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Designing Websites That Make A Difference

Over 18 years experience using computers in the work place, specializing in the investment analysis and databases for contact management. Developing and using a database in TeleMagic for direct contact and mailings in the sales industry. I have developed and sold applications using fundamental analysis evaluating a group of 1500 stocks. Currently developing skills in Wordpress, Dreamweaver, and hand coding html & css.

  •  Created a database of over 3500 CEOs in the Atlanta area. 
  •  Taught, sold and gave seminars on investment software.  
  •  An investment database of over 1500 stocks using over 8 fundamental investment analysis calculations. 
  •  Atlanta PC Users Group SIG leader and the first computer Officer for National Association of Investors Club of Ga.
  • Administrator of one of the largest Wordpress Meetup Groups in the country.

My skills have been in sales and have changed my vocation to the development of an Intranet and Internet sites through hand coding html, Wordpress and Dreamweaver.

Work experience


Williamsburg Travel Leaders

Web Designer & Sales Coordinator



Certified Internet Webmaster

Oglethorpe University

Inbound The main goal of our website is to connect our business travelers with our leisure agents. Even setup the social media to having a professional presents and not so much about sale promotions.

Outbound Hired to make outbound calls. Designed the company’s first prospecting database in FileMaker Pro and currently manage Salesforce with over 5000 prospects and 4 users.


On Going Studies

International Webmasters Association

My motto: Always be learning:

Intermediate CSS Workshop This course included: Using different DOC types, validating CSS, focusing on liquid design, styling links and menus, 2 and 3 Column Layouts, and of course a final project. The course was with International Webmasters Association.

Introduction to Designing Accessible Websites This course included: Identify issues surrounding accessible web design, understanding why web accessibility is important. test pages for accessibility for WAI WCAG Priority 1, 2, and 3 Checkpoints with the use of validators, learn to separating content from presentation with CSS and create forms that are easily accessible for different disabilities. The course was with International Webmasters Association.

Search Engine Optimization (seo) Course included: Understanding search and the searcher, developing a SEO plan, studying your competition, what are the search engine ranking factors, steps to creating top ranking pages, understanding the key elements including: titles, meta tags, and copywriting ,keyword selection, relevancy, evaluating SEO success and of course a class project. The course was with International Webmasters Association.

Search Engine Marketing (sem) Course included: Why use Pay Per Click, tips for writing PPC ads, tracking click throughs and leads or sales, marketing locally, web analytics and on & off page optimization are some of the topics covered. The course was with International Webmasters Association.


Oglethorpe University Technical Education: Certified Internet WebMaster

More than 9 years ago: Search Engine Positioning Kennesaw State (second class ever given on seo). Training DeKalb Tech, Atlanta, Ga. Computer Science Specialized Training - Investment Training Institute, Atlanta, Ga. series 6,7, and 63 in 1983 have expired. .

Studied on my own for series 3(passed in 1997). College -

Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Ga. Played on the Tennis and soccer team for over 2 years.

High School - Miami Palmetto, Miami, Fl.

Web Design