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Advertising & Marketing, Social Media, Advaita


Copywriter with the rare and unique ability to write in English and Tamil. Skilled at conceiving ideas, creating and implementing communication strategies that would integrate offline and online media. Crafts compelling script for TV & Radio. Worked/Working  for several leading ad agencies in Bangalore, Chennai & Coimbatore. Excels at English to Tamil Translation. Working for several leading translation agencies in Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi & Bangalore. Now exploring the power of Social Media and persuading clients to include social media strategy in their marketing mix.

Work experience

Senior Copywriter

Alaknanda Advertising

Senior Copywriter

Manipal Advertising

Senior Copywriter

Sasi Advertising

Copy Coordinator

MAA Communications

The first ad agency I worked for. Gained knowledge about the field. Coordinated with various language translators and understood the nuances of languages. Began to try my hand at copy writing and stared with small Tamil translations and copy writing jobs. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Dec 19841999

Copy Editor/Proof Reader

MacMillan India

The first company I worked for after my graduation. Gained knowledge in editing and proofing. Copy edited several scientific and technical books and journals published by leading publishers worldwide.



Jun 1982Apr 1984


Bharathiyar University

Studies in Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore. Exposed myself to literary circles. Spent much time reading books other than text books :-) More than classical literature, I was very much interested in modern literature. But, ironically I failed in that subject! Wanted to become a lecturer. If that fails, a writer with the secret ambition of winning a nobel prize. Mercifully the world of academics and literature escaped unhurt.




Tamil Copywriting/Translation