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Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Founder and Managing Director

Tyris Software

Management and Finances

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Founder and CTO


Scientific and Technological issues

Dec 2010Dec 2012

Researcher in Computer Vision


PhD candidate in Computer Vision: Person re-identification using rgb-depth cameras.

Other research works:

  • Bayesian Inference for 3D Reconstruction and Tracking of Articulated Bodies using a depth sensor
  • Natural User Interfaces
Mar 2008Dec 2010

Technician Expert in Artificial Vision


Computer VisionAlgorithm development for Image Processing in the field of Pattern Recognition, MotionAnalysis, 3D Reconstruction from multiple cameras and TrackingAlgorithm development for real-time 3D video broadcastDesign and Development of tailored Industrial Artificial Vision Systems

Jan 2007Mar 2008

Researcher in Computer Vision


PhD student in Artificial VisionGranted a FPI (Research Fellowship)Experience in processing data from stereo-vision and a sensor laser CMOS developed bySIEMENSExperience in algorithm programming to detect objects in real-time video sequencesIn particular, experience in the development of methods to detect personsAssistant in Technical Management for the CASBLIP project (6th FP)

Jul 2006Dec 2006

Internship. Satellite data processing


Study, prototyping and validation of an algorithm to retrieve the FAPAR (Fraction ofAbsorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation) from MSG data in the context of Land-SAF.Assessment of the algorithm performance by means of the comparison among ground-based estimates and the comparison among other operational FAPAR products derivedfrom Meris, Modis, Polder, SeaWIFS and Vegetation sensors.



Here are some of the most remarkable courses:

  • 2010 - Preparation Course for Microsoft Windows Developer 3.5 Certificate by Idese
  • 2009 - Summer School in Computer Vision. Machine Learning for classification – ICVSS’09, by theUniversity of Catania
  • 2008 - Summer Course in Pattern Recognition and Motion Analysis - PRMA, by the ComputerVision Center - CVC at University of Barcelona.
Sep 2007Sep 2008

Ciencias Empresariales (Economic and Business Sciences)


This is a hobby that I will finish one day! :)

Some funny research

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Some material of my PhD


Executive Summary

Accomplished and passionate Engineer in Computer Science (Telecommunications) with more than 7 years of experience in Computer Vision.

I am enthusiastic about new technologies that can impact into the market. I have a solid background in research, mathematics, image processing, programming and development of image-based commercial products.


I am a passionate person about new technologies. At present, I have particular interest in:

  • Computer Vision
  • Augmented Reality
  • 3D image
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Computer skills

  • Programming languages: C, C++, C#, MATLAB, iOS
  • Programming libraries: OpenCV, OpenGL, PhysX NVIDIA, MIL-MATROX, OpenNI, CImg
  • Operating systems: WINDOWS, Linux, Mac OSX

Some material of my PhD


  • Award for the best Final Degree Project in Communications in a company. 2011. Granted by BANCAJA
  • Honorable mention at UPV university doer (Concurso Emprendedor Universitario UPV) – 2011. Granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Instituto Ideas and UPV

Areas of Expertise

Research in Computer Vision

  • Pattern recognition and motion analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented reality
  • Natural user interfaces
  • Bayesian networks
  • 3D imaging from depth sensors and multiple camera systems

Development of commercial applications

  • Marketing
  • Surveillance
  • Quality control in industry
  • Custom-made applications

Examples of commercial products

Mybrana: Social network based on Augmented Reality. It's something like Facebook, but with augmented contents. :) The app has the ability to recognise people using Computer Vision and places augmented content on people.

Pilkington: Development and deployment of a quality control system that performs real-time analysis of glass printing with high-resolution cameras.

MediaPro: Development of a Motion Capture System to reconstruct and track people in 3D using a multicamera system

Ford: Quality control system for printing process

Human resources

  • Experience and outstanding skills in customer service
  • Communicative
  • Experience in networking