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Work History


Cloud infraestructure developer

I joined to the core cloud infraestructure team. These team takes care of building all base micro-services architecture which are needed by CDmon  PaaS offer. The employed stack includes Go and Python as a programming languages, and OpenStack, Kubernetes as platform orchestrators


Go senior developer

As Backend - Go senior developer I'm working in the development of a new architecture  based in micro services + Kafka + Docker


Go senior developer

Serhs Tourism, S.A  -

I'm the author and mantainer of several Go backend systems. One of them, implements a synchronization layer between the  corporate and the legacy relational database engine (Oracle) and the NoSQL (Redis) persistence layer for the new availability calculation engine on the cloud. This service, synchronizes about 40 million of records dayly. With a synchronization time below 1 second in the 99% of cases, and with a 0.0001% of error margin. During the peak season, this traffic may rise to 100 millions of synchronized records by day. To do this, the desing was made with reliability and performance as key features, taking advantage of the awsome concurrentcy capacities of the Go development platform as buffered channels and go routines.

On another hand, I have worked with other systems also, as a and extends auxiliar library with util components as a generic sharded pool, a timeout wrapper, or a very basic components container.

In addition to Go platform, I have containerized all my components by using Docker, in continous delivery scenario using Jenkins.

Another very important work in Go, was a the implementation of the Go client for de BPulse monitoring system (, made it in collaboration with the BPulse team. You can view this project at my GitHub profile (

I have designed and implemented all of components that conforms the synchronizaton layer following the "maximum decoupling and maximumly cohesive" rule.
To decouple the components I have used Kafka as sequenced messaging broker.

As a VCS I use Git.



Serhs Tourism -

I'm part of the team in charge of mantaining of the XML booking service. Part of my tasks are solve detected issues, improve the performance, and oversee (and develop also) the implementation of new integrations against new availability suppliers following the QA deparment guide lines.

As development platform, I have used use the stack Spring Boot, Maven, TestNG and Mokito.

As the same as the previous case, all components wich conforms the booking service are been implemented as services following the "maximum decoupling and maximumly cohesive" rule, and these are containerized with Docker.

As a VCS I use Git.


JAVA Architect

silk -

Oversee the implementation of LaCaixa JEE middle-tier applications to ensure that it fits the established architecture. The tech stack was JEE, Weblogic, Websphere, Soap, JMX, SQL, PL/SQL


Java Backend Senior Developer

Viajes Marsans, S.A

I joined the IT department to lead the development team that had to develop the RESTful & SOAP web service layer that would act as proxy end-point for the legacy business rules engine developed in Oracle PL/SQL. The used tech stack was JEE, XML, JSON, SPRING, Weblogic, PL/SQL



Conei, S,A  -

Implementation of the entire JEE architecture, and use it to develop workflow system oriented to documentary tasks to support the enterprise's business rules. The tech stack is Java, JSP, Struts, PL/SQL



Secondary School

Jaume  Balmes


Catalan - bilingual

Spanish - bilingual

English - Reading and writing without difficult