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Animator, Illustrator, Sound Designer and Actor. Versatile and pact full of energy.



May 10h 2017April 20th 2018


Recording Arts Canada

Training and experience in Studio and Live Sound industry.

Sep 2010Jul 2016

B.A in Communication Arts, emphasis Tv/Film

Lebanese American University

Education and training in tv station and film making process.

Proficient experience in Theatre as actor, light operator, light designer, stage hand and stage management.

Training & Internship

  • An unforgettable internship at Recording Arts Canada with responsibilities, helping students in their projects and assisting instructors with labs among other duties.
  • A vivid internship at LibanEcho, Lebanon's first online movie database carrying lists of trailers and synopsis in order to empower the visibility of Lebanese filmmakers.
  • In-depth training on operating and rigging Arri Alexa XT and RED Dragon cameras with prime lenses at Cinequipped, a powerful production house in Lebanon, Beirut.


Office Applications

Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice and Google Docs for numerous job and project related reasons, algorithm and formula for Excel and Spreadsheets for solutions. 

Customer Service

Providing the support, correct answers and help needed for clients with proper care and respect.

Sound Design

Proficient inget 

Video Editing

Knowledgeable with Sony Platinum Movie Studio/Vegas, have an in depth understanding in the technical side and creative side of visual editing for project's benefits.

Studio and Live Experience

Experience in running sessions for ADR and Foley projects. Performed band recordings as well as sound engineer two live venues with different teams successfully.


Proficient in Protools, Logic, Reason and Ableton.

Equipment Management and Setup for Audio

Properly setup recording equipment with proper cable management as well as proper microphone setup care with stands. 

Can tune drums and find good spot for drums in a room.


Can perform repairs for XLR and TS/TRS cables.

Work experience


Admissions Counsellor

Recording Arts Canada - Montréal

Follow up with locals and international prospects, setup and give tours, invite potential prospects to open houses and workshops.


Customer Care

For GrubHub campaign at Fusion BPO Services.

Answering to customers for their orders and contacting restaurants to restaurants to resolve present issue and log information properly.


Sound Designer "Aerials" - Feature Film  - Feature Film - U.A.E., Dubai

Fat Brothers

Sound design for the first Sci-Fi feature film in the U.A.E called "Aerials", assigned to make teaser music and tracks for the film with a met deadline. The film was shot in U.A.E. and made by film maker Ghanem Ghubash.

Link to teaser: Click here.

Link to article in English by IGN : Click here.

Link to Wikipedia page : Click here.


Music Composition for Antami NGO's promotional Video.

Antami NGO

Composed a full music track for a promotional video.


Sound Recordist and Cleaning "Al Batal" - Student Short Film

Sound recording and cleaning for Student Short Film called "Al Batal" directed by Ali Fakih.


Video Editing, Sound Recording and Cleaning "Wired" - Student Short Film

Sound recorded, cleaned and video edited Lebanese student short film "Wired" directed by Mohammad Hissi.


Sound Recording and Cleaning "Blood Brothers" - Student Short Film

Sound Recording and cleaning for student short film "Blood Brothers" directed by Zeina Badran.


Sound Recording "Four Walls" - Student Short Film

Sound recording for student short film "Four Walls" directed by Lianne Souki.


Secondary Sound Mixer "She and Politics" - Feature Film - Lebanon

The Bass and Brass

Sound mixed for Lebanese feature film "She and Politics", assigned to mix several tracks into scenes, delivered with positive results.


Sound Recording and Cleaning "Old Man Grey" - Student Short Film

Recording and cleaning sound for student short film called "Old Man Grey" directed by Omar Somai. Successfully cleaned noise in the noisy streets of Beirut.


Advertisement Video Editing "80 Steps" - Theatre

80 Steps

Video edited a television advertisement released on local Lebanese TV channels for the theatre play directed by Aliya Khalidi.


Light Operator "80 Steps" - Theatre - Lebanon, Beirut

Babel Theatre

Light operated on a light dimmer board for the play "80 Steps" directed by Aliya Khalidi.