Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2014 - Present

Founder and Managing Director

Tyris Software

Management and Finances

Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

Founder and CTO


Scientific and Technological issues

Dec 2010 - Dec 2012

Researcher in Computer Vision


PhD candidate in Computer Vision: Person re-identification using rgb-depth cameras.

Other research works:

  • Bayesian Inference for 3D Reconstruction and Tracking of Articulated Bodies using a depth sensor
  • Natural User Interfaces
Mar 2008 - Dec 2010

Technician Expert in Artificial Vision


Computer VisionAlgorithm development for Image Processing in the field of Pattern Recognition, MotionAnalysis, 3D Reconstruction from multiple cameras and TrackingAlgorithm development for real-time 3D video broadcastDesign and Development of tailored Industrial Artificial Vision Systems

Jan 2007 - Mar 2008

Researcher in Computer Vision


PhD student in Artificial VisionGranted a FPI (Research Fellowship)Experience in processing data from stereo-vision and a sensor laser CMOS developed bySIEMENSExperience in algorithm programming to detect objects in real-time video sequencesIn particular, experience in the development of methods to detect personsAssistant in Technical Management for the CASBLIP project (6th FP)

Jul 2006 - Dec 2006

Internship. Satellite data processing


Study, prototyping and validation of an algorithm to retrieve the FAPAR (Fraction ofAbsorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation) from MSG data in the context of Land-SAF.Assessment of the algorithm performance by means of the comparison among ground-based estimates and the comparison among other operational FAPAR products derivedfrom Meris, Modis, Polder, SeaWIFS and Vegetation sensors.




Here are some of the most remarkable courses:

  • 2010 - Preparation Course for Microsoft Windows Developer 3.5 Certificate by Idese
  • 2009 - Summer School in Computer Vision. Machine Learning for classification – ICVSS’09, by theUniversity of Catania
  • 2008 - Summer Course in Pattern Recognition and Motion Analysis - PRMA, by the ComputerVision Center - CVC at University of Barcelona.
Sep 2007 - Sep 2008

Ciencias Empresariales (Economic and Business Sciences)


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