Javier Villarreal

Javier Villarreal

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2006 - Jul 2012

Global Engineering Manager

Ace Wireless
  • Reverse Engineer repair process for OOW units.

  • Develop process improvements.

  • Maintain/Set-up all radiated and conducted RF stations.
  • Support repair operations

  • MES software design.

  • Test equipment sourcing.

  • Test Software applications.

  • Launch Repair Centers in Asia and Dominican Republic.

  • Develop lean processes for cellular phone refurbishment.

  • Manage NPI and coordinate with all dept.

  • Work closely with FA Labs in all repair centers.

  • Develop software/hardware test applications for component testing and qualification.

  • Analyze/Develop KPI’s for departments.

  • Provide Failure Analysis on top failure modes.

  • Develop receiving material inspection criteria for increased yields.

  • Visit suppliers and provide feedback.

  • Attend various telecom expos in USA and Asia.

  • Train Techs on CDMA theory and debug.

  • Interact with customers to comply with their standards.
  • Battery Refurbishing
Jan 2004 - Apr 2006

Engineering Test Solutions

Motorola Mobility

  • Analyze/Troubleshoot CDMA, TDMA, GSM and Analog, Logic and RF circuits to component level in radio telephone circuit boards.

  • Operate, Set-up, and adjust the following: Radio Communication Testers (Agilent, R&S, Willtek), Digital Multi-Meter, Signal Generator, Modulation Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and Audio Analyzer.

  • Identify manufacturing test equipment/process problems and communicate them to appropriate personnel.

  • Develop and edit analytical troubleshooting /fixtures procedures.

  • Software validation on pre- released units.

  • Create tests that aid in analysis of problems encountered with hardware and software.

  • Assist Engineering with proto production by performing electrical tests and data collection.

Feb 2000 - Mar 2004

Service Center Support Engineering

Motorola Mobility
  • Perform up to L4 repair on mobile phones.

  • Training and support 3PSP’s /junior level technicians.

  • Assist training department for off-site support.

  • Verify 3PSP scrap.

Mar 1990 - Apr 2000

NPI Support Tech

Motorola Mobility

  • Assit R&D with technical support qualifying new designs

  • Develop tools and test fixtures.

  • Provide process improvement and DFM feedback.

  • Software quality assurance verification

  • Support manufacturing equipment

  • Transfer of new products to production.

  • Perform HALT  and identify reliability issues.

  • Failure Analysis to component level.

  • Conduct tests, experiments and problem resolution associated with components, parts, products or processes/systems in complex RF and digital mobile devices


Jan 1990 - May 1993



GPA 3.5



Software Application Suites

LG   LGPST   Motorola   Mototriage RSD/RSD lite Radiocom   Rim   MML Blackberry Smart Tool RadioLab   Generic   CDMA Workshop Unicdma QPST Bitpim   RF   LTE/ EVDO/ WCDMA/ GSM/ CDMA Rohde& Schwarz -CMU-200/ CMW-500/ CMUGo/CMWrun Agilent - WTM JRC -Post Willtek- Lector/Scriptor  


  MS Office Visio Teamviewer    


  iWorks Omnigraffle Bento VMware  

Spanish Bilingual


Dec 2011 - Dec 2011

Counterfeit Detection

Penton Electronics Group
Feb 2011 - Feb 2011


Feb 2011 - Feb 2011


Jan 2009 - Jan 2010


Jan 2009 - Jan 2010


Sep 2004 - Aug 2004

Six Sigma

Motorola University
Jun 2003 - Jun 2003

CDMA/GSM/3G Wireless

Motorola University
Jan 1987 - Jun 1989

Electronic Equipment Repair

Lake County Area Vocational Center