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I seek a position as an outside contractor that enables me to utilize my expertise and supervisory guidance to help you and your company obtain better results. I want to train people on new ways of thinking that allow them to behave in a more productive way. Most people know what to do. It is the doing part that is missing. With 20 years of business experience as a company owner or an employee I truly know how to identify the right action steps to produce the desire results.  As an Honorably Discharged and Decorated United States Military Veteran I have learned secrets of success that can change aspiration into accomplishment and experience into mastery. If you are reading this page, you have attracted me. Take action and contact me now!

Work experience

Lead Trainer/ CEO

LifeSuccess Professionals

Serving as a Licensed Professional Business Consultant, Executive Corporate Trainer & Keynote Speaker to Information Technological (IT) Companies and Subsidiaries

  • Locate, Network and Influence Corporate Decision Makers to purchase course training.
  • Public Speaking to large seminar audiences
  • Write Custom Training Programs
  • Teach live Classroom style courses to groups of 30
  • Teach Virtual Classroom style by Web seminars
  • Teach and conduct one-on-one coaching
  • Conduct and Lead Weekly Confrence Calls 200+
  • Design and implement annual training to all personnel to achieve desired results
  • Communicates effectively with internal staff, Executives and clients by sharing knowledge, support and feedback to employees within the organization to raise their awareness and create positive behavioral action to gain prosperous results
Apr 2000Apr 2005

Director Data Sales Specialist

XO Comunication

XO Communication Baltimore, Maryland

Data Sales IT Specialist Director, City Sales Manager and Personnel Director of Baltimore Region

Served as lead IT/Data Telecommunications Designer for major government contractors such as Cenveo Inc., John D. Lucas, Sherwin Williams Paint, America Online and others.  Solely responsible for the Request for Proposal (RFP), top to bottom consulting, IT services, support, and data/telecom for all major accounts.  Managed multiple projects in collaboration with Verizon offering effective assistance, support, feedback and quality assurance.  Ensured cost effectiveness and efficiency of all IT installation projects.  Assisted IT equipment contractors with cost and design viable solutions satisfying customer data and voice network requirements.  Provided expertise for various IT technologies such as IP, Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, and MAN.

  • Increased Revenue by exceeding national quota by nearly 300%
  • Reduced Customer and Employee churn by 30% over 62 other city offices
  • Technical IT presentations of Allegiance Telecom/XO Communication products
  • Successful team initiatives to Interface with customers, Verizon Engineers and third-party IT equipment vendors involving network changes that enhanced IT operational processes
  • Provided network design and convergence engineering support
  • Disaster recovery, resiliency planning and proof-of-concept engineering support
  • Performs trouble resolution and performance analysis in team-based efforts
  • Collaborates effectively with staff and employees to achieve goals and objectives
  • Demonstrates success as an internal consultant in both interpersonal and managerial skills. Solid teamwork and an ability to communicate and persuade customers, employees, and management at all levels and thrive in a cross-functional environment to behave favorably.
  • Communicates relevant information and ideas in a clear, accurate and concise manner, both orally and in writing.
  • Handles day-to-day challenges effectively and adjusts to multiple demands, ambiguity and rapid change to achieve results
  • Provides quality support to staff, employees and customers
Aug 1987Aug 1995

Operation Specialist/ Tactical Naviagation Officer

United States Naval Reserves

United States Naval Reserves (Aug 1990 - Aug 1995)

Served 5 years aboard COOPMINEUNIT 2206 Sonar to Video transfer designed, Tactical Navigation Officer, Instrumental Radar and Manual Navigation Specialist.  Fire Safety on Scene Leader.  Classified Q route sub-surface amphibian minefield location and detection.  Received accommodation.

United States Navy - Active Duty (Aug 1987 - Aug 1990)

Served 3 years aboard Guided Missile Destroyer U.S.S. King (DDG-41) Operation Specialist, Combat Information Center Special Forces, ASUW Petty Officer 3rd Class.  Anti-Service Warfare Technical North Plotter.  Commander Acclaimed Citations.  Secret.  Received Honorable Discharge.



United States Naval A School

Operation Specialist, Combat Information Center Special Forces, ASUW Petty Officer 3rd Class.  Anti-Submarine Underwater Warfare Technical North Plotter.  Commander Acclaimed Citations.  Secret Clearance.  Received Honorable Discharge 

  • USN Specialist Ops Job Strand. Millington, TN
  • USN Operation Specialist IT Class "A" School- Damneck, Virgina


  • Graduate from Tesst College of Technology Towson, Maryland with mention 3.5 GPA
  • Electronic Theory, Computers and Telecommunication




• National Defense Metal, South East Asia Metal

United States Navy

Wealth Intelligence Academy

Russ Whitney

International LifeSuccess Consultant

Bob Proctor Seminars