Achievements/ Projects:

  • WIAD (Wireless Image Analysis and Detection) - Redesign: C++, C++/CLI, POCO, C#.Net, MSSQL
  • License Plate Recognition - Redesign: C++, Sockets, File/Memory Mapping, JNI, CUDA, Copy-write protection
  • WAID Command Sever & Client - Post Event Processing Server : C#.Net, WCF, MSSQL
  • Remote Control Navigator: MS Surface touch enabled navigator for remote controlling clients
  • Video Encoder: MJPEG over HTTP encoder, extendable to other protocols. Used C++, POCO
  • VMS Integration Server: VMS (DVTEL) Integration with WIAD. Used C++, Directshow, C++/CLI
Mar 2011Oct 2013

Senior Consultant / Technical Architect


- Provides Consulting on designing and development of Salesforce CRM and Software applications             - Provided technical Consultancy to international clients on software and CRM design, to get sign-off on architecture and design documents - Worked closely with Clients, Project Manager and Business Analyst both on onshore (Karachi) and offshore (Chicago - IL) - Leaded project teams and provide technical leadership to Salesforce practice area - Designed CRM and Software solutions using UML, Use Case, Sequence and Class diagrams in various projects of diverse complexities - Remained involved in defining development standards and conducting Weekly Technical Sessions on development practices - Conducted Professional Development Program to train Code Reviewers of all Sakonent Practice Areas

Reports directly to Project Manager.

Awarded Certificate of Excellence for the year 2012

Achievements/ Projects:

  • MSC Software – Renewal Opportunities : Challenges include implementing SSO for SFDC with Oracle Federation Sever, batch processes to process 100K+ Service Contracts to create Renewal Opportunities while ensuring best practices and compliance with all governor limits of SFDC.
  • Inteliquent Challenges include integration module with custom SSO using SOA, webservices for integration with other systems along with AES256 security. Performed code review and unit testing.
  • Angie’s List: Designed and developed custom Batch Process to process 2+ million Territories for Account allocation. Performed code review and unit testing.
Feb 2008Feb 2011

Senior Software Engineer

Creative Chaos Pvt. Ltd.

- Responsible for the designing, architect and the development of software, mainly mobile applications      - Worked closely with Chief Technology Officer, Project Manager and Quality Assurance department and remains involved in all aspects of product designing and development - Also responsible for requirements gathering from Clients, attending daily Scrum meetings

Reports directly to Chief Technology Officer and Project Manager

Awarded Certificate of Excellence for the year 2009

Achievements/ Projects:

  • IRSA – Mobile : Multiple devices support Nokia N95, N96, N97 and N8 devices. Achieved continuously max 8 hours of recording, by 100% increase of recording time. Developed live streaming from mobile device to the IRSA Host (Web). Remotely controlled by third party Bluetooth devices using connectBlue from IRSA In-Car. Developed FTP Client protocol with resume support in C/C++ to upload contents. Multi-threaded application with GPS tracking, Recording (Audio/Video), synchronization with IRSA Host and an ability to run the device for weeks without restart.
  • IRSA – Stealth : No User Interface, only allows to control remotely through SMS encoded commands. Developed for monitoring by intelligence unit of law enforcement agencies. In addition to IRSA Mobile features, it also allows to make calls and to listen and record audio conversation. Allows to take snaps, separate video and audio recording and to upload instantly.
  • IRSA - InCar Unit: Develop Black-box recording using Direct Show (C++) with Cyclic Buffer.
Dec 2005Feb 2008

Analyst Programmer

Sidat Hyder Morshed sdfAssociated Management Consultants

- Responsible to develop software applications with defined standards and timelines - Designing Database schema, Application Tiers, User Interface and Reports. Reports directly to Project Manager.

Achievements / Projects

  • Business Application Framework:

Developed a framework in .Net 2.0 for Windows based business application development. Based on CSLA.Net Business Object design. Allows support for SHMA style business applications. 3 Layers model. Used successfully in 3 different SHMA applications. Revenue Collection System, Centralized Cheque Processing, Donor Management.

  • LAssist – Linux Application for Linspire:

Worked for the Development of Linux Operating System Linspire (formerly Lindows), for LAssist Suite. This suite includes Task Management, Reminders, Memos and Mail Minder. Developed using Qt, C/C++.



Nov 2007Present

70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Sep 2011Present

IBM 000-833: Object Oriented Analysis UML v2– Part I

Dec 2011Present

IBM 000-834: Object Oriented Analysis UML v2–Part II

Apr 2012Present

Certified Qt (C++) Developer

Aug 2011Present

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Feb 2012Present

Salesforce Certified Developer

Jan 2012Present

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Sep 2012Present

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

Jan 2002Jan 2003

CISCO Graduate, Semester 1-4