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Bachelors of Networking

Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology
Undertook advanced undergraduate degree of IT with majors in Networking. Acquired a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge of Cisco networking models, industrial networking and telecommunications models. Apart from networking subjects other key subjects completed are: • Network & System Security. • Software Engineering. • System Administration. • Computer Business Systems. • Database Technologies. • Industry based Project (Industrial & Technological Project Management)

Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

Pacific college of Information Technology

Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Business Management

Australian Nationwide College

Certificate III in Graphics Pre-Press

Victory Institute of Technology

Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Replenishment Team Associate

Woolworths Limited
Started as a retail associate in produce department and duties included: •Receiving produce deliveries •Examining fresh produce and recording temperatures. •Rotating stock using FIFO standard •Storing received produce in Warehouse Fridges. •Displaying and re-stocking fresh produce everyday After Initial 6 months started working as a Replenishment team associate working during night hours performing following duties: • Receiving long life stock. • Splitting pallets to categorise and drop stock based on Aisle locations. • Filling replenished stock. • Generating price labels. • Creating display ends for weekly sales catalogues. • Handling baked and frozen goods.
Mar 2010Present

Senior Team Leader & Member

McDonalds Restaurants
• Previous acquired experience helped me sharpen my skills to be a sensible and senior crew member. • Understanding skills and expertise level of fellow crew members and assign them stations and secondary jobs which they could manage efficiently during busier periods. • Communicate with Managers / Shift supervisors for reviewing shift goals such as waste minimisation, following procedures such as 'Cook More Less Often' • Successfully accomplished training for the new 'CYT - Create Your Own Taste' station gaining knowledge about newly incorporated gourmet burger prep procedures. • Detail and thorough clean of the new station to keep clear of any food residues thus maintaining food safety strictly.
Aug 2008Apr 2011

Customer Service Associate

• Joined as a Customer Service associate to deal with customer enquiries about products, general information and store operations. • Followed Correct & Safe Cash handling procedures, Cash register operations, effectively used Limiting Cash, Personal Safety & Emergency policies during unforeseen/unsafe events. • Some Shifts required me to serve and process customer orders, operating & handling cash registers. • Took Phone inquiries & orders, which helped in increasing language fluency, communication skills used in retail operations. • Awarded with Exceptional Customer Service & Employee Performance award within the first year of joining. • Promoted as a Department Supervisor to manage & work with a team of 3 retail assistants for Manchester and Home-ware Department. • Successfully completed Department Retail Operations Training. • Department Supervisor duties included: planning and building hardware base to hold shelves, stands, display boards for product placement, stock fill and display. Generating Price labels using proprietary Software and working with state-of-art IT infrastructure to produce product information, reports, sales analysis etc. • Started working with senior managers, which helped me learn advanced retail operations from them. • Met the quarterly target to reduce excess stock in hand by using retail mechanisms such as Stocktake, controlling product movements, analysing everyday product sales and tracking weekly movement and strategic product ordering.
Apr 2008Sep 2009

Crew Member

McDonald's Restaurants
At all times being a McDonalds Employee it is important to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, whilst following McDonald’s Values and adhering to our Policies and Procedures. Crew Members main responsibility is to make sure they're delivering the highest level of customer service, in a clean and safe environment. In addition to adhering to McDonald’s Policies and Procedures other main responsibilities included were: • Following essential uniform, grooming & punctuality procedures. • Understanding ‘how to’ & ‘why” behind McDonalds policies. • Promote teamwork and work as an equal contributing part of the team. • Following correct food cooking & handling procedures all the time. • Taking and following instructions from authorised person such as: Crew Trainer, Managers, and Store Manager etc. • Delivering fast, friendly and accurate service to all customers. • Attending to customers needs as a primary focus. • Following directions for implementation of new products and procedures. • Maintain kitchen cleanliness and perform equipment cleanliness safely. • Looking after your and everyone’s safety around you. • Understanding Hazards and informing hazard/incidents to managers for risk minimization and hazard record keeping in logbooks. • Performing given tasks efficiently and in timely manner.